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I'm a Swift, Objective-C and formerly Java developer with a PhD in Computer Engineering.

I possess a varying degree of experience with the following:
- most currently relevant experiences are on iOS: Foundation & UIKit, Realm & CoreData, RxSwift & BrightFutures, CocoaPods, iOS networking, push notifications, Sourcery, Vapor & Swift-NIO
- regularly working with Git, AppStore Publishing & Provisioning, Fabric, Jenkins, Fastlane
- experience in working in an Agile environment, certified in Scrum (PSM, PSD & PSPO, listed on
- my PhD was mostly on Java, unit testing, automatic test generation, artificial intelligence, SQL & RDBMS
- less relevant experiences working on Antlr, Swing, Weka & RapidMiner, Eclipse & IntelliJ, Android SDK

Work experience


Senior iOS Software Engineer

Zalando - Berlin

I'm contributing as a mobile Software Engineer on iOS. For my first 6 months in the company, I've been working primarily on Zalon (emergent business) and I'm currently transitioning to Zalando Fashion Store (core product).


Senior iOS Software Engineer

SAP Concur - Prague

I contributed to the Expense section of SAP Concur for Mobile and I was also responsible for maintaining ExpenseIt Pro, a smaller and now retired application focused on managing automatically recognised receipts.
SAP Concur for Mobile is a 10 years old project with mixed Objective-C and Swift: it serves 3 million monthly users, it counts over 600k lines of code and is maintained by an international team of 25 people working from offices in 3 different time zones.
During my time in SAP Concur, among other things:
- I engaged in a large refactoring effort aimed to address long-standing technology debt, moving my features in independent and self-contained modules in order to improve our efficiency and migrate to Swift.
- I collaborated with UI/UX for the redesign of the receipt capture experience to improve the user experience and support receipts featuring multiple pages.
- I integrated custom-built Tensorflow libraries in SAP Concur for Mobile and implemented a solution to perform on-device amount recognition using the models trained and provided by our Data Science team.
- I mentored interns and juniors in my team, engaged in discussions on technical design with platform developers, joined and presented topics at Concur meetups and organised and ran a SAP-sponsored iOS Academy (intended to Swift beginners) aimed to improve Concur visibility in the local job market.


Freelance iOS Software Engineer

Self Employed

During this period I worked on several small projects as a freelance developer, mostly using Objective-C. Relevant experiences on iOS include the development of the iOS client for Wimbify, a travel social network, which aspired to compete with AirBnB and BlaBlaCar in the LGBT community, and my collaboration with Vertical, an agency based in San Francisco, aimed to provide maintenance of their legacy products. Other assorted work was conducted in Java and PHP.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Computer Engineering

University of Genoa , Italy

During my PhD. I worked on the development of an automated tool for the generation of test cases for embedded and safety-critical systems. The tool, written in Java, uses an annotated grammar (Antlr) to parse ANSI C source code in order to create an internal representation. Using static analysis and instrumentation techniques, it processes the units with bounded model checking tools (Cbmc) to generate a small set of test cases that reach the desired coverage. Among other sources, the system has been tested using part of the implementation of the ERTMS/ETCS systems developed by Ansaldo STS. During my time as a PhD student, I also taught University courses and attended to scientific conferences as a speaker.



Master Degree in Computer Engineering, 110/110 with honours

University of Genoa , Italy

The master thesis involved the development of tools in Java for the automated data integration of generic sources, in our case, SOAP web services, using LaV and GaV techniquesBachelor thesis involved the development of a simple web application on a LAMP stack.