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Presentation Skills
Formal training in presentation skills coupled with experience using MS Powerpoint
Project Management
Formal training coupled with experience using Microsoft Project, Executive Project Management (EPM), Primevera
Operating Systems
UNIX, OS/400, DOS/VSE, Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista UNIBOL(System/36 Environment Under UNIX) and XME (ME/29 Environment Under UNIX) 
Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, Maximo PL/SQL, Maximo Actuate, COBOL, INGRESS/4GL, C
Database Development, Administration and Support
Oracle, OFA, Maximo, SQL, INGRESS, RDBMS/400, RAPID, MS Access, Agresso  

Work experience

Jul 1991Jul 2008

Senior Systems Analyst

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

IT Strategy Project & Project Management

  • Involved in defining IT strategy and information architecture
  • Monitored and evaluated IT performance using Executive PM and MS Project Software
  • Led the Support and Administration team of 5 employees to solve Oracle and Maximo problems
  • Provided IT Support and Administration of medical system, interfacing with the Oracle and Maximo systems, at the company clinic

KNPC Integrated Management System (KIMS) Project

  • Part of the KNPC implementation team of 20 people, working closely with Project Management Consulting (PMC) team, using Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) extensively
  • Led the team to implement Oracle Financials and Maximo systems ahead of schedule, with a lower cost than budgeted for.
  • Trained KNPC users in the Financial department to efficiently use the system
  • Enhanced Oracle Financials comprehension, customization, and handling, System Administration
  • Reviewed project deliverables for Maximo and Oracle Financials
  • Supported data downloading/uploading requirements
  • Assisted in the application setup/design, assisted in the preparation of mapping tables and the creation of chart-of-accounts, validation rules and carried out application acceptance testing
  • Developed systems using the following Oracle 11i e-Business suite modules:
    • Oracle General Ledger
    • Oracle Payables
    • Oracle Projects (Project Accounting)
    • Oracle Assets, Cash Management
    • Oracle Systems Administrator
    • Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) Costing Modules
  • Analyzed system requirements, using Oracle Financial Analyzer, from all departments, such as Finance, Materials and Maintenance
  • Interfaced between all modules in Oracle, OFA and Maximo systems using GL Link
  • Researched available solutions in the IT market to achieve optimal solutions, from 4 availabilities (Oracle/Maximo, Oracle/AspenTech, Oracle only, Maximo only), through benchmark tests and case studies, in collaboration with representatives from relevant departments
  • Researched vendors to choose the best one to provide the required services (8 available vendors for Oracle and 6 for Maximo), analyzing efficiency, installation costs and time required, maintenance costs

Information Systems Planning (ISP) project

  • Developed accounts systems on INGRESS under UNIX using 4GL
  • Migrated Accounts application and data from ME/29 to SEQUENT
  • Developed Lube Oil System using Novel Platform and SQL
  • Managed projects and provided contracts management and cost estimation using Primevera P3, Expedition
  • Developed Personnel Inquiry System and Document Tracking System using MS Power Builder, Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
  • Provided DBA and support for Agresso applications
  • Designed systems for Manpower Budget and expense budget to be used in forecasting the manpower salaries and expected expenses for the next year, using ORACLE Financial Analyzer 



Cairo University

Diploma (equivalent to Masters)

Cairo University


  • A Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer with extensive experience in all phases of software development including systems analysis, design, development, implementation and post implementation support, using a wide variety of tools.
  • Specialized in databases, such as Oracle and Maximo. 
  • Team player and leader, with excellent interpersonal and project management skills, with the use of MS Project, Executive Project Management and Primevera.
  • Excellent communication & presentation skills, including advanced knowledge of MS PowerPoint.


Senior systems analyst or database administrator position, utilizing my Senior IT experience with developed abilities in systems analysis, design and development for financial systems, where I can improve information flow between all departments and increase information system reliability


  • Reduced time to prepare reports for accounting and budgeting by 70%
  • Developed a very reliable, user-friendly system, resulting in less employees required to complete accounting reports and a much smaller IT support team required
  • Updated company programs to overcome all Y2K problems


  • Presentation Skills and Advanced MS PowerPoint courses
  • Executive Project Management (EPM), MS Project Professional & Server, PM Essentials courses
  • ORACLE SQL & PL/SQL and ORACLE Developer Forms & Reports 6i, System Admin courses
  • Oracle 11i e-Business suite modules courses: General Ledger, Payables, Project Accounting, Assets, Cash Management, Systems Administrator, Process Manufacturing (OPM) Costing Modules, Financial Analyzer, Administration, GI Integration
  • Oracle Financial Analyzer
  • MAXIMO 5 courses: Admin, Purchasing, Inventory, Immersion, Actuate