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Hands-on Manager

Walking-around Manager

Leading by Example



Good listener

Empowering and delegating

Able to maintain perspective

Efficient in:

  • asking questions
  • building "informal networks" within the organizations
  • conveying messages clearly and unambiguously - horizontal and vertically
  • reducing waste all along the value chain


  • To delegate as the only way to develop personnel potential
  • To delegate don't put away from us our full responsibility
  • Empowerment is one of the best ways to reduce the "Time to customer"
  • Autocratic organizations were performant on the 60'. Matrix Organization were good for the 80'.
  • Our goal for the future is to develop "neuronal organizations". A dynamic network, where the talent, leaded by example, follows the vision from a Management that keep deep control by monitoring, coaching, supporting and supervising the alignment between daily business, medium term goals and company vision.
  • In such organizations "authority" should be replaced by "energy and coaching" and "power" should be substitute by "satisfaction all along the chain: from customers to shareholders"


Spanish - Mother tongue

French - Mother tongue

English - High business level 

German - Good comprehension

Portuguese - High talking reading level

Italian - High talking reading level

Catalán - High talking reading level


My activity has lead me to know each part of the Value Chain, resulting in a global knowledge, from the CEO's perspective. This close contact with the roots of the business is the reason for the alignment of strategic vision and long term sustainability.

Business growth, assets and cash management, distributions channels and logistics, supply chain, production, human resources... the core of the Business!  Along 18 years, always with P&L responsibility, I have learned to appreciate their role in the Value creation, becaming passionate for the Company, in all its operational complexity.

Industrial, chemical, distribution, FMCG, logistics and recycling, are some of the sectors in which I have got and developed my skills and reached the most significant successes.

The scope of my career has developed my ability to negociate with Unions, dialogue with financial investors and shareholders, make business contacts with the Big 4 auditors, as well as international lawyers and strategy consultants, like Clifford Chance, BCG or Roland Berger.

Shareholders Value, Value Chain, Unique Value Proposition and other concepts of "value" in business, have no sense whithout Human Values. Empowerment, engagement, respect, horizontal communication and the CEO's capacity to delegate are the elements that put human being in the centre of the company system.

For a CEO, profit should be the result but sustainability must be the real long-term goal. This is the biggest Change. For a Board member to strengthen the liaison between Shareholders interest and the CEO's vision is the Challenge.

Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Acting Manager - Board member

Consultores en Cambio y Estrategia

Alba Group - Offices : Berlin - Madrid- WTO Segment

Aug 2011 - Present

Leading the project to acquire the first target to enter the Spanish market. From due Diligence to legal, financing and HHRR aspects, among others. Negotiation with the Sellers, contract development, signing and planning the integration of the new subsidiary into the Group. Strong participation in the definition of the internationalization strategy in Southern Europe.

Actually leading the Integration Process as an Acting Board Member of the Spanish subsidiary

Alba Group - Offices : Berlin - M&A/Finance Segment

Feb 2011 - July 2011

Advice in a possible Joint Venture with leading recycling company in India, for a Joint Venture

Interseroh-Alba -  Offices: Paris

Feb 2010 – July 2010

PDG Interseroh France                            

  • Company sold with high ROI for the shareholders

Nov 2009 - July 2010

Strategic analysis

  • Advice in spin-off process

Plastiflex Group -  Offices: Barcelona

Jan 2009 – Sept 2009

Change Manager                              

  • EBIT evolution from heavy losses since 2003 to black figures 
Dec 2005Present

Managing Director

Proyectos en Desarrollo

Looking for interesting companies with growth potential that are interested to get an active shareholder in board in order to profitably grow the company. Basic focus in Spain, France, Belgium and Germany

Aug 2003Jun 2005

Managing Director South Western Europe

CWS Boco (Haniel Group)

The Change:

  • Decentralization of activities, opening 19 agencies all along the country
  • 210 people were trained to adapt to the new Strategy, and 150 were dismissed after involved negotiations with the French Unions
  • Recovering of 1.500 customer contracts (15% of total) that were canceled during 2002/2003 with previous management
  • Reduction of 33% of A/R + 39% of A/R Overdue
  • Reduction of 24% DSO
  • 35% improvement of circulating capital
  • Extraordinary cash collection of 3 mio. Euros
  • Personal involvement in optimizing delivery tours and logistics
Jan 2003Jun 2003

Managing Director Spain

CWS Boco (Haniel Group)
  • Open the first production site (industrial laundry) in Spain
  • Personal initiative and leadership in the development of a web-based CRM including a Module to calculate profitability of every single old and new service contract
  • The CRM was running in 6 month, giving support to France and Spain, in a multi-language version
Feb 2001Nov 2002

Managing Director

Grupo Baztán
  • Ensure operational business after sudden dismissal of my predecessor
  • Recovering of all Accounting data that was deleted on purpose from the electronic bookeeping system
  • Securing production in the production plant for canned-food
  • Renegotiation with national/international customers and suppliers
  • Nomination of a Family Council, in order to bring transparency to all the Family members
  • Nomination of a permanent Managing Director after the transition period
Mar 1997Sep 2000


Boeder AG

  • Change from Office and Paper products to Multimedia and Computer accessories (FMCG)
  • Outsource European warehouse
  • Sale of 5 German service companies
  • Renegotiation of Debts with pool of German banks
  • Involved negotiation with German unions in order to reduce heads and personnel costs
  • Opening of an European call-centre located in Madrid, serving 9 countries
  • Empowerment of national management
Jan 1994Feb 1997

Boeder Spain - Madrid, Spain Business Manager Jan 1994 - Feb 1997

Boeder AG
  • Insourced logistics
  • Introduction to Key Accounts (Carrefour, Auchamp)
  • Introduction of a team of Merchandisers in the main Retail shops
  • First Multimedia Electronic Catalog
  • Stocks reduction, A/R reduction and A/P terms renegotiated in order to improve Working Capital. As a result, a sustancial participative loan from the mother house was cancelled

Entrepreneur ownership

Dynamic imports
  • Signature of more than 30 contracts to distribute American Computer accessories
  • Introduction for the first time to the spanish market of portable devices to parallel port as well as PCMCIA products
  • Introduction of the products to main Retail: Informática ECI, El Corte Inglés, Datalogic

Sales and Marketing Manager

Esselte Letraset

Strategy to reposition Letraset against Apple Macintosh by introducing new product ranges and their correspondent distribution channels:

  • Launching the new range of Letraset Software for designers LetraStudioLetraset Labelling products including plotters and labelling machines, Letraset Graphic Arts Professional range (PANTONE ), Letraset Textile Colors range (Textile colours)
  • Signature of a Master Contract as Apple Value Added Reseller

Regional Sales Manager

Esselte Letraset
  • Sales increase in the region in a 300% in 18 month
  • Big action to collect overdues account receivables
  • Reduction of DSO from 138 days to 60




Fundación Nexia


IE Instituto de Empresa Business School


Axel Schweitzer

We highly recommend Gabriela. I have rarely worked with someone with such high personal values. She is much more than a specialist in Change Management. Gabriela’s management consultancy starts with Strategy. She is able in very short time in various fields to analyse the situation and to come to the right conclusion. Due to her great understanding for people, she was very successful in crisis and change management in our french organization, with high respect from the workers, the union, the management and the shareholder.

Ortwin Nast

Gabriela is a very experienced manager who immediately understands the job which needs to be done. She is extremely effective when it comes to changing existing structures in order to give a new direction to an organization. There are only few persons like Gabriela who can develope a new corporate strategy and then do the implemmentation herself. She is one of the few managers I did actually hire three times. Gabriela is also one of the most international managers I do know. Born in South America, raised in Europe with a strong command in Spanish, French and English, understanding different cultures and enjoying them.