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    I am a junior and I need to begin a foundation of employment that better resembles my career goals. Working over five years in restaurants, I haven’t been able to gain the true experience in graphics. Graphics design has fascinated me throughout life. I am quite comfortable in that field of work.     The related classes I’ve taken at CMU include ART 105, ART 115, CPS 165 (web design), and I’m currently in ART 135 (computer graphic design). I never got lower than an A- on major art assignments. In high school I had over four semesters of art education. I have an eye for what looks good and the drive to achieve it.    For three years now, I’ve created and sold my own custom built longboards (skateboards), of which custom graphics were generated solely by me. These graphics were printed and custom die-cut on vinyl, which I can flawlessly apply to proper surfaces.

Work experience

Line Cook


   I applied for this position over the summer and began when I came to Mt. Pleasant for school in 2008. Applebee's was a whole new breed of restaurant. The food needed to be prepared perfectly with very fast turnover times. I had to stock and date food with precision. This job has taught me advanced time management and organization. I can handle a loud kitchen with all sorts of food that I'm responsible for. It was an intense job that taught me a lot but I disliked the heavy corporate aspect of work because I felt like I was a machine not a human. 

Jan 2010Present

Prep Cook and Line Cook

Lil' Chef

    Lil' Chef is much like the restaurant I use to work at in high school. It's a small time family owned business. There is good people that work there and a great atmosphere to work in. I prep food for the breakfast and lunch rushes as well as cook during the slower dinner time. I have worked in the cooking industry for years now and understand what is expected of me. This is not what I want to do for the rest of my life but in a college town experience is what gets you hired and I am very experienced. Although I just started this position I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. 

May 2005Present

Event Clothing Vendor

Creative Adventures

    I sell t-shirts and other apparel at specific motorcycling events. This job is annual. The long hours are tough but worth the experience I gain toward my entrepreneurship degree. I ran all aspects of my own t-shirt booth (organization, placement of goods) having to call my boss for accurate restocking information. In addition to gaining business salesmanship skills, I can fold clothing, I know apparel sizes, and understand overall store organization. The most important thing to learn at this job is the power of graphic design. A product or service can gain a significant edge over the competition by appealing visually to a customer.

Feb 2005Present

Cook and Supervisor

Jody's Restaurant

    I gained most of my cook experience at Jody's. It is a small non-chain restaurant. This job encouraged me to be personable and welcoming to customers (remembering names and special orders). I began in my freshman year of high school as a cook and prep worker, while also running the register both inside and at drive through. I then became entrusted to become a supervisor spring of 2007. I was exposed to customers, having to solve customer complaints in a calm respectful way. When supervising I closed the restaurant in the evenings and prepped food for the next day. This was one of my favorite jobs. 



Diploma Attained

Rockford High School

Great school to prepare me for Central Michigan University.



Computer/Artistic Skills
  COMPUTER/SOFTWARE SKILLS (portfolio available) 3 years of Photoshop/Illustrator experience 4 semesters of Final Cut Studio experience I own CS4 Web Premium Suite to further my education Created multiple websites using XHTML and CSS Macintosh user for 6 years Computer to machine relations (printing and die-cuts) Proficient with Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5 Can troubleshoot operating problems, software issues, and hardware malfunctions Master of Microsoft Office including PowerPoint and Word Templates   ARTISTIC SKILLS (portfolio available) Planning out a project before rushing a final project A fantastic understanding and execution of principles and elements of design Pencil and pen are my forte Understand basic paint and watercolor techniques Can work with all wood crafting tools and familiar with basic construction techniques