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- Holds work permit for Canada
- 2+ Years of experience in Penetration Testing and Vulnerability assessment.
- 2+ Years of experience in Cyber Forensics, Application Security, DarkNet Monitoring, Cyber Crime.
- Good Knowledge in Cyber Law, CoBit, GTAG, ISO 27001 , ITIL and other Frameworks.
- Hands on Experience on TCP/IP , SSL and Cryptography
- Knowledge of C, C++, Java,, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Visual Basic, Node.Js, Angular Js
- Use of Advanced pen-testing tools like Nmap, Metasploit , Havij, Nessus, Acunetix and many more.
- Expert in assessment and pen testing of Web applications and networks
- Proficient in Forensic Toolkit, Backtrack, Kali Linux
- Proficiency in Microsoft Server ,2008,2010,2012.
- Proficient in Digital Forensics, FTK
- Proficient in SSL, Rapid, Metasploit, Nexpose, AirCrack-ng, Hydra, Antivirus Bypassing , Routing, VPN, Proxy, HTTP Tunneling , Onion Routing, HTTP , Apacahe, NAT, Cisco routing, Network Security, WLAN policy, Privacy Expert, BYOD.

Work experience


CEO &Founder


- Working with Intelligence agencies like INDIAN INTELLIGENCE BUREAU, NIA(India)
- WORLD's YOUNGEST CEI (Ec-council Certified Trainer)

- Managing Clients relations for improved business aspects on IT Security Models
- Training clients on various aspects of Cyber security awareness & cyber crime
- Web designing & Web hosting LAMP, WAMP, AWS, VPS Hosting.
- Training program on CEH, CASP, CND. CHFI etc.
- Publications on various IT Security controls
- Security Training for KLE BCA College
- Darknet Expert, Darknet Training & Live Sessions explorer, Crime Report
Cyber Forensics Lab setup.  

May 2016Sep 2016

Cyber Crime Expert

Incognito Forensic Foundation

Extracting data from suspect electronics for Bangalore Police, CCB, Mangalore, Kerala, TamilNadu Police
- Perform Person Tracking, Email Tracking, IP tracing, MAC discovery
- Perform Forensic Investigation on Laptops, HDDs, CCTV Camera HDD, Mobile Phone Investigation , CDR Analysis
- Extract Data from locked Android Devices, UFED, CDR Analysis
- Social Media forensics, X1 Social Discovry

Mar 2013Aug 2014

Data Security Expert Intern

Sinchu Infotech

-Data Security Expert Intern at Sinchu infotech (1 year 6 months) - Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment -Network & Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
-Data administration in various database design techniques threat modelling
-Relate business requirements and risks to technology implementation for security-related issues
- Tools : Metasploit, Nessus, Nmap, SqlMap, SET Toolkit, Havij, Acunetix
-Manage client expectations
-Lead threat modeling activities


Sep 2014Apr 2015

Graduate Certificate in Information System Security Grade: 3.16 Activities : Seminar on Phishing attacks , GTAG, WIfi attacks

Durham College
May 2011Apr 2014

BACHELORS in Computer Applications

KLE's BCA College

Syllabus: C, C++, JAVA, HTML, VB.Net, Asp.Net, DBMS, Unix Scripting
Activities and Societies: Asthra, iFest, National Level Seminar 

Grade: 64%


  • AFCEH Certified Ethical Hacker # VOC17269
  • Ehack - Infy Sec #EHACK2013
  • Computer Hacker Forensic Investigator
  • System Security Expert Level #253607
  • EC Council CEHv9 - #ECC27643816922
  • Certified Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanning Professional - #SWVUS-82937-CC16
  • EC Council Certified Network Defender V1 - #ECC84755577487
  • Certificate of Continuing Education Completion COMPTIA CASP - #C-e1041a2df-ca5bb9


Computer Languages:  Core Java, Javascript, C , C++,, HTML,, Unix Script,PHP, Ajax

Operating Systems:   Windows XP, Windows 7/8/8.1, UNIX, Backtrack 5r3, Kali Linux, Windows Server 2008/12

Databases:  SQL Server 2008/12, MS Access 2008, Mysql  and Oracle 11g,MongoDB.


V&P Assement at Sinchu Infotech

September 2013 - October 2013 (2 months)

We had organised an meet for start-ups to in Bangalore were spreading awareness about the Online Threats and their solutions. We assessed their websites and showed them the vulnerabilities in them

Publications at Durham College

February 2015 – April 2015


Publications at Cybrary

August 2016

Is Your Smartphone Actually Vulnerable?
Researchers have confirmed the code is easily reverse engineered and some of the codes are famous exploits such as Tower root,Ginger-break etc. These exploits are been reviewed and reverse engineered by computing researchers and they conclude that they have identified around 167 exploits from a single provider and no Antivirus are able to detect that as they use AV evading techniques and are undetectable!!!!!

Publications at Pulse
December 2015
RayZone InterApp !!!! Perfect Spy device!!
InterApp is a game changing tactical intelligence system, developed for intelligence and law enforcement agencies, enabling them to stealthily collect information from the cloud using smartphone application vulnerabilities.

Corporate hot case!!! Does your company have a Juniper Firewall Installed??? Watch out for backdoors!!!
Rapid7 have confirmed that there was a  "Unauthorized Code" found in the OS of some of the Netscreen , Juniper Firewalls running in many gaint companies servers


Information Security Policy                                                                                                                             (December 2014) 

Members: Gagan Jain B Satish, Shyam Sundar Vivekananda, Alan Richard, Varun Prashanth

Had created Information Security Policy Document. The goal of this project was to deliver the message that the organization is committed to developing and implementing information security policies.

Phishing Attack                                                                                                                                                             (March 2015)

Conducted awareness about the attack and discussed mainly about the mitigation of the attack with the support of a live demo.

GTAG - Global Audit Technonlogy Guide                                                                                                            (April 2015)

GTAG - Global Technology and Audit Guide. It is a guidelines created by Internal Auditors Association which provides guidelines to CAE's about the concerns of the High level management of the company. Written primarily for the chief internal audit executive (CAE) and audit supervisors, the guides address concerns of the board of directors and chief-level executives.

Forensic Toolkit Capstone Project (FTK)                                                                                                           (April 2015 )

Member: Gagan Jain B Satish

This project is related to Forensic investigation of an forensic image given. We had to find deleted files, recover them,decrypt files and reproduce them with proper documentation, Steganography images keyword Extraction.

Judgment Compilation                                                                                                                                              (April 2016)

Complied all 5 Volumes of Karnataka Public Service Commision court judgment compilation books into a Single readable and searchable well bookmarked PDF. Used PDFill pro software to merge into single PDF and creation of Bookmarks to shortcut's.

SocioAll                                                                                                                                                                               (May 2016)

This is a social Network platform. This is basically built by using PHPFOX script and made some custom changes according to the client needs. Created a Social Network called for the client and did some vulnerability assessment for the website developed.

Cyber Security Awareness & Training                                                                                                                (April 2016)
Sinchu Infotech & KLE BCA College
Conducted a 5 day Cyber security awareness and Training on IP masking, MAC address, Phishing attack basics, Android hijacking demo, Email Security, Basic OS hardening, Secure Internet usage, VPN,proxy. Basics of Cyber threats, CVE, common mistakes a user makes, Demo on Darknet.

Cyber Security Training                                                                                                                                              (July 2016)
Provided training on Basics of CyberSecurity and Digital Forensics to Mangalore Police. Trained them on different aspects of Cyber security , Privacy protection, Email tracing, CDR analysis, IP spoofing, Proxy,VPN, Mobile Forensics etc.

CASP Training for Certfirst                                                                                                                                        (August 2016)
Conducted a 5 Day training session on Comptia CASP with custom prepared training material slides and training.


Security Training

CEH, CHFI, FTK, AXIOM, Cellebtrite UFED, Comptia A+, Security+, Network+, CND

Cyber Forensics

Cyber Crime , IP tracking , Proxy tracing , TOR, Darknet Specialist, DDOS

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing for web applications, Softwares, servers, , network monitoring