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Work experience

Feb 2005Jul 2006

BUES Garment

My primary responsibilities were:

§Installing and maintaining hardware, software, and peripherals

§Configuring hardware, software, and network interface cards, printers, and peripherals.

§Troubleshooting desktop issues and keeping track of all systems

§Maintainingrecords by using documenting installation procedures

§Troubleshooting Network issues including switches, routers and internet connectivity

§Assisted with general set up of workstations, including the network security, anti-virus software installations, internet connectivity to the workstations


I started playing chess when I was ten years old.
I started playing tennis when I was eight year old. I am quite good at tennis.     I was a Runner up of 2002 Bangladesh Junior Tennis Tournament  
  Multi-classes high scoring java application— This java program has the logic of calculating a basketball team’s highest scoring player’s names in the order chosen by the user. This java program consists of multi-classes which include a main class and two input classes. The main class has methods which collects team member’s info and computes the highest scores and then prints them in the order the user selects. Banking application GUI-- I created a java program that facilitates the banking functionality which includes maintaining checking accounts, saving accounts and credit card transactions for an individual. In this assignment we created a GUI that serves the functionality of the user interacting to transact with their accounts. It had model classes, subclasses and controllers. Algorithm and Data Structures--I created a java program titled as MAZE because it calculates shortest path from a certain point to various paths using the un-weighted shortest path algorithm. Discreet Math-- The purpose of the project is to learn to perform an array of typical statistical calculations on sets of random data using MS Excel    
Professional and Technical Communication
  §  Plan, outline and present an informative presentation with visual aides, to a technical and/or nontechnical audience  §  Plan, outline and present a problem/solution recommendation presentation with visual aides to a technical and/or nontechnical audience  §  Function in a multidisciplinary team to research, plan, and present a multimedia presentation to a technical and/or nontechnical audience  §  Analyze, edit, revise, and proofread technical documents created by the author, peers, and/or other technical writers individually and/or as a team  §  Research, draft, and edit a major research paper  §  Write concise memos, letters, emails for diverse purposes to different audiences and levels of management  §  Team-author document specifications for a multi-component project                                                                                §  Work as a team to create a functional code of ethics      


I am interested in the following activities:




Volunteer Work

Spiritual Work

Highlights of Qualifiactions

§Maintaining GPA of 3.342 on a 4.0 scale

§Over a year experience of working as a Network Trainee

§Highly interested in electrical and computer engineering

§Good analytical skills and communication skills

§Reliable,hardworking and persistent

§  Bilingual ,can speak both English and Bengali


§Runner up of 2002 Bangladesh sub-junior Tennis Tournament

§Several awards in school chess tournaments