Kelly Chew

Kelly Chew



Ngee Ann Polytechnic

School of Humanities

Child Psychology & Early Education

Year 1 ( 2009- present)

Although it is just a year in this new school, i have made really good friends and i have learnt how to be even more independent. Previously, teachers would drill us, nag at us, really chase us for our work till we hand it in. However, it is all up to us now, whether we really want to excel and to take things seriously. Initially, i really needed to adapt to this new environment and new curriculum. Now that i have gradually gotten use to the system, i actually like this system better than those i had experienced in Secondary & Primary education. The things we are learning now are really more focused and they are what we really want to learn. I'm looking forward to the things i would be introduced to this year (:

Graduated from:

Anglican High School (2005-2008)

Initially i was not considering about entering this school. However, my badminton coach had told me to go over to the school as he was coaching there. I entered the school and was introduced to the term sports class. I was directly posted to the sports class where only students with sports CCA could enter. Initially we had a hard time adapting. Partly the sudden increase in subjects, and also the special term our class were given. There were 2 sports class and students from other classes did not really liked us. For the fact that we were given special treatments. We were able to wear sports shoes ( or training shoes) to school directly while others could only wear white shoes. The school also place much emphasis on sports as it is the Centre of Excellence for Sports. Others felt that we were just students who manage to enter the school just because we are good in sports and that we would not excel in our studies. Being in the sports class throughout the 4 years in the school and being in the Special stream, the teacher naturally expected higher standards of work as compared to the rest. I participated in inter-school, inter-national and nationals competition for badminton as well. The best lesson i learnt is TEAM SPIRIT. It does not matter whether we are winning or losing. It does not matter who our opponent is. We have to have faith in ourself and our team members. We be there for one another, cheered for one another during competitions and also helped one another academically.

Red Swastika School (1999-2004)

This is where i start to actively participate in extracurricular activities. In Primary 2, i became a brownie and it really taught me many moral values such as respect & honesty. In Primary 3, i took on swimming and gradually entered the school team for swimming. Juggling 2 CCAs, i am glad that my acadamics were not affected. In Primary 4, i was approached to join the school badminton team. It was the year that we have streamings examination. I was hesitant to accept the offer fearing that i would neglect my studies. I love badminton, thus i sacrificed brownie and took on badminton. It was lucky for me as the training dates do not clash. I was posted to EM1 in primary 5 and subsequently primary 6. I participated in inter-school, inter-class and nationals competition for badminton and swimming. Even though the trainings were pretty tough, i really enjoyed my time (: . By the end of the 6 years, i left the school with all As & A* & a merit in Higher Chinese.


Sales person in a bookshop (Nov. 2007~Jan. 2008 & Nov. 2008~Jan. 2009)

Pacific BookStores

  • Worked in a school bookshops during the holidays selling primary & secondary textbooks. Has experiences in book sales and arrangement of books. It taught me the importance to be able to communicate well with customers and pay attention to details in their instructions

Waitress in a restaurant (Nov. 2009~ present)


  • Able to convey promotions & messages to customers effectively and serve customers with a smile.
  • Adapt to different situations (planned of unplanned )
  • Taking initiative (e.g. shifting possible obstacles along the walkway to make space bigger so that a wheelchair-bounded customer can enter the restaurant comfortably. )
  • Team-work ( we work as a team, everyone has their own part to contribute to ensure that correct orders are served to every customers )

Tutoring (Nov. 2008~ Jan. 2009)

  • Approached by one of the personnels in the school where i was doing my part-time job in the school bookshop, asking if i was interested to tutor his primary 5 daughter till January.
  • Taught P6 Chinese, Maths & Science.
  • Learnt how to gather materials from different assessment books and textbooks to set quizzes.

Assistant Teacher (internship)

PCF and Kinderland

  • I am given the role to assist the host teacher in the classroom
  • Able to observe how children interact with one another and learn, thus having a deeper understanding of children.
  • An insight to how I would have to handle a class full of diversities in future.

Even though i am just an assistant teacher, i am indeed very honoured to be able to be part of these children's lives. Hearing them call me Teacher Kelly and some even sharing their personal experiences with me really make me delighted. (:


I am a girl that loves to have fun, but at the same time, when it is time to get serious, i would be focused. I enjoy and value the time spent with my friends and families. What i believe in life is that whenever you face an obstacle, you have to try to overcome it no matter how hard it is. Even if it means it would take a long time, as long as you do not give up, there is a chance that you will succeed. In addition, I love children's smiles and unpredictable acts as it lightens my mood and reminds me of the times where i too had not many things to worry about.


  1. Music ( singing & listening )
  2. Sports ( badminton & swimming )
  3. Reading ( novels & books with humour )
  4. Animals ( especially dogs )
  5. Learning & exploring new skills (: