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Work experience

Jan 2015Present



In this job, I had my own comic strip of my life. I would bring back fun memories, to entertain the readers, and make colorful illustrations. My strips are published nationwide, and are included in big comic books.

Jan 1999Apr 2000

Mixer Matcher

I Top It

In this job, I would mix frozen yogurt to produce fun colorful yogurt to entertain, the children, along with their taste buds. Along with this job, I would also contain toppings into cans, for the little kids to enjoy.

Jan 1995Nov 1916

Lasagna Tester

Yo Fro Lo

In this job, I taste tested lasagna to ensure safety to the humans. Also, in this job, I would see if the frozen chemicals added into the meat was noticeable, or if you did not notice them. 


Bachelors Degree in Cooking

Boulder College

With this degree, I earned a better cooking opportunity.

Mar 1919

Masters Degree in Writing

School of Mines 

I this degree I received this in School of MImen it took me 4 years.