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Gary Marx II



I previously managed 80-100 employees, 6 supervisors, several departments, overseen a $2-5M annual budget, ensured that thousands of customers were serviced daily, and personally resolved several employee or customer issues daily.

During this transitional period I managed to secure my Property & Casualty License, and held several roles, each with increasing responsibilities and compensation.

My biggest asset is my ability to lead and coach others, as well as my friendly, customer oriented attitude. I am an asset to any organization, a fast learner and will do whatever it takes-to advance the company, as well as myself.

I have several notable achievements and accomplishments which can add value to many companies, and I am always looking for ways to improve efficiency, cut costs and control labor.

Work experience


Business Owner

OUAS, Inc.

Transported customers to city and suburban locations while following all safety regulations. Assisted with luggage, wheelchairs, walkers and groceries as needed for elderly or infirm passengers. Coordinated with support to address any issues with passengers or rides. Offered door-to-door assistance as needed.


Line Cook

The Tavern Hospitality Group

Assisted the executive chef with all areas of food production for the entire dining room, brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as catering for special events. Oversaw all aspects of restaurant opening and closing ensuring proper sanitation and expiration date standards. Trained a kitchen staff of 5-7 to provide guests with exceptional food that tastes as good as it looks, while maintaining accurate plating and portioning.


Outside Sales Agent

State Farm

Identified customer needs and marketed appropriate products and services to compliment and complete their umbrella of coverage. Provided prompt, accurate, and friendly customer service. Responded to inquiries regarding insurance availability, eligibility, coverages, policy changes, transfers, claim submissions, and billing clarification and updates. Professional customer service with answering phones, directing calls and taking messages. Generated outside sales through cold calling, and cold sales, to warm calling, and warm sales - following up throughout the process.


Route Logistics Manager

Brinks, Inc

Implemented a system and program for a more efficient way to schedule personnel and manage labor. Developed and implemented an employee recognition program, tracked the results which proved to increase productivity on a month by month basis. Designed several spreadsheets and methods that improve efficiency and communicate objectives to our personnel, which have since been distributed to other branches nationwide. Oversaw the operations of 3 branches (Detroit, Flint and Toledo), in addition to providing support on special projects to all of the affected branches. Plan, organize, motivate, and manage the work of 6 supervisors and a staff of 80-100 employees to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with DOT laws as well as organizational and safety requirements. Collaborate with other managers or staff members to formulate and implement policies, procedures, goals, or objectives to meet key performance indicators (KPIs). Direct investigations to verify and resolve customer complaints and losses, ensure that losses are resolved, and the proper steps are taken to prevent a recurrence, as well as appropriate action and counseling. Review financial statements, profit and loss statements (P&L), sales and activity reports, and other budget data ($2-5M annually) to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement. Direct activities related to dispatching, routing and the tracking of transportation vehicles and personnel. Trained the branch trainer on how to properly train employees, and worked closely with the position to enforce compliance and safety. Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new employees, or oversee those personnel processes. Determine the services to be sold, negotiate a rate, as well as appropriate terms based on forecasts of customer demand and current staffing and labor cost.



Marx Portraits

Manage and oversee all small business operations; marketing and self-promotion in digital, print, and other media; budget preparation; website development and maintenance; decision making; prioritizing; hiring and managing assistants and second shooters as needed; maintaining and managing relationships with clients; manage relationships and network with other photographers; media kit preparation; press release preparation and distribution. Provide photographic coverage of weddings (using skills developed in photojournalism and documentary photography as well as portraiture); client portraiture; pet portraiture; commercial photography for businesses worldwide; creating promotional artwork for the business; collaborating with other local artists; made contributions and profit in stock photography.


Vault Teller

Guardian Armored

Processed currency and coin orders for tellers from vault. Prepared all necessary documentation when bags are accidentally ripped open. Prepared shipments and received orders for currency and coin from the Federal Reserve. Supplied and verified currency and coin to messengers and customers. Double-counted deposits both with a machine as well as by hand to verify accuracy. Tracked seal numbers.



Managed 80-100 Employees, 6 Supervisors, Several Departments

Customer Service

Resolving customer issues and conflicts

Team Building

Managing and coaching an effective team


Increasing efficiency through coaching, mentoring, counseling

Routing & Logistics

Performed several route structure changes to increase efficiency

Inventory Management

Responsible for ensuring zero to minimal losses and researching losses