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Work experience

Sep 2005Present

Chief Architect

Software Aspects, Inc.

Gary Long is an independent technology investor -- an occasional "angel" -- and consultant, doingbusiness as Software Aspects, Inc.  Recent consulting clients have included Asurion, The Royal Mail (UK) and the NIH.

Some areas of interest are:

1. High-tech Investing and board work2. Consulting re software architecture, product strategy, etc.

3. Middleware

4. Forming and managing crack software development teams.

Jan 2007Sep 2007

SVP for Product Development

EnterpriseDB Corp.

Early investor and founding board member at EnterpriseDB. Served as head of product development on a full-time temporary basis in 2007.

EnterpriseDB is an Open Source Software company with several premier DBMS products based onPostgreSQL. See


Vice President, Consulting

Gartner Inc.

At Gartner Consulting I used personal skills and Gartner’s research base to solve specific problems for clients on a confidential basis. Engagements included IT assessments, advanced technology adoption, strategic planning, outsourcing strategies, IS organizational design, “due diligence” and oversight.

Within the broad practice, I specialized in strategic planning, software architecture (including SOA) and application development matters.

As a member of Gartner’s application integration and middleware research community, I regularly spoke at conferences and seminars.

Gartner was and is a great company -- working there was a real treat. I continue to work with Gartner Consulting from time to time on an "emeritus" basis.


Vice President, Software Development

Magna Software

Led the design and development of a major software product from product concept throughsuccessful adoption. MAGNA X was a Rapid Application Development tool that generated three-tiernetwork TP applications. It was used by IS organizations to create operational systems with LAN orweb Clients, UNIX and/or mainframe servers. Customers included Blue Cross / Blue Shield ofIllinois, CSC, Cigna, the State of West Virginia (taxation), Samsung (Korea), McDonalds (Japan)and the Austrian government.

Personally responsible for the design of the repository, 4GL, code generators and developmentsystem architecture. Led the design in areas such as the application architecture, user interfaceand diagramming tools. Applications were generated with Java, Visual Basic or PowerBuilderclients communicating with C++ or COBOL services via advanced middleware such as TransactionManagers and RPC Brokers.

Although the product was installed and successful at some 40-50 sites, Magna was never able tobuild an adequate marketing and sales organization, especially in the face of the "Y2K" crisis. Thecompany is no longer in business.  However, the software lived on for at least ten more years at

a number of sites.



Fairfax Software

Founded Fairfax Software to pursue opportunities in the emerging commercial UNIX market in1990. An early joint development agreement with Magna Software led to the product concept forMAGNA X.

Worked with Magna’s president to develop the concept and obtain over $2 million in partner funding from Groupe Bull (France); started serious design work in late 1990. In 1993 Fairfax Software merged its operations with Magna.



L&L Software

Founded L&L Software to pursue a vertical market: complex cost accounting software forgovernment contractors. L&L provided software products for this market on Digital VAX and Primeminicomputers, and supplemented the standard products with training, modifications and otherprofessional services.

L&L's revenues were about $800,000 the first year, then grew at 60% per year for the next twoyears to over $2,000,000 in revenues for 1986. The company never had an unprofitable year. Nooutside investors or venture capitalists were involved. L&L Software was acquired by ComputerAssociates in May 1987.


Partner and Co-Owner

Lupfer & Long, Inc.

Founder (with Greg Lupfer) of Lupfer & Long, Inc. The company was primarily a professionalservices firm with a secondary involvement in horizontal software packages.

Managed Lupfer & Long's Washington office. Customers included General Motors, Control DataCorp., CSC, the FHLBB, the Singer Corporation, CSX, the FAA and others. Projects were manyand diverse; examples are nationwide information retrieval systems, corporate financialconsolidation and reporting, federal accounting systems, various MIS applications and text retrievalsoftware.

Personally designed and led the development of an early end-user oriented "4th-Generation Language" for CDC's commercial time-sharing division. This became CDC's first really successful non-scientific application, and the highest-billing application on the network.


Systems Programmer

U.S. Naval Academy

Entered the Navy via a special program for computer programmers that Grace Hopper established.Assigned to USNA's Academic Computing Center as a systems programmer. Maintained andextended the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System (DTSS) and Honeywell GCOS operating systems ona Honeywell mainframe.


Polymer Physicist / Numerical Analyst

General Tire & Rubber

At General Tire's Basic Research Center, developed programs to analyze experimental results forboth my own experiments and for others in the Polymer Physics department. Modeled heat-flow,polymer chain growth, stress/strain, composite materials, etc. Built most of my own experimentalequipment. Joined the center in 1996 as a Research Assistant. Worked full-time while attendingcollege full-time.

I also met my wife, Janice Fisher, here. She was the cutest Polymer Chemist ever.




Kent State University

It didn't really take me 8 years to earn my degree!  I dropped out for 3-4 years and then went back while working full time.

I was a National Merit finalist.


IT Strategic Planning
IT Enterprise Architecture
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Software Architecture


Seeking consulting engagements and part-time work related to software design and architecture.


Golf, snorkeling, racquetball, photography, travel.


Gary Long is a seasoned information technology (IT) expert and executive (ex-Gartner) who consults on a part-time basis and occasionally takes on temporary positions.