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Development of medical informatic tools for mobile device
Medical Informatics
I'm utilizing knowledge I acquired through my specialized degree in Internal medicine and Pulmonary medicine and also in the programming languaje Visual Basic.Net and NS Basic. I have acquired knowledge and experience about the field of programming medical tools like equtions, scores, decision algorithms, expert system all included in electronic medical records that I hope to fully utilize in the creation or improvement of new or existent electronic medical records proyects.  I developed working for 3 years as a electronic medical records-designer before and starting and running my own design company for 3 years.  My experience in medicine and working on the creation of informatic medical tools projects, as well as my academic background, will enable me to bring a full range of skills to the position advertised. 


 I hope to further develop medical tools for electronic medical records by creating and designing new systems and formats to make company products not simply competitive, but cutting edge. Through the development of these skills I hope to expand the company's ability to target high profile clients and enter into new markets.

Work experience

Internal Medicine

Hospital Naval
Sep 1994Sep 2012


Clinica Universitaria San Juan de Dios


Jan 1999Present


Developer of software medical tools