Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2014 - Present

Lab Researcher and Assistant

Center for Neural Circuits

Being around the various Ph.D.'s, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students  is a rapid learning experience. Gaining valuable research skills in terms of producing, analyzing, and publishing scientific data.

  • behavioral experimentation and training.
  • optogenetics
  • inducing LTD and LTP protocols
  • brain surgery on the rodent model
  • anesthesia  
  • brain slicing and imaging 
Sep 2013 - Jul 2014

Phage Researcher

Phage Genomics Research Initiative

I discovered a new strain of virus named Gabrielus Siphoviridae. Its genome was annotated in search for a possible gene with disease fighting properties (AIDS). Standardized lab techniques were employed. Sterile technique, pipetting, streaking, serial dilutions, gel electrophoresis, DNA annotation and expression of proteins identified.

Apr 2011 - Present

Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Organic Chemistry 


Charge during private tutoring lessons, but also give free lessons at the Raza Resource Center in UCSD.

Jul 2010 - Present

Website Designer

Graphic Design

Graphic and Website Designer I am licensed in Photoshop. I utilized my skills in art to create my own business which designs beautiful websites for various cliental. 


2013 - 2017

Neuroscience Major, CompSci Minor


I love computers of all kinds.