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Aug 2009Present

Bachelor of Science

Michigan State University

Specialization in Animal Biology 

GPA: 3.85 

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Librarian Assistant

Michigan State University Libraries

Between my busy class schedule, I maintain a part time job at MSU's Business Library.   My main responsibilities include assisting patrons with reference materials and inter-library requests as well as completing weekly and biweekly cleaning tasks.

Aug 2012

Horse Training Assistant

Cochise Stud & Saddlery

During my 3 month stay, I supported a Level 2 Horse Sport Ireland western riding horse trainer in a pressure/release training regime for both green broke novice horses as well as competitive show horses on a daily basis.  I was able to attend international competitions and participate in AQHA classes. I had the opportunity to work on a one to one basis with a variety of internationally esteemed trainers including Bob Mayhew.  I also worked with three other international students to organize and complete daily farm tasks.

Jul 2011

Bald Eagle Research Assistant

Clemson University

As a member of a research field crew, I was responsible for drawing and processing blood samples from 3-8 week old eagle chicks.  I was personally accountable for determining  and recording measurements of the chicks, nest, and tree as well as placing bands on chicks and recording band numbers for DNR use.  I worked with my crew to track and locate nests using GPS devise and aerial and ground coordinates.

Aug 2010

Gardener Assistant

MSU Landscape Services

As a summer job, I worked on MSU's main campus by maintaining a variety of landscape sites. This required the daily use of university vehicle and landscaping equipment.


Ranch Hand

Split Hickory Ranch

Throughout high school, my sister's and I were responsible for care and health of 16 horses that were boarded at the ranch.  Together, we worked with two and three year old horses on ground manners for green breaking.  We also managed a herd of herford cattle, feeder pigs, goats, sheep, and other farm animals.  Under veterinarian superivision, I practiced antihelminthic protocols, aided in the injections of vaccinations, and drawing of blood samples for yearly coggins testing.  Furthermore, I also maintained fences, helped load and unload hay, and managed general farm upkeep year round.



I wish to gain a Master of Science degree in the area of applied animal behavior.  


I am a member of MSU's Underwater Hockey team.  This is a co-ed club sport that meets twice a week on campus for practice.  We also travel to several tournaments each semester throughout the US and Canada.  During my involvement in the club, I have been appointed the club's Secretary and the Vice President, serving each position for one year. The largest project during this time involved organizing the annual "Tournament of Love" hosted by MSU UWH on Valentine's Day.  This tournament welcomes 12 teams from the US and Canada and takes place over 2 days.  The event calls for cooperation with both the MSU Club Sports Department and the Underwater Society Of America.  Besides this tournament, I was also responsible for organizing travel and lodging for our team for other national and international tournaments including the US National Championships. As the Vice President, I organized social events for our club such as an annual hayride and a club recruitment day.