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Work experience

Aug 2011May 2012


University of Louisville

In the fall of 2011, I taught two sections of TA 324 - Acting for Non-Majors as the lead professor. Professor James R. Tompkins supervised my work.

In the spring of 2012, I taught one section of TA 324 - Acting for Non-Majors as the lead professor.

In the spring of 2012, I taught one section of TA 207 - Enjoyment of Theatre as the lead professor.

Aug 2010May 2011

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Louisville

I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for two semesters of TA 207 - Enjoyment of Theatre. This class met as a large lecture group on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I would teach the small group sessions on Fridays. This responsibility included administering and grading tests, collecting and grading papers, and evaluating individual and group presentations. In the fall semester (2010) I was in charge of two sections of small group, totaling roughly 50 students. In the spring (2011), I was in charge of three small group sections, totalling roughly 75 students.

My work was supervised by Dr. Russell Vandenbrouke and Dr. Amy Steiger. Each observed one day of my small group sections.

Philosophy of Education

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

Sample Lesson Plans

Theatrical Resume



Professional/Non-Scholastic Credits

The Glass Menagerie                 Laura                                                  Center for the Arts

The Laramie Project                   Romaine Patterson                       Bear Hollow TheatreCat on a Hot Tin Roof                 Mae                                  Mel O’Drama Dinner Theatre

The Supporting Cast                   Sally Stern                             Screaming Eagle Players

The Actor’s Nightmare                Sarah Siddons                                        The Black Box

A Streetcar Named Desire         Stella Kowlaski                                      The Black Box

University Credits

Richard III                                      Queen Elizabeth                        University of Louisville

A Perfect Wedding                       Karl                                                            U of Louisville

How I Learned to Drive                Teenage Greek Chorus                          U of Louisville

Summer and Smoke                   Mrs. Bassett                        Middle TN State University

Romeo and Juliet                         Chorus                                         Middle TN State Univ.

No Exit                                            Estelle                                         Middle TN State Univ.

OKLAHOMA!                                 Ensemble                                   Middle TN State Univ.


Plan K for Kill                                 Lona Burgess                Movie Nights Productions

Fireflies and Roman Candles     Tracie                                     Rooftop Productions

A Touch of Melon                          Stephanie Chandler               Clean Cut Productions


...maybe next time                         Penny                                   Unaired Pilot Episode

Kennedy Law Firm                         Nurse                                   WCKV-TV Clarksville

Kennedy Law Firm                         Young Mother                        WCKV-TV Clarksville

MV: “Hollow Theory” by O.A.T.H.  Student                              Clean Cut Productions                                                    


Shards of Glass by Josh Ginsburg                 Kennedy Center Am. College Thea. Fest.

To Charlie by Ben Dongarra                                                            Middle TN State Univ.

Save-A-Bundle by Matthew Frazier-Smith                                    Middle TN State Univ.

The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute                                              Middle TN State Univ.



The Grand Ole Opry                     Ticket Sales                             Gaylord Entertainment

I Am My Own Wife                          Promotions                                            Naked Stages

Twelfth Night                                    Production Asst/Promotions              Naked Stages

 The Odd Couple                            Stage Manager                          Bear Hollow Theatre

You're a Good Man, C. Brown      Scenic Designer                            Center for the Arts


Department of Theatre Arts    Box Office Staff                        University of Louisville

The Diviners                                   Scenic Designer                       Middle TN State Univ.

Underwear! The Musical               Stage Manager                        Middle TN State Univ.

Ramona Quimby                            Asst. Stage Manager              Middle TN State Univ.

Awards / Recognition

Kennedy Center American College Festival Region IV

2011 David Shelton Award Recipient            

  • This award is given in honor of exceptional work in the field of Playwrighting, specifically focused on full length works. I received this award for my original full length comedy, Grande Finale.


Aug 2006May 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Middle Tennessee State University