Gabriella Hansson

Gabriella Hansson


In my eyes my most valuable attribute is that I Iove to challengemyself - even if I feel scared or insecure in the beginning. It is this attribute that made me move to Tokyo, Japan to study japanese without knowing a word beforehand. And made me challenge myself by working as a flight attendant for Norwegian Airlines - although I once was afraid of flying.

In January - April 2012, I went on a voyage around the world by myself - and traveled across 5 continents during 3 months.My Bachelor's Degree in Social Anthropology in combination with this astonishing voyage, has gifted me with (not mentioning memories for a lifetime!) a vast knowledge and understanding of cultural and social diversity.

Work History

Work History
Apr 2011 - Sep 2012

Flight Attendant

Proffice Aviation (Norwegian Airlines)

Worked as a flight attendant for Norwegian Airlines and had main responsibility for the security onboard Boeing 737-800. I was also responsible for the service and making the customers feel comfortable during the flight. 

My base was Stockholm, ARN, but I also worked from bases around Denmark, Norway and Finland.

2004 - 2011

Store Manager

Sibyllans Kaffe och Tehandel

A previous owned family company, which my great grandfather started in 1916. It is a very known coffee and tea shop (loose weight) in central Stockholm with an antique feeling. I was the fourth generation working behind the counter.

Worked at "Sibyllans Kaffe & Tehandel" as a store assistant during many years, while I was studying.

2004 - 2008

Main work assignments were:

Advice about types of coffee/teas to customers, cashier, making orders etc.

2009 - 2010:

Worked as a store manager for the new owner. I had the main responsibility to train and educated new employees in coffee and tea knowledge. I also constructed the working schedule, and administrated the salaries.

2011: Started studying again and therefore only worked part-time, I structured up a comprehensive training guide/info about coffee and tea to facilitate the training of new employees without my presence. I also made a "rutine structure" for the store.


Sep 2011 - Present

Bachelor's Degree

Stockholm University





My mother is from Chile, so spanish is my second language


Studied Japanese in Tokyo for 4 months and then one term at Stockholm University