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Work experience

Mar 1988Jun 2009

School Maintenance Mechanic

Duval County School Board

Work type and responsibilities: ELECTRICAL-maintain and repair power and lighting systems throughout the building.  Troubleshoot and repair electrical circuits associated with 120 volt single phase and 480 volt three phase wiring and equipment to locate opens, shorts, and grounds.  Troubleshoot and repair low voltage control circuits associated with lighting, firealarm, and HVAC to include programmable controls, switches, timers, and meters by interpreting electrical circuit schematics and wiring diagrams. Repair motor controllers and replace burned out motors, circuit breakers, and fuses.  Use of electrical test equipment to include Volt / Ohm meter and current meters, digital Fluke meter for (capacitors,voltage,current,and resistance) megohmeter for insulation testing, phasemeter for three phase sequence, frequency meter, and signal generator.  Test and maintain fire alarm system for proper operation and initiate fire alarm drills at Sandalwood High School. Perform scheduled preventative maintenence on machinery, tools, and equipment, maintain workorder log to prioritize and schedule work. Receive and record parts and material deliveries in order to have inventory on hand to install and maintain equipment. Perform weekly operational checks of primary and backup systems. Operate computer to monitor and make any necessary changes to the energy management system. Troubleshoot and repair communication and media wiring. Set up computers, printers, monitors, and wireless routers for school computer labs and also install communication cable from the classrooms to the hubs and on to the IDF cabinets and make connections. Maintained portable radios and antenna repeater system for on site communications. Maintained telephone wiring and equipment within the building(comdial handsets). Perform repairs and maintenance on electronically controlled pneumatic locking system for exterior doors on building to include pneumatic trunk lines, air valves, gauges, pressure switches, relays, reed switches, solenoids, and air compressor. Also maintained emergency power battery backup for this system.  Match paint colors and touch up paint.  Operate motorized lift equipment for work in high places. Operate trenching equipment to install underground cable. Hand dig holes and trenches for posts and pipe.  Set up barricades and danger/caution tape for work areas that are potentially dangerous.  Operate a variety of power and hand tools using the appropriate safety equipment.   Recently obtained  Class B  Commercial  Driving permit  with no restrictions.

May 1979Jun 1987

Electrian Mate 1st Class (E-6)


I enlisted in the Navy in May 1979 attending basic training and Basic Electricity and Electronics School at NTC and SSC Orlando Florida. Upon receiving certification of completion I transferred to NTC Great Lakes, IL to attend Electricians Mate School. Upon completion I was advanced to EM- E3 and received my next assignment to the USS Orion AS-18 in Charleston, SC. The Orion changed home port to Sardinia Italy where I was stationed until December 1981. During this time I was promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class Electricians Mate where I was assigned to Engineering Electrical division and my job duties included maintenance and repair of power and lighting systems throughout the ship and switchboard watch to monitor power generators. My next assignment was USS Semmes DDG-18 in Philadelphia ship yard for overhaul and was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class Electrician Mate and job duties included performing electrical safety checks on personal and shipboard electrical equipment, conducting electrical safety lectures, and supervising lower ranking EM's. I reenlisted onboard USS Semmes for an additional 4 years in May of 1983 and received a $16,000.00 reenlistment bonus and transferred to USS Forrestal CV-59 also in Philadelphia shipyard just beginning overhaul and was placed in charge of the lighting shop. I had 16 men assigned to work under my supervision to repair and maintain lighting throughout the ship. Shortly thereafter I was promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class Electrician Mate. In December of 1985 I was transferred to NTC Great Lakes IL for instructor duty at Electricians Mate School where my assignment was teaching and supervising beginning electricians to prepare for shipboard duty. My duties included teaching a 12 week course on ac and dc current for power and light, batteries and battery maintenance, and electrical safety. During my last eight months the EM school was in the process of rewriting the course and I was selected to help in the process. After finishing my 2nd enlistment, receiving an honorable discharge and being recommended for reenlistment, I and my wife decided to try my training and experience in the civilian world. I applied for work with the Duval County School Board Maintenance Department and was employed there in March 1988 as a School Maintenance Mechanic until June 30, 2009 at which time there were lay offs and the positions in my job classification were cut. My last 3 years with the School Board were at Sandalwood High School  in charge of building maintenance with a faculty and staff of approximately 200 and a student population of approximately 3,500.


Sep 1997Present

Certificate of completion

Disassemble automobile engines, inspect engine blocks, heads, cranks, pistons, valves, connecting rods and perform machining procedures using precision measuring tools (michrometers, gauges, etc.) to restore to OEM specs. Reassemble using proper engine rebuild kit and test run engine to verify proper operation.

Jul 1995

Certificate #2109137

Upon completion of course my test score certified me as Technician Type Universal and certified by Air-Conditioning @ Refrigeration Institute and EPA Approved. This certificate is dated  July 3, 1995.

Oct 1984Dec 1984


SSC/Naval Training Center

Upon completion of Instructor Training School I taught students at Navy Electrical "A" School from January 1985 until June 1987.

Oct 1979May 1980


SSC/Naval Training Center

This was an advanced Navy  Electrical School which included Electrical Circuit Schematic and Wiring Diagram Interpretation, Battery Maintenance, the use of Volt /Ohm Meter, Current Meter, O-Scope, Signal Generator, and Infra Red test equipment. This school also provided practical experience on trouble shooting for opens, shorts, and grounds on power distribution and lighting systems, motors, motor controllers, bus transfer switches, programmable switches, and low voltage control circuits.

May 1979Sep 1979


SSC/Naval Training Center

This Navy school covered the Ohms Law, Theory of Electricity, Basic Electricity, and Electronics. This school also covered practical trouble shooting for opens, shorts, and grounds in electronic circuits.

Sep 1977Jan 1979

Completed the course to include all of the electrical and air conditioning parts. In 1979 I joined  the US Navy . On the entrance test I scored highest in the electrical field and was appointed Electrician Mate (E-2).

Sep 1971May 1974


Greenwood High School

In my last two years of high school I took Vocational Machine Shop courses and worked a 40 hour week from 4pm to12pm Monday thru Friday at a medical surgical products manufacturing plant called Parke-Davis located in Greenwood, South Carolina.


I received Electronics training  at Service School Command Naval Training Center Orlando Florida. I received Electrical training at Service School Command Naval Training Center Great Lakes Illinois. I have used this training throughout my eight years in the US Navy and twenty one plus years on the Duval County School Board Maintenance Department.