Aaron Gertler

Aaron Gertler

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2008 - Present

Graphic Designer

The Missing Ink

Create web based graphics such as logos, headers, and other promotional materials.

May 2010 - Present


Creative Campus

Event planning, networking, marketing, designing, et al with Creative Campus.

May 2009 - May 2010

Graphic Editor

The Crimson White

Create image material such as graphs, logos, headers, kickers, covers, et al for the Crimson White newspaper and other affiliated works.

Oct 2008 - May 2009

Graphic Designer

Creative Campus Initiative

Created fliers and other promotional material for events presented by or affiliated with Creative Campus Initiative.


Aug 2006 - Present

Studio Art

The University of Alabama

Currently pursuing a BA in Studio Art with a focus on Digital Media/Graphic Design with an already obtained minor in General Engineering while pursuing minors in Math and Creative Writing.  Plan on attending graduate school for business.



Microsoft Excel

Have used Excel on everything from math classes to engineering classes (when I was an engineering major for 2 years) to purchase lists and everything in between.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Started using Dreamweaver during my freshman year in college.  Am currently taking classes on web design in order to further my knowledge of the various web-based programming languages.

Adobe InDesign

Started using a watered-down version of InDesign for yearbook in high school.  Currently use it daily working at The Crimson White and on other freelance projects.

Adobe Illustrator

Started using Illustrator just before my freshman year in college.  Use frequently at The Crimson White and on freelance projects.

Adobe Photoshop

Started in high school using Photoshop for the yearbook.  Currently use Photoshop daily while working with The Crimson White and other freelance projects.