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I am a freelance artist and owner of Expert Assistants for 15 years, as a freelance artist, writer and graphic designer I have spent most my career using my vast array of creative skills to help other business owners and individuals with an array projects. Being a freelancer has also given me the unique opportunity to work on my own passions, one of which includes theatrical costume and makeup design. I am a costume designer at Prescott Center for the Arts and Yavapai College, in addition to being able to design and create costumes, I mentor and teach classes for other creative individuals who want to learn the art of costume/makeup design for theater.

Work experience



Expert Assistants 

I use my creativity, design aesthetic and my experience to help my clients create dynamic brands for their businesses or individual promotions. As an artist, writer and graphic designer I am verse in Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Design and Creating Advertising Media as well as heading up projects for an array of clients in the entertainment industry.


Costume Designer/Make Up Artist

Prescott Center for the Arts/Yavapai College/Showtime 

Design and costume theatrical performances. I also teach makeup and costuming classes and mentor those wanting to learn the art of costume design or theater makeup.

Recent Shows I've worked on include: Young Frankenstein, Sylvia, Spamalot and Ghost Talk.

This season at Yavapai College I am currently doing The Music Man and am scheduled to do Little Women, It's a Wonderful Life and Into the Woods.


Corporate Trainer/Auditing Director

Allied Interstate

Director of new hires as well as continued training of existing staff including management. As auditor I monitored the current departments and devised new and better ways to meet goals and stay compliant



B.A. English


English Major


B.A. Sociology


Sociology Dual Major


Certificate in Writing


Creative Writing Portfolio completion


General Studies

Cambridge University UK 

Studied Abroad at Cambridge


Associate in Arts


General Associates Degree


Portfolio-Victorian Costumes Yavapai Performing Arts Center 

Created Victorian Civil War Era 1800's Costumes for the production of Little Women.

Portfolio - Other Theater Costumes 


Graduated Summa Cum Laude from ASU, Successful Women Business Owner for 15 years, Mentor, Playwright contest winner, Published Writer and Volunteer for several organizations in the Prescott Area.