My passion is programming and delivering relatable and entertaining content. 

I loved every day that I was at WKST/Pittsburgh, playing a huge part in what went out over the air. Not just during my show, but over the station as a whole. The consistently high ratings of the station and even accomplishing beating market heritage and sister station WDVE were great reassurance of the product we were putting out as a team.

Before 96.1 Kiss I spent a great and very educational 2 years at WBZW, also a former market heritage, B94. There I had huge success at nights, even beating what was then my competition in Kiss. 

I love this business. I love effecting people's day. From the structured art of programming, to the more abstract of being able to create a great bit, phoner, promo or promotion. The ability to work with a great and growing team. What more could you ask for in something that you get to do everyday?



Programs Proficient In:

GSelector Selector NexGen Protools Voxpro AudioVault Vegas/SoundForge  

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2010 - Dec 2012

96.1 Kiss - Assistant Program Director/Music Director/Afternoons

Clear Channel Media + Entertainment


Oct 2007 - Jan 2010

B94 - [email protected]

CBS Radio

WBZWAward winning Night Show

Music Programming

Jul 2005 - Oct 2007

95.9 Kiss FM - Nights

Clear Channel Radio


Night Show

Music programming


Nov 2004 - Aug 2005


Ohio Center for Broadcasting

  • Perfect attendance
  • Most intern hours - 1,166
  • Audio and video broadcast training