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Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Project Manager - Business Development

NeST Technologies
  • Analyzed the after sales support process in AM Network’s office in Quakertown, and implemented some improvements to the tools used for tracking after sales support
  • Identified a niche market and succeeded in negotiating an agreement with a big global corporation.
Feb 2003Feb 2009

Sr. Project Manager (Consultant)– IT Support and Offshore coordination

Insurance Service Organization

Company: Insurance Services Organization (ISO), Jersey City, NJ (3/2003 – 6/2009)

ISO is a leading source of information about property/casualty insurance risk – it provides insurance information for other insurance companies. I was a consultant here while employed by NeST, USA

Project: IT Support Activities

Project Role: Sr. Project Manager (Consultant)– IT Support and Offshore coordination

I was the IT support coordinator for one of their strategic business units. The tasks included supporting and enhancing a host of legacy applications which are used to maintain the workflows for document creation, handling and publishing. These applications use a heterogeneous mix of languages such as VB6, VBA (Word, Excel and Access macros), C#, Java, Cobol, ReXX; tools/technologies such as Websphere, MSMQ, digital signing of Word documents; platforms like Windows server and client, Mainframe; databases like SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MS Access.

As the support work is outsourced to offshore, I am also the off-shore coordinator, coordinating resources and task assignments, estimating, planning and preparing schedules, managing resource assignments and schedules formultiple projects running at the same time, conducting risk analysis and suggest course corrections, handling change management issues, and providing daily and weekly reports to the customer managers


·Successful in process workflow improvements – performed system and workflow analysis and recommended changes needed for improving the performance such as replacing/modifying components which have poor performance, re-distribute tasks from client to server or vice versa, change the process flow if needed, etc.

·Successfully coordinated activities across departments for enterprise wide activities such as OS updates, Microsoft Office updates and changes that affect all workflows (like adding a Line Of Business, etc)

·Successful in keeping up end user satisfaction by providing hands on solutions to everyday problems

·Handled the offshore coordination successfully to take maximum advantage of time difference between US and India.

·Requirements collection through client interface, and analysis and translation to a technical requirements document for the offshore technical team.

·Achieved extensive experience in change management procedures, and migrating code and other deliverables to accept and production regions.

Mar 2000Feb 2003

Sr. Project Manager

NeST Technologies

Company: AM Networks(3/2000 – 2/2003)

AM Networks, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of products and services for the Broadband industry, including network monitoring solutions, fibre optic infrastructure products, and custom software and firmwaredevelopment. One of their most important product suite is Omni2000, which is a software suite for managing a cable TV network (also known as HFC (Hybrid Fibre Cable) network). AM Networks is a NeST group company.

Project: Product Support for Omni2000 suite of products

Project Role: Sr. Manager – Product development and Support

Omni 2000 is a cable monitoring and maintenance support system based on AM’s cable monitoring devices. This was developed offshore in India with a team headed by me. I was deputed to the US office to manage the on-site product maintenance support.

Major achievement:

·Stabilized the product to a point where an on-site development support team is unnecessary.


·Managing customer issues, coordinating with AM’s marketing staff

·Coordination of software resolution and enhancement with the offshore team

·Coordinated product releases and testing.

·Managed the development of DOCSIS compliant monitoring hardware, and integrating them to Omni2000 – this consisted of hardware and embedded software development as well as integration.

·System integration and testing of new software and hardware components

·On-site consultancy for SNMP issues, developed SAX Basic macro scripts for AM’s SNMP Manager.

·Developed Excel Macros for After sales support.

·Manage/coordinate an offshore team of 40 resources

·Visit customer sites and troubleshoot hardware-software integration problems.

·Managed a geographically distributed team – main part of the team was in India, a few were in the AM’s office, and at any time there will be people visiting customer sites in other parts of the US.

Feb 1998Mar 2000

Project Director

Network Systems and Technologies

Company: Network Systems and Technologies (NeST Software)

NeST Software (Network Systems & Technologies (P) Ltd) is a technology company which offers customized software and hardware development services for engineering applications and product development services for customers worldwide. NeST Software, is part of the NeST Group of companies, and is the offshore development facility (situated in India) for the group.

Project: Oversee the software development activities and practices in NeST (2/1998 – 2/2000)

Project Role: Project Director

In my role as Project Director, I established guidelines for recruitment/hiring process, performance evaluation, and exit interviews and presided over the largest staff growth in the company. I had the responsibility of all projects, to oversee their development and testing, to monitor that our projects meet the quality standards as laid out by ISO 9000 and CMM and standards, and also customer expectations. I was the chairman of the SEPG (Software Engineering Process Group) – a body mandated CMM framework whose task is to generate, modify and review new processes and changes in processes; I instituted a Technology Change Board to investigate, incorporate and train people in new technologies; I was part of the interview board for hiring new personnel; I conducted performance reviews for all my co-workers.

During this period the strength of the software development department went from 100 to nearly 500, and number of projects and revenue also multiplied accordingly.

Feb 1998Feb 2000

Sr. Project Manager

Network Systems and Technologies

Company: Network Systems and Technologies

Project: Develop Omni2000 product for AM Communications (now AM Networks)

Project Role: Sr. Project Manager, Architect

Omni 2000 is a cable monitoring and maintenance support system based on AM’s cable monitoring devices. AM is a NeST group company. This project consisted of both the software applications, and the RF hardware modules placed on the cable TV network to monitor them. I built up a team comprising of software, hardware and embedded software engineers to develop this product.

·Setup the team of size 40 from scratch. Efforts included interviewing and recruiting some key members of the team.

·Mentored the junior members of the team and handled their performance evaluations.

·Built up a new lab for testing our software and hardware. We converted a large room into our test facility by putting up test benches and fixtures, and setting up test devices, and running cables through out the room. We imported some of the test equipments from AM, and got experienced filed people from AM to wire and setup the lab.

·Participate in the design and architecture of the Omni2000 suite of products

·Serve as the main contact point for customer issues.

·Prepare project plans and resource management plans.

·Conduct design reviews and code walkthroughs.

·Prepare risk analysis and management plans.

·Used Object Oriented analysis and design.


Sr. Project Manager

Network Systems and Technologies

Company: Network Systems and Technologies

Project: Develop Power plant process control modules for Hitachi (2/1996 – 2/2000)

Project Role: Sr. Project Manager

Several modules were, including supervisory control and data acquisition, PID control, Distributed Digital Control Systems, etc were developed. I was in charge of a team of 20 to 30 people involved in software and embedded software development. The team was geographically distributed between NeST’s development location in India and Hitachi’s lab in Japan. As a project manager I was in charge of preparing project plans, schedules, risk analysis; as a development manager, I oversaw the design and development of the modules, and also participated in system integration and installation.

·Graphics Builder and online display system for a PC based Distributed Digital Control system – used Graphic programming using GDI and OpenGL

·Graphic middle ware for Man-Machine Interface systems for Hitachi’s thermal power plant.

·A module for PID control station, which mimics a hardware PID station on the screen.

·Conversion of Mainframe based front end displays to PC based displays.

·Web interface for Hitachi’s PC based Distributed Digital Control system

·Messaging API with some specific requirements like voice mail and anyone-login-anywhere, for a client.

·Managed a geographically distributed team – half the team were in Japan, other half in India.

Technology - Visual C++/MFC, , OCX, ASP, VB Scripting

Aug 1991Feb 1996

Project Engineer

Design, Development and management of real-time process control systems for process industries Designed and developed a control loop configuration and maintenance package with graphical user interface. Worked with Zortech C++ and Rational Rose for Object Oriented design.
Dec 1986Mar 1991

Project Engineer

Keltron Controls
Study the end user requirements and develop and customise software for Hitachi’s mini computer based control system for thermal power plants. Used proprietary languages Installation and commissioning of control software for thermal power plants in many parts in India
Aug 1981Dec 1986

Development Engineer

Development of firmware/software for proprietary microprocessor based real-time systems. Hardware development of microprocessor based cards Worked with Visual Sudio, Borland C++/OWL, MASM, PCL (A proprietary language for Process Control by Hitachi)


Jun 2010Present

Villanova University

Anticipated completion date - September 2010



College of Engineering, Trivandrum


I have more than 25 years of professional experience in software development, system analysis and system integration, with very good leadership experience backed up by a strong technical knowledge and skill which covers software, hardware, embedded software and experience with diverse industries. I have served as project manager and offshore coordinator for several software and system integration projects in process control, cable network monitoring and insurance service sectors. I have experience in leading application development projects, as well as IT support activities, especially programs with Object Oriented Design and Analysis.

I have extensive experience in all phases of a project life cycle, including developing requirement specifications from business case and concept definitions, system analysis, managing project plans/ schedules, handling design, development and testing phases, managing project deliverables, and handling change management issues.

For the past 6 years I have been working in the Insurance industry as a Project Manager and Offshore coordinator for IT support projects that use a heterogeneous mix of languages and technologies. I have been successful in analysing the back end process work flows and implement improvements which saved the customer thousands of dollars in computer time, as well as better user experience through improved performance.

I also have a good experience and training in software development practices and quality standards like ISO 9000 and CMM.

I am located at Lansdale, Pennsylvania; I have Green card, and I am available immediately.


Mathew Keenan

Mathew Keenan was the Project Manager on the customer side (ISO) while I was working there as a consultant from NeST Technologies. Please feel free to call him or mail him for reference.