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Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell, usually credited as "the Father of the iPod",  was the Senior Vice President of the iPod Division at Apple Inc., having succeeded Jon Rubinstein in 2006. On November 4, 2008, Apple announced Fadell is stepping down as Senior Vice President but will remain with the company as an adviser to CEO Steve Jobs. Mr. Fadell is now the CEO of Nest.

Mr. Fadell's email address is available upon request.

Jon Rubinstein

Jonathan J. Rubinstein is an American computer scientist and electrical engineer who was instrumental in the creation of the iPod, first sold by Apple Computer Inc. in 2001. He has been elected to serve as a member of the National Academy of Engineering and is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

He left his position as senior vice president of Apple's iPod division on April 14, 2006. He became executive chairman of the board at Palm, Inc. and then CEO of Palm, Inc. Palm has since been acquired by HP, Jon worked with HP for a time and is now pursuing other interests.

Mr. Rubinstein's email address or phone number are available upon request.

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Work experience

Dec 2012Present

Founder and CEO


A new generation of connected devices will spur a meaningful shift in the way we interact with the world around us — the way we live, play and work. - Coming Soon.

Oct 2009Oct 2012

Founder and CEO

Stem Innovation, LLC

I founded Stem Innovation in order to deliver some innovative and disruptive products in the connected home category. In 2011, Stem introduced the first entirely app-driven Wi-Fi camera, called IZON. It was revolutionary in its design, incredibly simple to setup and use, it featured a great app and it turned the IP camera market upside down. IZON 2.0 came to market in 2012 and made giant improvements on the original concept. In addition, Stem delivered innovative alarm/speaker docks, some of the first to be compatible with Apple's iPad. The company is now under new management.

Jul 2008Nov 2008

Executive Director

Imation Corp. (IMN)

I became Executive Director of the Consumer Electronics Division at Imation, following their acquisition of XtremeMac. I drove the integration of the business and continued my work in product development and manufacturing. 

  • Directed all aspects of the transition and integration of XtremeMac into Imation.
Dec 2001Jun 2008

Founder and CEO


XtremeMac is a leading provider of iPod accessories to Apple and retailers such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target, and many others. I founded XtremeMac in 2001 upon the announcement of the first iPod by Apple. XtremeMac grew rapidly, tracing the growth of the iPod and iPhone. What began as a garage-based startup, exceeded $40 million in annual revenue with 70 employees in just 4 short years. In 2008, Imation Corp. (IMN), seeking to extend its reach in consumer electronics, acquired substantially all assets of XtremeMac.

  • Led both the creative and administrative functions of the company.
  • Created a multi-national brand leader, structuring the company for rapid growth.
  • Conceptualized and developed over 200 products, selling millions of units internationally.
  • Negotiated the acquisition of the company and a 50% reduction in vendor debt. 
  • Created intellectual property portfolio with 7 patents and dozens of trade and service marks. 
  • Developed significant relationships with senior executives at Apple.
Jan 2001Dec 2001

VP of Sales and Marketing

Arco Data Protection Systems

Arco is primarily a manufacturer of hardware based RAID systems. Although my primary duties were Sales and Marketing, I worked extensively on new product development and made significant changes to the company's branding. I left Arco after one year to start XtremeMac, recognizing an opportunity when the iPod was first announced by Apple.

  • Created a new brand image and message for the company and its products. 
  • Opened new markets by reengineering product concepts to commercialize niche technologies.

Director of Sales

MicroNet Technology, Inc.

MicroNet Technology manufactured high-quality RAID and SAN data storage solutions targeted at the Apple platform. My role, as Director of Sales for the US and Canada, was to develop and maintain strategic national Fortune 2000 accounts and manage a sales team, support staff and the dealer channel. I had further involvement in product development, strategy and marketing.

  • Achieved 25% annual increases in gross revenue, exceeding management expectations. 
  • Following the planned liquidation of the company by parent, Ampex, successfully negotiated a contingent investment with senior executives at Apple Computer, Inc.

Founder and CEO

Digital Consulting, Inc.

Digital Consulting was a leader in pioneering early adoption of Apple's OSX server and Apple's reemergence as personal computer company. Upon Steve Jobs' return to Apple, Digital Consulting was poised to assist numerous companies throughout the Southeastern United States in various aspects of updating the technology driving most graphically oriented businesses. From color management to desktop software and technologies, to networking and servers, to infrastructure and cabling, Digital Consulting designed, implemented and maintained some of the largest Apple installations on the east coast.


Founder and CEO

Precision Imaging

Created the fist “digital” typesetting service in South Florida, pioneering the early use of computer based color scanning and film output technologies.

Precision Imaging began life as one of the first digital typesetting services in South Florida and grew to be a successful digital imaging services company providing high-resolution color scanning, digital film output, and proofing services to the magazine and advertising industry in South Florida. Ultimately, the company was acquired by publicly traded Safe Technologies, Inc.

  • Successfully negotiated the sale of the company to publicly traded Safe Technologies, Inc.


Product Development
I have extensive experience in product development. I have personally brought to market well over 400 products. My areas of expertise include: branding, marketing, compliance, vendor selection and relations, direct factory supervision, manufacturing methods, packaging design and development, product life-cycle planning, long-term product strategy, project management, quality control and assurance (TQM and AQL). Essentially, I have handled all aspects of product development from product ideation and conceptualization to supervision of all industrial design, mechanical design, and engineering. I also led the process of performing competitive analyses, creating pricing matrices and channel policies, and assuring proper compliance with retailers packaging requirements. I have personally handled the presentation of product concepts to key customers, including Apple - working closely with them to assure product designs and concepts were successful in the market. I created a product development methodology which led to repeated disruptive product releases and continual "fast innovation" (as an example, delivering 23 new product concepts to market within in 3 weeks of a new product release from Apple at a time when competitors were taking 6 to 8 weeks).
Business and Finance
  I have a very strong financial background and good working knowledge of business law, contract law, HR issues, and accounting requirements. I have an innate ability to interpret financial statements, spot inconsistencies, find errors and evaluate the underlying data. I am competent at creating management reports, financial summaries, projections, budgets and analyses. I have experience with inventory controls, warehouse operations, fulfillment operations, e-commerce, and customer service. I also have a history of creating and developing strong sales teams, effective sales strategies, and implementing sales tracking and reporting systems.  
Information Technology
  I am comfortable with all types of computer technology and almost all popular software applications. My experience creating strong audio/video and still visual presentations is extensive. My background has developed a strong aptitude for just about any computer related issue. Specifically, I have advanced knowledge of the following: Excel, Numbers, PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Pages, FinalCut Pro, SoundTrack, InDesign, Motion, LiveType, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, QuickTime, Maya 3D software, Cinema 4D software, various audio evaluation and acoustics software, accounting software such as SAP, QuickBooks, and much more. I also have a significant background in server technology, data storage, networking and system design.  
Engineering & Design
  I have a strong background in engineering with an aptitude for electronics, manufacturing processes, mechanical design and industrial design. I have a working knowledge of manufacturing processes such as injection molding, electronic cable manufacturing, audio product manufacturing, textile production, printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly, assembly line development and management, quality control and assurance, packaging manufacturing, printing, thermoform plastics, audio engineering, TDMA noise elimination and much more. I speak some Mandarin. I have a great deal of experience doing business in China and have spent much time there working on various products, negotiating, supervising, and discovering new manufacturing methods.  



United States Patents


GLG Council Member & Educator

Gerson Lehrman Group - Consulting

Apple iOS Developer

Apple, Inc.

Apple Developer

Apple, Inc.

Private Pilot



"When I think of Gary Bart, I think of one word. Solid. Gary is the kind of chap you need on your team, and you want on your team. He is one of the most remarkable and talented people I know. I’ve had direct experience working with Gary on several projects, and in the 30+ years of consumer electronics, I’ve never seen someone as passionate and capable as Gary. He spans all aspects of the business, from understanding the market opportunity, creating the vision, and has the instinct to know what to commit to, and when to commit to it. It’s Gary’s gift, that drives companies to success. He is very approachable and engages everyone within the company as he melds them into one team. Gary is an excellent communicator. He is comprehensive, comfortable solving problems real time, by sitting down with his teams as they formulate the path to solutions, at every level, engineering, marketing, production, channel, and the sales floor. Gary is always committed to the end user customer, and strives to make the customers experience a great one. To say that Gary is sharp would be an understatement. I’ve seen him recruit the highest talent, mobilize it as one team, with one vision, and drive these projects through where lesser companies wouldn’t even try. Gary is gifted and incredible resource to anyone looking to harness the future, and get things done."

Vannin Gale,Director of Engineering, XtremeMac

"During the three years we were together at XtremeMac, I frequently had the opportunity to meet with or speak to Gary in his capacity as President & CEO. Three things immediately come to mind upon reflection: intelligence, honesty and integrity. Gary is very effective at communicating his vision, honest and direct in sharing his views and uncompromising in his commitment to do things the right way. His empathy for the personal concerns of those around him is a mark of distinction. I would welcome the opportunity to work for and with him in years to come."

Chris J. Doran, Retail Merchandising Manager, XtremeMac

"I have known and worked with Gary for many years. Gary is a well rounded executive with serious sales and marketing talent. We worked together on many complex projects, and I found it always a good experience. Gary is one of those guys who just "gets it". He takes the complex and makes it simple and to the point. He motivates his people and is driven to get the job done. He believes in quality execution, and thats a rare trait to find today." 

— Alex Grossman, Sr. Director, Apple Computer / Sr. Vice President, MicroNet Technology

"Gary is one of the brightest, most aggressive, and capable businessman I've ever worked for and with. He constantly came up with great ideas for products and worked tirelessly to both bring them to market and develop a channel for their sales. He combines an aptitude for business, marketing and product development with the energy and ability to make things happen." 

— Alan Miller, Sales Director, XtremeMac

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gary for a number of years. I have always had the highest respect for him. He is an excellent leader and always leads with purpose and fairness. He strives for excellence, and he instills those values in his employees. He is a visionary and always seems to have his hands on the pulse of "the next great thing." In my 20+ years of working, I can say with certainty that Gary is the idealist when it comes to being a great leader and he has lived up to those expectations. He is not only an ethical leader, he lives by those beliefs and standards every day; he believes in doing the right thing but always considers very carefully the impact those decisions will have on the people and the company. That's a quality that is very rare to find, and Gary has it and then some. He would be an asset to any organization." 

Julian Dwyer, Art Director/IT Director, Macintosh, XtremeMac

"I have known and worked with Gary for many years. He is a honest and hard working CEO with attention to details and tirelessly worked to develop and market products. I am very happy to have worked with him and hope that I will again have a chance to work with him in the future. I highly recommend Gary in any business relationship." 

— Hideki Francis Onda, Founder and Owner, Focal Point Computer Inc.

"I've had the pleasure to work with a lot of smart people, but few were interested in developing as close to perfect products as Gary. Several times I met with him over the years and he sincerely wanted feedback (good or bad) on his products, so he could make them better. Besides making great products, Gary is also a great guy and a lot of fun to deal with." 

— Jim Dalrymple, Editor-at-Large, Macworld

"It was pleasure working with Gary even though it was for short period. He was good leader and professional. He has amazing talent in New Product concepts. His product quality requirements were very high. He can be good asset to any company." 

— Kamal Preet, Program Manager, Zylux

"Gary headed one of the first third party accessory manufacturers in the iPod world, applying his creativity and energy to the development of protective cases, in-car connectivity, power and a host of other product categories enjoyed by millions of iPod users around the world. I'm confident his enthusiasm for product innovation and quality will prove invaluable to any organization he's affiliated with. In simple terms, he "gets it" and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next." 

— Al Iriberri, Global Sourcing Manager - Third Party Products, Apple

"Gary is an outstanding CEO with an incredible vision and drive to produce some of the most incredible products on the market. His attention to detail and dedication to quality is second to none. He has proven to be an effective leader and outstanding member of the business community. I would highly recommend Gary and welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future." 

— Frank Bisono, Managing Principal, Hypermedia Productions, Inc.

"As Industrial Design Manager at XtremeMac, I worked with Gary for over three years. Gary was always very hands on with every aspect of the business from logistics to marketing, but he always had a passion for product development. It was a pleasure working with Gary, I can honestly say that I would not be where I am without him. He is a strong leader, and I look forward to working with him again in the future." 

— Travis Read, Industrial Design Manager, XtremeMac

"Gary understands the market and how to build products that over exceed consumers' expectations. Gary was one of the first companies to build iPod add on peripherals and become a word wide leader within this space." 

— Sam Levin, Owner, Sam Levin Consulting

"Gary and I have maintained an ongoing business relationship from the first time we met at NAB all those years ago. He continues to be one of the most professional, yet personable people I have had the honor to work with. Gary will be in my inner circle for many years to come." 

— Gary Adcock, Owner, Studio37

"As a field sales engineer for Semtronic I had the pleasure of working with Gary and his team at XtremeMac. Gary’s hands on management style and attention to detail coupled with a keen sense of business conditions ensured that his engineering team always had the best product on the market. He is a well rounded executive with all of the necessary tools to be successful in any business that he chooses to enter." 

— David Owens, Field Sales Engineer, Semtronic Associates

"After knowing Gary for many years in various capacities, I have watched him build his clever ideas and concepts into successful realities in business. He brings a lot of heart along with his expertise, creating a passion for his businesses that makes both his team and his customers want to be a part of anything he does. He brings innovation to his endeavors, but surrounds himself with the best-of-the-best to reach the goals that ultimately equal success for whatever he touches." 

— Daniel East, Director of Worldwide Marketing & Artist Relations, Future Sonics 

"I LOVED working with Gary. His energy level is extraordinary. His tactical approach to marketing is visionary and refreshing. With a small team under him, we were able to get a small start-up (XtremeMac) noticed within a short amount of time via cool packaging, a user-friendly web experience, a clever ad campaign and complimentary trade show presence at a key industry trade show." 

— Meryl Cook, MarCom Manager, Quantum

"Words can not express the admiration I have for Gary Bart. Gary has my complete loyalty and respect. It was an honor to have worked for him at XtremeMac. His honesty, dedication, vision and loyalty to his business partners, employees and the company are without an equal. I consider my time at XtremeMac to be the most rewarding of my career." 

— Michael Hudak, Sr. Manager - Human Resources, Q.E.P. Co., Inc, 

"My business dealings with Gary have led me to find this man tough, but fair. He's passionate about doing a great (not good) job for his customers, and his employees. I may not always close on the business I'm pitching him, but I know that when I do, he'll be pushing my company toward excellence, just as hard as he pushes his own. Would that all my prospective customers treated me this way..." 

— Jeff Hedlesky, Oxford Semiconductor

"Gary is an extremely creative individual. He works well at motivating and getting the best out of a team. I worked with him on a product development level and this is definitely an area in which he excels. It was a pleasure working with him and very educational."

Denise Williams, Product Development Engineer, XtremeMac

“Gary was a like minded individual at a complimentary business to ours and proved a huge help at gaining a foothold for us at Apple and in the US market generally. I found him at all times to be honest, forthright, hard working and inspirational. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend him for any senior level role that requires strong leadership and an entrepreneurial streak.”

Simon Ellson, CEO, Miglia Technology


Innovative, visionary leader, with more than 25 years of business experience, skilled at propelling entrepreneurial startups and growing corporations with worldwide sales and operations. Directly managed high-growth businesses with cutting-edge products in new markets. Broad experience in leading technical, creative and operational activities. Created the first iPod case, and am often credited as having helped start the "iPod 3rd Party Ecosystem". I have created more than 450 products during my career and have filed 14 patents or patents pending.


I have achieved success and the loyalty of staff by leadership through action and example. I design business models that empower employees, maximize resources and drive enterprise value. I am hands-on and unafraid to get my hands dirty. I have the ability to motivate and energize my teams through strong leadership and decision making. I am a “fast innovator” with the ability to recognize opportunities early, capitalize on them and derive maximum returns on those investments. I am high-energy and driven to compete.


"Simplify" — This is a concept I have successfully applied to product lines, product concepts, industrial design, marketing and business in general.

  • Drove rapid growth from garage startup through establishment of sales in excess of $40 million in more than 70 countries. Increased revenue by as much as 600% annually. Improved gross margin by over 25%, reduced costs by more than 50%. 
  • Pioneered first-to-market product categories in a highly competitive environment, creating clear brand differentiators. Built a successful, strong brand that competed effectively with much larger companies. Developed disruptive innovations that created a significant market advantage. 
  • Created an industry-segment leading workplace with high ethical and social values, strong incentives for employees, and minimal staff turnover. Developed an environment in which employees had tremendous pride in the organization and their work and a strong competitive drive. 
  • Simultaneously negotiated an acquisition of the company and the elimination of 50% of vendor debt. Directly managed the process of securing an acquisition, negotiating terms, reducing vendor debt by $8 million and the post-closing integration and transition. 
I have spent my professional career creating and developing businesses around new and unique concepts. I have a strong product design and development background complemented by extensive experience in Asian manufacturing, marketing, computer technology, data storage, networking and servers, consumer electronics, accounting and finance, and corporate governance.

A good portion of my experiences have been focused around the Apple platform and related technologies and devices. For example, I founded XtremeMac, the very first iPod case company. It grew quickly from a garage-based startup to a $40 million dollar per year company with 70 people in just 4 short years, ultimately being acquired by Imation, Corp (IMN).

I have a broad range of business experiences, leadership qualities, a visionary view, financial and legal acumen, creative abilities, marketing and graphic design experience, problem-solving and negotiating skills.

Specialties: Accounting, Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Negotiating, Branding, Marketing, Technology, Corporate Governance, Creativity, Product and Service Development, and Manufacturing, especially within China.


Water Skiing, Flying, Hiking, Woodworking, Design, and my family.

Some of the companies I have done business with:

Including 13 of the Fortune 250:

Wal-Mart (2)

AT&T (8)

HP (9)

Ingram-Micro (26)

Target (28)

Best Buy (56)

Walt Disney (60)

Apple (71)

Amazon (130)

Avnet (144)

Capital One (145)

Toys-r-Us (192)

Circuit City (228)

Arrow Electronics




Big Storage

Black Eyed Peas



CRC Press

Department of Defense


Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Major League Baseball

Marubeni (Japan)

MicroNet Technology

National Basketball Association

National Institutes of Health






Twentieth Century Fox

Viacom (Nickelodeon)

Warner Brothers



Strategic Planning & Execution

Operations Management

Executive Leadership & Ethics

Budget Planning, Development & Control

Cost Reductions with Quality Improvement

Due Diligence

Crisis & Turnaround Management

Operational & Financial Risk Management

Consolidation & Integration Management

Accountable Corporate Governance

Accounting & Financial Leadership 

Organizational Structure

Asian Vendor Relations (Speak casual Mandarin)

Product Licensing

Sales & Sales Force Building

Customer Relationship Management

Cost-effective Marketing

Technology & Consumer


Mergers & Acquisitions

Contract & Business Law

Warehouse & Inventory

E-commerce & Fulfillment

Creative & Design:

Branding & Marketing

Product Design & Development

Audio Design & Engineering

Mechanical & Industrial Design

Packaging Design

Electrical Design & Component Selection

Design for Manufacturing


Extensive Asian Manufacturing Experience

Leather & Textile goods


Audio & Data Cables

Consumer Electronics

Data Storage

Computer Peripherals

Wireless Accessories


Extensive Relationships at Apple

iPod & iPhone Accessories

OS X & iPhone Applications

Made for iPod Program

Works with iPhone Program


Deep Internet Research

Computer Programming


Artistic Design

Product Creation and Invention

Project Management

Graphic Design

Other Experience:

Social Media

Affiliate Marketing

Trade Show Design and Management 



Magazine and Catalog Publishing

Networking & IT Infrastructure

Experience with Software & Online Services:

Cinema 4D

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Dreamweaver

Quark Xpress

Corel Painter

Final Cut Pro


Soundtrack Pro

DVD Studio Pro





Apple Server Administration



MAS 90