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Work experience

Mar 1991Present

President / Secretary

Gale Ragan Educational Consulting Firm
Apr 2010Present


Gale Ragan Educational Consulting Firm, Inc.

Created/Set-Up Google website, GaleRagan account(s): Google Adwords,  Google Adsense, Clickbank Created Google website/webpages Edit webpages Input HTML codesUpdate business status Upload images and photos to webpages Write webpages
Sep 2003Oct 2007


Gale Ragan Educational Consulting Firm, Inc.

Created/Set-Up e-commerce website, Gale Ragan Educational Consulting Firm, Inc. http: account: Build-It-Yourself Basic $39.95 Created website library Created website/webpages Developed basic website to custom website Developed website history of webpages: content, games, images, and photos. Edited webpages Input e-commerce item for sales Input HTML codesUpdated business status Uploaded images and photos to webpages Wrote webpages



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Dr. Shery L. Bennett

Lesia Weddaburne

Mr. Melvin T. Reid, Jr.


My interest, Social Media Manager, includes but is not limited to managing business Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube accounts and fan pages to virally trend to increased "Likes" (Facebook, 2012); tweets; images, photos, and video updates and promotions (promos).


Social Media Manager

(A) Facebook

     1.    Updating business status.

     2.    Creating fan pages and posting.              

    3.   Getting "Likes" for business fan           pages.     4.  Uploading photos and videos. (B) Twitter     1.  Creating accounts.     2.  Getting followers; engaging          and following up.     3.  Tweeting business updates          and promotions (promos).     4.  Uploading images and videos. (C) YouTube     1.  Uploading photos and videos.


Computer/Technology Literacy