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Work experience

Computer Skills Tutor

Department of I.T., Durban University of Technology
Employer 6: Occupation: Computer Skills Tutor st nd Duration: From 1 semester & 2semester Duties/KPAs: Teaching students computer literacy and teaching them how to use the Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 suite and also teaching programming skills. Assisting students during lectures in computer Laboratory. Setting test papers and marking test scripts. Checking of students practical assessments at first levels. Act as a mentor to various students, advising and ensuring that they meet the required standards. Assisting students to use Internet and creating personal emails. Invigilating during tests.

Designer/web Master

CNAWE Technologies
Employer 5: Occupation: Designer/Web master(Part time) Duration: From Duties/KPAs: Creating paper wire frames for website designers and doing research on the technologies that can be integrated with client websites. Creating cascading style sheets and linking them to the website. Managing control panels for websites including(creating new emails and setting up maximum or minimum space usage, designing and structuring of auto-responses, creating sub-domains and locating files, installing new programs to servers and activating new themes and plug-ins). Developing demos for website look and feel. Updating blogs for clients.

Lecturer and Computer Laboratory Technician

Department of Computer Studies, ICESA CITY Campus
Employer 4: Occupation: Lecturer and Computer Laboratory Technician Duration: From Duties/KPAs: My duties included lecturing in different departments(Hospitality dept, Hair and Beauty dept, Human Resources dept, Art and Drama dept) in all departments I was assisting students in Math's literacy, learning computer skills. Monitoring students and controlling of computer usage and computer lab access. I also was providing assistance to the departmental staff with computer hardware and software issues. Ensure compliances with polices and standards of computer laboratory and also suggesting upgrades and installationsof computer programs, computer hardwaremaintenance. Checking students practical assessments at first levels. Act as a mentor to various students, advising and ensuring that they meet the required standards. Assisting students to use Internet and creating personal emails. Invigilating tests/exams.

Educator and Computer Laboratory Technician

Mthanti Commercial Technical High School
Employer 3: Occupation: Educator and Computer Laboratory Technician Duration: From Duties/KPAs: Educating learners in a number of subjects including Arts & Culture, Natural Sciences, and Technology for both grade 8 & 9, I was also doing Physical sciences for grade 10. As a teacher other duties were to be hands on with the learners managing classrooms, learners in how they represent themselves to the school, issuing class tasks, monitoring progress, marking scripts and delivering feedback to learners for every task that was issued. Setting test papers and invigilating during tests. Other duties of mine were to monitor and manage the school computer lab where I updated any programs which need to be updated, monitor learner computer usage, teaching learners how to use a computer and the hardware part of a computer. I was also a communication manager as the high school had a partner school from Sweden and I always ensured that communications are kept in file for every email written and call made, that also include assisting when computers needs to be fixed after crushes due to virus and installing new programs and devices.

Php Developer

Gabisa Jr Designs and Solutions
Occupation: PHP Developer Duration: From Duties/KPAs: Preparing and maintaining all applications utilizing standard development tool. Convey effectively with all task progress, evaluations, suggestions, schedules along with technical and process issues.

Web Developer/designer

Gabisa Jr Designs and Solutions
Employer 1: Freelancing mostly Occupation: Web Developer/Designer(PHP & C#) Duration: From Duties/KPAs: Working in a fast paced environment and producing a high volume of websites. Responsible for developing websites that give users a seamless and rich Internet experience, and for being the first point of contact for end users if they have any queries or technical problems. Optimizing web assets for optimal speed and performance. Researching new technologies, software packages and hardware products. Advising customers and clients on the limitations of systems and website functionality. Make suggestions for improvements in technology, content and user interaction. Testing a website before it goes live top identify any problems. Designing and deciding on the visual layout of a website. Changing the code, software or graphics of existing websites. Creating eye-catching and functional digital design concepts across various platforms. Producing Google Analytics reports and statistical information for clients. Possessing extensive technical knowledge and consulting experience Giving accurate time estimates of any work to be done. Employer 2: Ignition Group

Computer Skills Tutor

Computer Skills Tutor: HIGHER QUALIFICTION ND: Information Technology(3yrs) from Durban University of Technology CURRICULUM VITAE OF

Designer & Webmaster

Designer & Webmaster

Lecturer and Computer Lab Technician

Educator & Computer Lab Technician: Lecturer and Computer Lab Technician

Php Developer

PHP Developer


National Diploma

Durban University of Technology

National Diploma


Grade 10
Grade 8