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If you do a job, always do it well. Or to 100% of your ability to do it. If you do everything you are asked to do. With 100% of your ability to do it. Nobody can ever ask you to put more into it. As you have put the total amount that you're capable in. But this amount must be maintained. So it is visible to onlookers. Who notice every time you do things you are told to do. Each job is done the sameway. Always with maximum effort to do it

Work experience

Sep 1976Aug 1979

bricklayer apprentice

C& L Walker building contractors. Kidderminster

Standard trade apprenticeship, college Foley college of FE Stourbridge


Harry Cheshire secondary modern Kidderminster

I came from a large family 5 brothers. We were fed and clothed but nothing like. Gets you the easy route in education 

Text Section

   I worked on a milk round before school. From the age of 12, I got up at 4 am. Did a complete milk round before school. That was compassion on my part, nothing to do with my family. Our milkman had a wife with multiple sclerosis. If he was late to get to her she was in acute pain. From cramp completely paralyzed. Affected my education but  I would do it again if I had to the poor woman could not move. It was upsetting to see her in pain. I did it 7 days a week 365 days of the year. It was very restricting