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  • 10 years of experience in professional software development.
  • Proficient in JavaScript, HTML5 video streaming and SQL.
  • Good working knowledge of web architecture and design patterns for large scale JS apps.
  • Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California.

Work experience

Jan 2014Current

Senior Software Engineer

  • Develop  HTML5 video player used for streaming Netflix content.
  • Implement MSE and EME spec for adaptive and secure video streaming.
  • Use Hive/Presto with big data for analyzing QOE metrics and debugging errors.
  • Collaborate with browser vendors for the design and development of new HTML5 video playback features.
  • Implemented the player side of Downloads feature for the Netflix Windows 10 app.
  • Helped reduce application load errors by 80%
  • Helped reduce play-delay by 30%
  • Helped reduce app load time by 40% on chromecast.
Jul 2011Jan 2014

Software Engineer

  • Developed HTML5 canvas client for Mind Mapping.
  • Reduced initial map load time through Web Workers and lazy loading, tweaked jQuery's event delegation to work with canvas shapes and created a caching layer using deferreds.
  • Implemented front end modules for the cloud based workspace solution using javascriptMVC framework. (Mindjet Mapping).
  • Intensive use of JavaScript libraries: jQuery and CanJs.
  • Used Steal for dependency management  and Jasmine for testing.  
Mar 2010Jun 2011

Software Engineer

  • Full stack developer for web tools for Video Analytics.
  • Worked on PHP based in-house developed MVC framework for backend and jQuery for front end.
Dec 2009Mar 2010

Call Flow Analyst

Unified Dispatch
  • Analyzed and debug software call flows for Interactive Voice Response system
Aug 2009Dec 2009

Software Engineer

Enterprise Portfolio Systems (EPPORA)
  • Developed an Apache module to implement push technology (Comet). Modified the C source code of the web server and implemented both the client and server side of the web application. 

Skills: C , Apache, Php , Ajax , Javascript , HTML, jQuery.

May 2008Aug 2008

Programmer Intern

Institute For Creative Technologies
  • Worked with the research team at ISI ( to develop an API framework to allow communication between the core application and proprietary semantic networks.
  • Developed a module in the publish/subscribe distributed framework to provide meta-data about the 3-D scene objects.

Skills:  AI , Distributed design, C++ , Object Oriented Network Library - Raknet , WinSock , Visual Studio, SVN

Aug 2005Jul 2007

Software Engineer

Aricent Technologies

Development duties for the Voice Over Internet Application Server:

  • Eliminated the server downtime during migration to a newer release by developing the Runtime Software Upgrade framework.
  • Implemented a mechanism to obtain debugging information from the system when running under heavy load. Also wrote scripts to generate C source code and a utility to organize the raw log data into call flow specific debugging data.
  • Wrote tools using C and UNIX shell script for converting subscriber data stored in Berkeley database.
  • Performed integration and call flow testing for voice calls generated through SIP and NCS protocol.

Skills: C, Unix, Shell scripting , GDB Debugger, Wireshark , Berkeley Database and CVS 


Aug 2007May 2009

Master of Science

University of Southern California

Focus of the program:

  • Network applications, inter process communication and multi-threaded applications.
  • Search algorithms and advanced data structures.
  • Web Architecture ( Web services, Xml, Python, Ajax, Php, MySql, JavaScript).
  • Operating systems and distributed systems.


1. Peer to Peer File System ( C++, STL, Unix , Socket Api, Pthreads, OpenSSL, TCP/IP )

  • Developed a Gnutella like p2p framework with features including backbone formation, dynamic node discovery and network topology plotter.
  • Implemented message queues, multi-threading, anonymity, digital signatures and keyword search using bloom filter with SHA1and MD5.

2. Artificial Intelligence ( C++, STL )

  • Implemented search algorithms A* and simulated annealing, and fuzzy logic to control the movement of a moving object in 2-D space.

3. Weather Forecast Notifier ( Python, Yahoo weather Api, Twitter Api , Xml , Restful services framework )

  • Developed and deployed a solution to send daily forecast through text message to any mobile phone in US.
  • Helps users who like to know weather forecast before leaving for work but can't check it on the internet every morning. (It is currently being run using USC's web servers.)

4. Worm Filter ( C , Linux , Net filter, Wire-shark )

  • Developed a worm filtering utility that identifies patterns in network packets and creates firewall rules through IPtables. 

5. Multi-Player Network Game ( C#, Microsoft XNA )

  • Implemented the networking module for Multi-player online game .

6. Project Possibilty ( 48 Hour Programming Contest )

  • Developed a proof of concept application for Neural Impulse Actuator to simulate the mouse functionality with only eye muscle movements.

Research Papers :

1. Distributed File Systems.

  • Analyzed the consistency model and scalability of distributed file systems - Google file system, Andrew file system and zFS.

2. Security in Peer to Peer Systems.

  • Analyzed the security issues and solutions in p2p systems due to malicious internal nodes.
Aug 2001May 2005

Bachelor of Engineering

Punjab Engineering College

Focus of the program:

  • Introduction to Algorithms and data structures.
  • Programming in C, C++, Java, object oriented design concepts and Web technologies.
  • Operating Systems.


  • Implemented Pac-Man game ( Java )
  • Worked on Bayesian Spam Filter.

Other Activities:

  • Won the Annual Tennis Tournament (Singles) in 2002. Runners up in 2003.
  • Runners Up at the Annual Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Tournament (Singles) in 2003