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Work experience

Apr 2008Feb 2010

Project Engineer

Professional Engineering Consultants

Maguire Rd., Segment III, Ocoee, FL:

  • Took over the project at 60% and completed to 100% awaiting final R/W and legal issues.
  • Involved converting entire project from Microstation V7 to V8.
  • Provided some redesign to the roadway and signing and pavement marking plans.
  • Complete redesign of the drainage system.Involved modifying the locations and flow lines of all inlets.Relocated a pond and changed the flow lines and sizes of several inlets to compensate for the change. Changes were done using Geopak Drainage.
  • Provided new profile to show the new drainage profile.
  • Provided plan view design of the relocated pond.
  • Contacted utilities to help design proposed drainage, sanitary and water mains around existing utilities.
  • Evaluated a proposed driveway using Autoturn to determine if it was possible for truck traffic to enter the existing site using the proposed driveway. This was done for several parcels to determine what compensation, if any, they would get for loss of business due to roadway widening.

C.R. 419, Chuluota, Seminole County, FL:

  • Assisted in providing a proposed alignment, design and profile for our proposal for C.R. 419.
  • Field review to take pictures and determine design constraints.
  • Created boards to be used in the presentation of the project that resulted in the winning of the project.
  • Worked on the preliminary engineering report, making figures and tables and researching information on the project.
  • Created and maintained website for project using Microsoft FrontPage.
  • Created proposed profiles, proposed alignment and proposed cross sections for design of C.R. 419 using Microstation and Geopak.

10th St. and U.S. 1, New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, FL:

  • Took over the project at the 100% stage and worked on getting a driveway connection permit.
  • When it was determined that the proposed culvert under an existing railroad would be extremely expensive, an alternative design was considered.This involved lowering the design speed of the road so that smaller horizontal curves could be used.This was done to allow for a road/rail crossing that would allow the existing rail/canal crossing to remain.
  • Converted entire project from Microstation V7 to V8 in preparation for doing alternative design
  • Provided the entire redesign proposal including roadway and signing and pavement markings.
  • A side street connection was also redesigned and involved using Autoturn to evaluate the possible truck traffic that would be entering and exiting the road.This was done to provide an adequate design for the truck traffic.
  • Provided a redesign of the 10th St. & U.S. 1 intersection. Included redesigning curb cut ramps, repositioning mast arm locations as well as loops, conduit runs, pull boxes and pedestrian signals. Also redesigned several of the signal head locations as well as the type of signal head used. Signing and pavement marking of the intersection was also redesigned.

S.R. 415 and S.R. 46, Sanford, FL:

  • Designed an interim intersection improvement
  • County lacking the funds necessary to do the designed roadway improvements for both S.R. 415 and S.R. 46, so this project was done to increase the capacity of the intersection.
  • Involved adding thru-lanes in each direction on S.R. 415 as well as adding a southbound right turn lane.
  • Due to the widening, the existing ditch at the intersection was re-aligned.
  • Signal head modification was also necessary.
  • Helped create a preliminary engineering report with three alternatives.
Aug 2007Mar 2008

Engineering Intern-Roadway

Ghyabi & Associates

S.R. 415, Sanford, FL:

  • Worked on Maintenance of Traffic for construction of the widening of S.R. 415.Also included the realignment of Celery Rd. and coordination with the construction of a new bridge to be built over the St. Johns River.
  • Computed quantities for roadway and signing and pavement marking as well as developed a cost estimate, comp-book and L.R.E. for FDOT.

S.R. 442 & Airpark Rd.:

  • Designed mast arm and traffic configurations for intersection improvements.Included designing mast arm locations, signal head locations, signal timings and loop and pull box configurations.
  • Also designed the signing and pavement markings for the proposed changes to the intersection layout.

Elkcam Blvd and Howland Blvd. intersection improvements (Volusia County, FL):

  • Assisted with the design of mast arm locations for proposed intersection improvements.
  • Present for soft digs to determine mast arm locations.

Florida Turnpike, Ft. Pierce exit ramp, Ft. Pierce, FL:

  • Designed the signing and pavement markings for a proposed exit ramp improvement for the Florida Turnpike.
  • Included the design of sign panels using the Guide Sign program within Microstation.
Mar 2006Jul 2007

Civil Engineering Intern

Department of Public Works

Local Road Construction Projects:

  • Did surveying and inspection for several local road construction projects.Measured final quantities and made sure road was constructed according to plans.

Bailey Street Reconstruction:

  • Inspected the laying of concrete pipe for proposed sanitary sewer.Work included building several manhole structures as well as laying pipe and assuring proper compaction methods were used to backfill around the pipe.

Burcham Dr.:

  • Staked the road for construction of concrete curb and gutter.Inspected the construction of the curb and gutter ensuring proper methods were used.Also inspected the laying of asphalt.

GIS Work:

  • Started a GIS database for the water, sewer and storm water system for the entire city.Involved using Trimble GPS equipment to measure exact points in the field and then inputting the data into the database provided by Malcolm Pirnie.

AutoCad Work:

  • Created maps of the city for various city organizations such as fire maps, parade routes, maintenance of traffic, etc.


Aug 2003Jul 2007

Batchelor of Science

Michigan State University

Graduation Date: July 2007

Final GPA: 3.366


I have a passion for all things involving sports. I really enjoy watching and playing many different sports. Working out is something that gives me energy and makes me feel better about myself. I strive to be a healthy person, and working and eating right helps me do that.

I also enjoy building custom computers, playing video games and going to the beach.


Robert Scheuerman

Ronald Lacasse

Ashley Willis

Michael Mohler


I would like to find a position that would allow me to develop my skills as an engineer, prepare me to take and pass the PE Exam, and aid me in becoming a project manager.

Company stability is important to me. Having a good workload and a strong group is crucial in both winning and completing projects.

I only have several years experience, but the experience I do have is valuable. I have the ability and desire to grow and excel at everything I do.


FDOT CADD Standards
I have been using FDOT CADD standards on almost every project I have worked on in my professional career. I also have experience working with the FDOT toolbar in Microstation.
FDOT Experience
I had experience at Ghyabi & Associates doing work for the FDOT.
Computer Building
I know how to build a computer from the ground up. Starting with purchasing all the required parts, assembling them, and installing an operating system and necessary drivers. Also have some experience in overclocking both CPU's and GPU's.
I have used AutoTurn to evaluate how vehicles enter and exit business and how they use and access the roadway.
Experience includes Geopak Roads and Drainage.   I have used Geopak Roads to create alignments, profiles, cross sections, sheets and everything involved with creating a set of roadway plans.   I have used Geopak Drainage to design several closed drainage systems.
I have been using Microstation to create roadway plans for the last 2.5 years of my career.
I used AutoCad very frequently in high school and college, while using it sparingly during my professional career. I have a strong background in 2D drawing as well as some 3D work.
Microsoft Office
Includes Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, Frontpage and Access. Very proficient in Word and Excel. Developed a website for a design project in Frontpage. Have a good knowledge of Powerpoint and Publisher. Some database work in Access.
Microsoft Windows
I am very proficient in the usage and troubleshooting of the Windows operation system. I have experience in Windows XP, Vista and 7.