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I am interested in video games, including The Legend of Zelda and Sonic. I love music, like Breaking Benjamin, Linkin' Park, Nickelback, Hollywood Undead, Skillet, Evensence, and different language music, like Japanese, German and French. I'm also interested in art.


My name is Kayleigh Payne. I live in Savannah, NY. I'm currently 13, and in 8th grade at Clyde Savannah High School.




I have been working with computers for some time. My dad fixes computers, so he teaches me things every now and then. I also teach myself but being on the computer a lot and looking things up. I know the basics, and some advanced things.
I remix music a lot, just for the heck of it. I have been singing since I was little, and my voice has progressed threw the years. I hope to become famous for either my voice or music making. I'm currently learning the guitar.
I;m a good artist for my age, from digital art to traditional art. I'm much more advanced at digital, giving me more abilities and designs. I have a lot of people who love my art. Once, I almost gave up in my art making, but decided to keep going, it being the only thing i know best out of all my skills. I have a lot of my art online, and i make art constantly, hoping to become famous for it someday.