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Work experience

Dec 2013Jul 2013

I.T Internship



Feb 2015Jun 2015

Mechatronics Engineering

FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial

I was able to study 6 months on one othe best universities of south america, FEI, in the field of mechatronics engineering. Even though I had to stop after 6 months (due to major life changing events), in these 6 months I was able to obtain innumerous abilities and a great deal of knowledge mainly in programming (mostly C++).

Jan 2014Dec 2014

Senior High


Stockler stands out for the following reasons:

-It's one of the hardest schools in São Paulo,  therefore preparing it's students for the hardest of exams;

-It's ranked as one of the top 50 schools in the state (rank created based on scores on admittance exams for the best universities);

-It provides classes that also develops the student's communication skills, which are essential at a work environment.


Interpersonal Skills

Due to my work as an intern and extra-curriculum activities I've enrolled myself, I've had the opportunity to deal with many kinds of people, and also many kinds of situations.

As an intern at Alsco, I spent a great amount of my time helping people with all sorts of problems, since that was also part of my job. Doing so, I was able to develop interpersonal skills, such as verbal communication, listening and problem solving skills.

As a participant in an extra-curriculum activities, like acting lessons and Project presenting lessons, I was able to develop charisma and confidence, two essential items for a persons professional growth.

Computer and eletronics (hardware and software)

Due to my interest in the field, I started fiddling with eletronics and with softwares since I was twelve, giving me good understanding of both the hardware and software part of eletronics, mostly when it comes to computers and cellphones (mostly those which support IOS).

I had the chance to study the following:

-C++ programming (mostly in DEV C++);

-Program creation using Visual Basic;

-All sorts of tweaks concerning I-devices;

-Computer Assembly;