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Work experience

Jan 2010Feb 2012

Project Manager Electric Vehicles

Renault Nederland

The electric vehicles project of Renault is probably the most challenging project launched by Renault since the company first manufactured its first vehicles in late 1890's. Renault is considered as a front runner launching 4 full electric vehicles in 2011 & 2012.

My goal, in the company, is to manage the advancement of the project with the help of a working group representing each department of the company (marketing / after-sales / IT / customer relations etc.). The objective is to launch the electric vehicles as smooth as it possibly can be.

Part of the job of the project manager was to launch a "one-stop-shopping" offer including charging possibilities for the vehicle. Renault Netherlands chose to work with the company Essent (energy provider) and we worked closely together to propose a complete offer for the customer directly available at the Renault dealership. This "one-stop-shopping" concept also included the request for a Public charging point (Public = in the street) for those that do not have access to a private garage, the foundation "" was our partner in this project.

The project manager position is a great opportunity, I learned a lot in terms of management of a large team (without having any direct hierrarchy authority). My goal was to motivate the working group, highlight "points of attention" that were slowing down the project. The management of the electric vehicles project at Renault Netherlands is seen as a reference for all countries at our head-office in France which is a great reward for the project manager and the working group.

To review the opinion of my manager, Fokko Bangma, you can read his letter of recommendation or watch a "video-recommendation".

Feb 2011Feb 2012

Product Manager electric vehicles

Renault Nederland

On-top off the job of project manager electric vehicles, I also joined the marketing department from February 2011 to prepare the equipment / pricing strategy / brochure & pricelists of the electric vehicle range of Renault.

The goal was to market price and product competitive products that suit all parties (dealer network, subsidary, headquarters).

You can read the opinion of my manager Luc Breton, currently Senior Product Manager, here

Aug 2009Dec 2009

Assistant communications

Citroën France

Assistant in the below the line communications department at Citroën France :

- Managing the direct marketing targeting clients and prospects

�- Designing brochures and the point of sales advertising with communications agencies

�- Managing projects from the request of proposal to the distribution at the point of sale including managing

a budget

Jun 2007Mar 2008

Assistant to the Brand Manager, marketing coordinator, intermediary with competition

Ford Motor Co. France

This (long) internship was a great start-up : plenty of responsibilities, combining two jobs and most of all learning how a big company functions and find a way to fit in !

Assistant to the brand manager : My responsibilities included making and checking brochures and taking care of the Internet configurator, meaning that I had to know perfectly the car that I was in charge of which was the Tourneo Connect.Marketing programs coordinator : The job of marketing coordinator involves writing programs according to instructions given by the brand managers. The programs increase or decrease the dealer's margins. Intermediary with competition : As intermediary with competition, I sent information to the competition, such as detailed sales information or  product information. If the competition had a question about a product, I was their intermediary. Each month, I visited the competition's dealerships to know how much rebate car constructors were giving to their dealers in order to plan Ford's rebates.

Jun 2006Aug 2006


Cabinet Bismuth Consultants

Cabinet Bismuth is a small company with two employees: the employer and a financial advisor.My responsibility was to find new customers through telemarketing. If a customer was interested by our services, he was either given an appointment or his file was transferred to another file of prospects. In case of an appointment, I was in charge of meeting the customer by myself or with the financial advisor.

At the end of my internship, a list of approximately 100 interested prospects was given to the financial advisor.

Working at Cabinet Bismuth Consultant was not an easy task, it was my first internship and all I had was a list of alumnis from a well-known French engineering school & my phone with one objective : find new customers ! I have no regrets it was worth it !

To review the opinion of the owner of Cabinet Bismuth Consultant regarding my internship please click here (In French)


Sep 2005Jun 2009

Master in Management

Skema Business School

Skema Business School aims at training students to become "ready-to-work" executives through a 4 year diploma that includes one year of internships.

The major Project Management prepares students through real life projects. Students should be ready to work as project managers or product managers.

Jan 2009Jun 2009

Jönköping International Business School

I studied at Jibs for 5 months as an exchange student. I studied in the same area as at the Skema Business School which is project management. I learned how to deal with different cultures and nationalities through group projects. I was appointed twice project leader :

- I managed a group of 4 international students in a two months project "improve the attractivity of Jibs students"

- In a class entitled "creative marketing", I was again in charge of managing four students in a real life project towards the Swedish company Hags. The topic was "How should Hags enter the Russian market?"


Power Point
I have been using Power Points for my studies and of course professionally. My Presentations (both presentation skills & the fact that I can handle well Power point) are always well appreciated and colleagues resort to me for support.
I had 6 hours of Dutch classes per week from April to December 2011. In September 2011, I obtained the "A2 level", in December 2011 I obtained the "A1 level" (NT2-1 exam).
I can hold a standard conversation in Spanish. I believe that I can quickly be at ease in Spanish if I move to a Spanish speaking country
  I speak very good English. In fact I spent two years in Durango, Colorado at the Durango High School. I also spent 5 months in Sweden & the Netherlands where English is commonly used.   I also made a few years ago a video to demonstrate my level of English (I am not today as proud of that video as I was a few years ago) :  here   TOEFL : 645 out of 677 (2006) TOEIC : 930 out of 990 (2007)  


Fokko Bangma

Fokko Bangma is my superior regarding the electric vehicles project.

Luc Breton

Luc is my superior on the product manager electric vehicles position

Felix Bismuth

Felix Bismuth was my employer at the Cabinet Bismuth Consultant. He hired me and followed my results in the summer of 2006

Fabrice Giacoletti

Fabrice Giacoletti was my manager at Ford of France. I worked for the company for 9 months.




Hello !

I am currently seeking new opportunities and investing in various businesses.

I am also open to all job inquiries.

Gabriel Muller


Sports !

I would like to say : sports is my life ! I have always been into sports and it is my energy :

- Running : I have been running on a regular basis since February 2011. I did some competitions : 38'30s (10kms, 4th of 1000) at the Hilversum "spierenvoorspierencityrun". 1h07m (10 miles, 200th of 18 000) at the Dam tot Damloop. I am getting some interesting results but injuries are slowing down my 

- Rowing : Since september 2011 I am learning to row. It's a very intense team sport in which one really understands the meaning of "team sports". The entire boat relies on each other and the bounds created within the team are quite special

- Football / soccer : I have always played football with my friends as a teenager but I also competed with the Skema football team for 3 years competing in the universitie's leagues as a defensive midfielder

- I also played competition tennis in France from the age 13-15 reaching a good amateur level. I also competited with the Durango High School team (Colorado) in doubles during two seasons

I also enjoy going twice a week to the movie theater. I'm very outgoing and I love living in a city that's "alive".