Work experience

Work experience
Sep 1995 - Present

Managing Director

English Language Training Ltd

English Language Training is boutique English language school specialising in providing bespoke one to one and small group residential immersion language training to businesses and individuals who need to improve their language skills. Former training clients have included:






Pernod Ricard



2006 - Present

E-learning site for English language


As a result of work in the field of corporate language training,  in 2006 I developed my E-learning site, Gapfillers, to deliver advanced level training to people who need high level English language skills for work or study but who are unable to attend regular training sessions. The idea was to fill gaps in language using gaps in the day. The site delivers content via mobile phone as well as online.

The site also hosts my IELTS programmes for students who need to achieve Band 7 and 8

  • In 2006 the site was shortlisted for the ELtons.
  • In 2007 Gapfillers was runner up in the business competition at Venturefest York .
  • Gapfillers won the Yorkshire Digital Award for best E-learning site in 2008.

It is maintained daily, new content is added each day and it delivers an online 'immersion' experience to members.

Various programmes are run from the site using the content and adding Skype sessions and webinars in more specialist areas such as IELTS and Business English.

A 1-year mentoring programme for practising English language teachers, ELTMentor, also runs on the site. This can be cobined with our residential programme or as a stand alone solution.

2003 - 2003

Topics in Medicine

Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust produces a series of Topics in Medicine for use by clinics in developing countries. I worked with an Indonesian doctor editing and proof-reading the Leprosy CD in Indonesian (checking it against the original English version).

1995 - Sep 1995

Test writer

Richmond Publishing

Contract project  - I wrote test booklets for the  teenage EFL course series 'Freeform' - 4 levels.

Sep 1991 - Jul 1995

Lecturer in EFL and Marketing co-ordinator

Southwark College

I taught all levels of EFL courses to our International adult students. I was also part of the Medical English team which prepared doctors for the PLAB English and later the IELTS exams.

I worked on the Nuffield project for overseas doctors which provided an open learning centre with dedicated medical English material. I sat on the steering committee for this project.

I also helped to co-ordinate and teach business English courses for students and companies.

I was also part of the teacher training team for the Trinity College TESOL Certificate course offered twice a year by the College.

In my marketing role I put together a 5 year marketing plan for the department under the self-financing initiative launched by the College.

Sep 1988 - Sep 1991

Lecturer in English - Open Learning Centre

Bradford College

The Open Learning centre was available for anybody who needed help with any aspect of English. From helping with learning to read to planning Phd theses we never knew who our students were going to be. The centre housed a large library of resources and we needed to be familiar with everything.

In addition to my role as one of the centre language lecturers I also had dedicated English language classes. These included writing workshops, English speaking classes preparing for Trinity College oral exams and language support classes for overseas students on other courses.

Sep 1982 - Jun 1988

Classroom teacher K4 through Grade 1

Medan International School

I taught a mixed class of K4, K5 and Grade 1 (4 to 7 year olds). I also had responsibilty for the English as an additional language lessons throughout the school.

While at the school I was involved in setting up many exhibitions of art and drama for both my class and the EAL students.

I set up a darkroom for a photography project which we rolled out across the school.

I acquired two Apple computers for my classroom and ensured that all the children in my class started with their computer literacy.

Feb 1980 - Jun 1985

Lecturer in English and Music

University North Sumatra

I continued to work in the English language department working with postgraduate students on their language and literature research. I also joined the department of Ethnomusicology in 1980. I delivered the following courses:

General English Language Courses

The history of the English Language

The English Novel

Poetry Interpretation (Imagery and Language) 

An overview of the Anthropology of Music

An Introduction to Ethnomusicology

A brief history of Western Music

Musical anaylsis and score reading

Oct 1977 - Jun 1979

English language lecturer

Voluntary Service Overseas

I worked as part of a team on a British Council English language project to develop the English skills of lecturers at the University. The lecturers were drawn from all departments and following their English language training were eligible to apply for academic scholarships to study at Masters and Phd level in the UK, US and Australia.


Oct 1989 - Sep 1990


Bradford University School of Management

This full-time MBA course covered business-related areasincluding Finance and Marketing.

I took an elective in Human Resources for the second half of the course and my Management Project was on the topic of Corporate Relocation - looking at the affects on employees and families and comparing packages across various industries.

Sep 1979 - Dec 1979


International House London

This was a professional training course to qualify as an English as a Foreign language teacher to adults. I took the qualifying examination in June 1980 in Singapore at the British Council and acheived a distinction.

This certificate is now the DELTA.

Oct 1974 - Jun 1977

BA Hons 2:1

University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Studied English grammar and Lingustics also Anglo Saxon, Middle English and Dialectology. One year of English Literature


All-round music course practical and theory. History of Music, practical skills (keyboard harmony etc..) played in several orchestras (trumpet) and early music groups. Sang in several choirs from madrigal group to university choral society. Specialised in Medieval and Early Renaissance music.

Also one year of French language and literature.

Member of several University clubs. Secretary of the General Arts society.



ELT teaching skills

As well as General English skills, I have spent much of my career on specialist teaching especially Business English and Medical English.   My business has been very closely linked with the relocation industry and much of our work has been with partners and children as well as the  relocated employee. We have developed expertise in helping such families settle into their new environment both culturally and linguistically.

IT skills

I write for and maintain an E-learning website using a content management system I am very familiar with social media as a tool for marketing and also learning/studying I am currently developing materials for my M-learning site Have very basic html skills Basic desktop publishing skills