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Work experience

Sep 2009Dec 2009

Read Drugs

I started working at Read Drugs, which is a pharmacy in my hometown.  Mr. Rober Read, who owns Read Drugs, knows my grandmother personally and gave me a job there, although he had enough employees already. So after Christmas, when interns started showing up, they no longer needed my help in the Pharmacy. I enjoyed working there while I did. I made minimum wage, and only worked about six to ten hours a week. I enjoyed it though. A job's a job.


Aug 2007Present

Heidelberg Academy


I have to say that I am a decent typer. I learned to type in the eighth grade and was the top typer in my class. I'm not sure how many words I can type a minute now, but I usually type fairly quickly with few errors.


I have many interests. I love to read, paint, and draw. I love to spend time with family, friends, and my wonderful fiance'. I enjoy going to the mountains. I love all kinds of music. I enjoy learning, but school tends to bore me at times. My favorite subject would have to be English.


My objective is to graduate high school in upcoming May. I would love to get either a really good summer job or two if I have to. I am planning to go to Jones County Junior College next year. I want to major in Education and become an elementary school teacher. I love watching children learn new things and to teach them, would be my dream come true. I"ve always wanted to teach, and I am working hard to reach my goal. I am a hard worker, and this is what I would love to be more than anything.


Tracie Burge