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High School Diploma

Am Eichenwald

Work experience

Office Manager / Broker

DS Express, Inc. Logistics
  • Set up new office and equipment, maintained all
  • Solicited freight (partials and full loads); leased and dispatched trucks nationwide
  • Ensured accurate contracts between all parties in business transaction; A/P and A/R
  • Eventually owned a semi truck with a step-deck trailer and employed a driver; both were dispatched nationwide in full compliance with national laws

Distance Education Web Technician / Trainer

Mt. Hood Community College
  • Main faculty contact for technical support, creation, and implementation of instructional virtual classroom environments (formerly WebCT, now Blackboard)
  • Tier 2 technical support for online students
  • Design and creation of various web pages during institution-wide website redesign project

Office Manager

Jon W. Crew, D.D.S.
  • PATIENT CARE: Scheduling, treatment planning, health history, chart maintenance, follow-up, patient recall, payment collection, cash handling, obtaining and reviewing insurance information
  • ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: daily accounts reconciliation, electronic and traditional patient and insurance billing (incl. pre-authorizations), insurance tracking, prepare and mail monthly statements, collection of delinquent accounts, prepare and record daily bank deposits, money handling
  • PRACTICE BUILDING: preparing of marketing materials like letters and brochures, contacting new patients and groups, evaluating new insurance preferred plans and groups, market website
  • GENERAL OFFICE DUTIES: monitor and process incoming and outgoing mail, order and purchase supplies, configure practice management database, basic software and office equipment maintenance

Application Administrator

  • BENEFIT HELP SOLUTIONS - APPLICATION ADMINISTRATOR: Support flex spending accounting database ensuring functionality for approximately 30 colleagues during production times. Responsible for maintenance and upgrades of software. Intricate part in the final nine month during the conversion project from the in-house database to an off-site web-based application, specifically the autopay function of flex spending insurance claim reimbursements to customers, beginning with the writing of functional specifications to final implementation (go-live).
  • DMC DAISY - DENTAL SUPPORT SPECIALIST: Provide technical telephone support and training to dental office and clinical staff that are using DMC's full service practice management software product DAISY. Complete various projects including remote software installations and upgrades for DAISY dental offices. Monitor daily EDI functionality between dental offices and DMC.


  • Business and application analysis, requirements definition and specification
  • Accounting, practice management, and online education application administration and technical support
  • Experience with electronic data interchange (EDI), implementation & support
  • Knowledgeable with application automation tools and task schedulers
  • Web development, imaging, image management and work flow
  • Strong knowledge of Windows based computer applications
  • Computer application end user training, documentation development and delivery
  • Excellent relational skills with vendors, customers, and endusers
  • Practiced in Customer Relations Management (CRM) software
  • Contract negotiation, development, and vendor management
  • Marketing, sales and accounting experience
  • General office supervision and management
  • Communicate effectively (read, write, and speak) in both English and German
  • Also, please see my bio at the bottom of this page


  • Germany
  • England
  • Scandinavia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Website Development

Executive Summary/Bio

My background comes mostly from the health related field where I have provided many years of excellent computer, accounting, employee, and internal as well as external customer support in a professional manner. This includes thorough and timely handling of confidential information such as patient and provider data plus related computer records, while being fully compliant with HIPAA laws. I have also been able to work in a distance education environment for a local school, where I supported and trained faculty in the use and creation of their online classrooms through various web applications.

My career started in Germany where I worked for some time in a dental laboratory. After coming to the U.S. years ago I started working in dental offices where I learned from the ground up, through positions ranging from lab work and administrative assistance to office management and support.

Often I was the person to trouble-shoot and configure software, or fix other computer issues. This passion eventually led me to pursue and earn an AAS degree in Computer Applications with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.82, followed by a two-year temporary position as the MHCC Distance Education Web Technician, where I also trained faculty in the use of the virtual online classroom tool. This was followed by my setting up a new office entirely, for a small logistics company with an in-house brokerage and one step-deck semi truck that was sent abroad nationally. After this I became employed by ODS in the position of Systems Support Specialist, where I provided DAISY practice management software and systems support,  via phone and remotely, for dental providers and their office and clinical staff. A temporary position as Application Administrator became available at ODS and to gain this experience, I applied internally; I was rewarded the position. I thrived in supporting a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) claims and accounting database with over 30 end users comprised of claim specialists, group specialists, and accounting personnel while keeping in touch with the vendor and working in close contact with various areas of the ODS IT department. I monitored and maximized timing efficiencies of tasks in the task scheduler Visual Cron. The position was temporary because the department was to convert away from this legacy flat-file database to a third party vendor.

It is in this position where, after almost two years, I became an intricate member of the conversion team that ended up working together for one year. My assignment in this team was that of a Business Systems Analyst (BSA) and my part in this project was the conversion of the autopay function that reimburses FSA claims to members; starting with writing the functional specifications to finishing with its successful implementation. In the process I worked closely with my end users and high-level management as well as with team members like the project manager, other BSAs, and SQL programmers. Much of my time was spent with SQL programmers and BSAs. I entered various test data which I asked to be run, set up and tested new fields and math, qualified two-way EDI transfers for correct data and placement between Facets claim management system, the in-house SQL environment, and the third-party FSA claim system. In addition, I configured the layout of all fields, including the MICR line, on the autopay claim payment checks that print through the in-house printing department.

After the successful completion of this project this temporary position came to an end during a time when the employment market was at its lowest and many companies eliminated positions. I looked at this separation as an opportunity to go back to school and build on my accomplishments by earning my degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. My success was completed with my graduation in December 2011, and my last class ending on January 31, 2012. I finished with a cumulative GPA of 3.93. I am excited to bring my experience, skills, and knowledge to an innovative company such as yours.



Mt. Hood Community College