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Over ten years of international experience in financial and business management spanning multiple aspects of business operations. Master’s degree in Economic and Finance, MBA, GPA 3.5 of 4.0


Tennis, classic music, jazz, travel, Latin language


Jerome Johnson

Patricia Mathisen


Sep 2003Dec 2007


Strayer University

I am self-motivating. I completed my MBA degree in US with high GPA 3.5 of 4.0 During my MBA Program in the U.S., I completed coursework in U.S. Federal Taxation.

Sep 1996Jun 2001


Moscow Financial-Economic Institute

I earned a Masters Degree in Finance and Economics (US equivalent Master's in Finance and Economics) from Moscow Financial-Economic Institute.


Staff supervision
I take pride in the quality of my work.  I have broad experience in a variety of work settings including supervisory and entrepeneural positions. Working in for Russian Credit bank, I supervised the work of cashiers in foreign exchanges.  
Business development
Started small food-service business and directed all aspects of its operations.  Strategically selected specific market niches and organized to respond to specific client needs.  I performed analysis of business environments in emerging economies and designed tailored strategies to deal with risks of doing business in Russia. While working in the Russian Credit bank I performed competitive market analysis and persuasively presented the result to prospective new clients, leading to substantial new sales.          
Emerging-market business analysis
My MBA program included courses in “Economics and Management”, “Financial management”, “Organizational behavior” and “Managerial accounting”. During these courses, I completed research papers in several topics including: Relationship between supply and demand (elasticity) in the energy market based on detailed statistics reports from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DoE)and  the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The comparative financial analysis of low-cost  American airline companies using current-assets analysis and cash-conversion cycle as part of working-capital management.  I performed independent study (DRP) of micro economy in emerging markets and applied accepted risk-analysis techniques to the formulation of a strategy for direct investment. The analysis of investment risk in emerging markets due to Small-scale factors associated with a lack of transparency in countries’ legal, economic, regulatory, and governance factors (opacity index). Combined previous results from multiple authoritative sources (World Bank) to assemble quantitative picture of business environment in a specific emerging market.