Work experience

Work experience

UX Researcher

NYNEX, Science and Technology, Artificial Intelligence Lab

Under the direction of John Thomas, famed SIGCHI researcher, iteratively researched software, hardware and telephony systems including voice recognition data for improving the user experience

  • Researched the efficacy of using alternative research methods, for cost reduction, efficiency and speed.  These methods today are industry standard
  • Research assisted the efficacy and use of Heuristic Evaluation, now industry standard
    • This work published in Jakob Nielsen (ed.) book, Usability Inspection Methods, and several CHI and HCI journals
2000 - Present

Founder, Principal Consultant

User Behavioristics Research, Inc. 

Principal User Research Consultant; team with a multitude of high profile, medium and start up companies to improve their customers’ UX 

  • Managed team of sub-contractors from game designers, engineers to co-researchers
  • Perform a variety of user research studies to inform interactive design and development
  • Client relationship and satisfaction, administer, perform, and communicate results to provide insight of their users' UX  
  • Provide insights as to why issues exist, providing teams actionable results
  • Provide results in bite-size actionable form, and format that worked for that particular team
  • Long term client relationships built on providing solid data driven results that impacted their games' design
2008 - Present

Faculty and Instructor, Game Studies

USC, University of Southern California

Instructor for Game Usability and Game User Research for USC’s undergraduate and graduate students

  • Course through the Interactive Media and Games department
  • Mentor top and promising students for careers in the industry
2013 - 2015

Senior UX Researcher & NPS Program Manager

  • Informed design through Field Studies, User testing, Heuristic Evaluation, Personas, Analytics and Competitive Analysis including Secret Shopper
    • Brought insight and opportunities to the development teams to improve the product UX
  • Skilled at end -to-end product development on B-B and B-C Customer Relationship (CRM) and Lead Management system
  • Instated a collaborative process with the UX team, creating together UX Principles for product design
  • Improved product vision for all departments of company through research on Voice of Customer
  • Installed and implemented company process for NPS (Net Promoter Score survey feedback), which resulted in improvements throughout the company, a CEO top priority for ROI measures
    • Managed team of department owners with SVP of Biz Dev, to take action on customer feedback, one of CEO's top 3 priorities
  • Agile environment, where results were provided in bite size form for teams to take action
    • Identified product pain points, and suggested solutions to provide insight and potential design direction 
  • Initiated research and presentation on Motivational Drivers for employees, and how play improves enjoyment, delight, and fun, which results in greater productivity and personnel retention
    • This is the value proposition for this product
    • Developed a Gamification concept design, planned for the future
  • Recognized by senior management for providing best presentation, “Townhall” in the history of the company



Masters Degree Psychology/Social Science Research and 2nd Bachelors in Computer Science

New York University
  • Social Science Research methodologies
  • Statistics for the social sciences: Statistics for interpreting human behavior, including Multivariate Regression, Linear Regression
  • Student of systems and applications programming (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
    • Unix, c-shell, assembly, and C++
    • Tutored doctoral students in formulating researchable thesis problems, statistical programming and interpretation


Stanford University

Assisted in NSF grant social science research study conducted by the infamous Dr. Rudy Moos lab.

  • Conducted telephone interviews to subjects
  • Analyzed data using SPSS
  • Programmed using C++ surveys and analyzed data
  • Created abstracts for multiple publications used in creating hypotheses

Bachelors Degree, Psychology

University of California, Berkeley

Undergraduate study of psychology, social science research methods, and statistics

Portfolio - Game User Testing Samples

Portfolio - User Testing Samples

Portfolio - Competitive Analysis Sample