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Gary Bart

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Work History
Dec 2012 - Present

Founder and CEO


A new generation of connected devices will spur a meaningful shift in the way we interact with the world around us — the way we live, play and work. - Coming Soon.

Oct 2009 - Oct 2012

Founder and CEO

Stem Innovation, LLC

I founded Stem Innovation in order to deliver some innovative and disruptive products in the connected home category. In 2011, Stem introduced the first entirely app-driven Wi-Fi camera, called IZON. It was revolutionary in its design, incredibly simple to setup and use, it featured a great app and it turned the IP camera market upside down. IZON 2.0 came to market in 2012 and made giant improvements on the original concept. In addition, Stem delivered innovative alarm/speaker docks, some of the first to be compatible with Apple's iPad. The company is now under new management.

Jul 2008 - Nov 2008

Executive Director

Imation Corp. (IMN)

I became Executive Director of the Consumer Electronics Division at Imation, following their acquisition of XtremeMac. I drove the integration of the business and continued my work in product development and manufacturing. 

  • Directed all aspects of the transition and integration of XtremeMac into Imation.
Dec 2001 - Jun 2008

Founder and CEO


XtremeMac is a leading provider of iPod accessories to Apple and retailers such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target, and many others. I founded XtremeMac in 2001 upon the announcement of the first iPod by Apple. XtremeMac grew rapidly, tracing the growth of the iPod and iPhone. What began as a garage-based startup, exceeded $40 million in annual revenue with 70 employees in just 4 short years. In 2008, Imation Corp. (IMN), seeking to extend its reach in consumer electronics, acquired substantially all assets of XtremeMac.

  • Led both the creative and administrative functions of the company.
  • Created a multi-national brand leader, structuring the company for rapid growth.
  • Conceptualized and developed over 200 products, selling millions of units internationally.
  • Negotiated the acquisition of the company and a 50% reduction in vendor debt. 
  • Created intellectual property portfolio with 7 patents and dozens of trade and service marks. 
  • Developed significant relationships with senior executives at Apple.
Jan 2001 - Dec 2001

VP of Sales and Marketing

Arco Data Protection Systems

Arco is primarily a manufacturer of hardware based RAID systems. Although my primary duties were Sales and Marketing, I worked extensively on new product development and made significant changes to the company's branding. I left Arco after one year to start XtremeMac, recognizing an opportunity when the iPod was first announced by Apple.

  • Created a new brand image and message for the company and its products. 
  • Opened new markets by reengineering product concepts to commercialize niche technologies.
1999 - 2001

Director of Sales

MicroNet Technology, Inc.

MicroNet Technology manufactured high-quality RAID and SAN data storage solutions targeted at the Apple platform. My role, as Director of Sales for the US and Canada, was to develop and maintain strategic national Fortune 2000 accounts and manage a sales team, support staff and the dealer channel. I had further involvement in product development, strategy and marketing.

  • Achieved 25% annual increases in gross revenue, exceeding management expectations. 
  • Following the planned liquidation of the company by parent, Ampex, successfully negotiated a contingent investment with senior executives at Apple Computer, Inc.
1987 - 2001

Founder and CEO

Digital Consulting, Inc.

Digital Consulting was a leader in pioneering early adoption of Apple's OSX server and Apple's reemergence as personal computer company. Upon Steve Jobs' return to Apple, Digital Consulting was poised to assist numerous companies throughout the Southeastern United States in various aspects of updating the technology driving most graphically oriented businesses. From color management to desktop software and technologies, to networking and servers, to infrastructure and cabling, Digital Consulting designed, implemented and maintained some of the largest Apple installations on the east coast.

1990 - 1999

Founder and CEO

Precision Imaging

Created the fist “digital” typesetting service in South Florida, pioneering the early use of computer based color scanning and film output technologies.

Precision Imaging began life as one of the first digital typesetting services in South Florida and grew to be a successful digital imaging services company providing high-resolution color scanning, digital film output, and proofing services to the magazine and advertising industry in South Florida. Ultimately, the company was acquired by publicly traded Safe Technologies, Inc.

  • Successfully negotiated the sale of the company to publicly traded Safe Technologies, Inc.



Product Development

I have extensive experience in product development. I have personally brought to market well over 400 products. My areas of expertise include: branding, marketing, compliance, vendor selection and relations, direct factory supervision, manufacturing methods, packaging design and development, product life-cycle planning, long-term product strategy, project management, quality control and assurance (TQM and AQL). Essentially, I have handled all aspects of product development from product ideation and conceptualization to supervision of all industrial design, mechanical design, and engineering. I also led the process of performing competitive analyses, creating pricing matrices and channel policies, and assuring proper compliance with retailers packaging requirements. I have personally handled the presentation of product concepts to key customers, including Apple - working closely with them to assure product designs and concepts were successful in the market. I created a product development methodology which led to repeated disruptive product releases and continual "fast innovation" (as an example, delivering 23 new product concepts to market within in 3 weeks of a new product release from Apple at a time when competitors were taking 6 to 8 weeks).

Business and Finance

  I have a very strong financial background and good working knowledge of business law, contract law, HR issues, and accounting requirements. I have an innate ability to interpret financial statements, spot inconsistencies, find errors and evaluate the underlying data. I am competent at creating management reports, financial summaries, projections, budgets and analyses. I have experience with inventory controls, warehouse operations, fulfillment operations, e-commerce, and customer service. I also have a history of creating and developing strong sales teams, effective sales strategies, and implementing sales tracking and reporting systems.  

Information Technology

  I am comfortable with all types of computer technology and almost all popular software applications. My experience creating strong audio/video and still visual presentations is extensive. My background has developed a strong aptitude for just about any computer related issue. Specifically, I have advanced knowledge of the following: Excel, Numbers, PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Pages, FinalCut Pro, SoundTrack, InDesign, Motion, LiveType, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, QuickTime, Maya 3D software, Cinema 4D software, various audio evaluation and acoustics software, accounting software such as SAP, QuickBooks, and much more. I also have a significant background in server technology, data storage, networking and system design.  

Engineering & Design

  I have a strong background in engineering with an aptitude for electronics, manufacturing processes, mechanical design and industrial design. I have a working knowledge of manufacturing processes such as injection molding, electronic cable manufacturing, audio product manufacturing, textile production, printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly, assembly line development and management, quality control and assurance, packaging manufacturing, printing, thermoform plastics, audio engineering, TDMA noise elimination and much more. I speak some Mandarin. I have a great deal of experience doing business in China and have spent much time there working on various products, negotiating, supervising, and discovering new manufacturing methods.  





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