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Self Motivated Project engineering professional with 13 years of experience working on multiple simultaneous programs, leading to a position of lead engineer or project manager within a challenging & highly technological environment. Results driven but professionally able to work effectively in teams or independently to meet and exceed business as well as customer needs.           

Key Skills &


ProvideLeadership in Program Management, Supplier Management and Customer Interface. Product

development, system and sub-system level plant processing andlayout, DFSS, Lean Manufacturing

Kaizen & SMED. Weibull reliability analysis, FEA/CAE Analysis, FMEA & control plan development,

source package development, design of experiments (DOE), Statistical process control (SPC), PSO &

PPAP activities, APQP, ASME Y14.1/ANSI/ASTM standard, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing

(GD&T), warranty analysis & resolution, cost reduction, product launch support, design specification

development, competitive benchmarking, root cause analysis, DFM & DFA, design for repair efficiency,

MS Office, Project & Visio, Catia V4/V5, Pro-E, Solid works, DWG Editor & Autocad 2006.



  • Design and developed plant layout, fabrication and system level final assembly process with Lean Manufacturing Process. Leading 5S implementation, tool facility layout, and commissioning of production equipments.
  • Developed Injection molded integrated gas assist grab handle, first in the company with savings of $2.5 per vehicle
  • Mold Flow Analysis for tool design & capability; update gate locations to resolve flow lines, knit line etc.
  • Supported Chrysler supply base in a dedicated 10 month project of Injection molded and extrusion equipment,tool move and commissioning including corrections in  manufacturing errors by implementing Lean Process.
  • Responsible for coordinating design and development activities for lifting device to pick up engine from the rack this resulted in zero injuries to operator, improved throughput and eliminated material damage.
  • Designed , developed and implemented  engine nesting fixture for 5.7ltr HEMI engine resulting in eliminating 100% warranty cost of engine oil leak and cost saving of estimated $0.5M.
  • Team lead responsibility to test, validate and implement wireless electric tool technology in vehicle assembly plant. This will result in potential reduction in facility equipment and an improvement in quality with savings of $0.2M.
  • Reduced costs by $5.1 million to Chrysler as part of a special project team by process of detailed analysis of component designs, benchmarking competitor components, analyzingChrysler & supplier manufacturing methods, supply base optimization, & comparative logistical costs for areas which we could reduce cost while retaining or improving quality of components.
  • Traveled internationally to conduct pre-production evaluations of supplier manufacturing facilities and for design controls, including suppliers located in Canada, Mexico and China.
  • Analyzed warranty data, used DFSS tool to improve roof molding design and reduced service cost along with reduction in variable cost with overall savings of more than 95 percent or $1.5M annually.
  • Led multiple presentations to management at both director & vice-president level and also led design meetings in coordination with cross functional teams & multiple suppliers to meet constraints of program time lines.
  • Resolved structural & buckling issue by identifying and investigating processing issue with annual savings of $1M.
  • Participated in multiple Chrysler charitable events including construction projects in low income neighborhoods.



Emhart Teknologies (Stanley Black & Decker Automotive Division), Chesterfield, MI

April 2010 – till date

Manufacturing Launch Engineer/Program Management, Injection Molded Exterior, Bumper Spacers

PAX Streamline, Novato, CA

March 2009 - March 2010

Manufacturing Project Engineer/Management, Two Shot Injection Molding & Extrusion -Green/Lean  HVAC System

Chrysler LLC, Auburn Hills, MI

February 2007 - December 2008

Project Engineer/Management, Injection Molded Exterior, Wiper/Washer & Mirror Systems

DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Detroit, MI

February 2004 - January 2007

Product Engineer, Structures & BIW Sheet Metal

August 1999 - January 2004

Product Engineer, Injection Molded Hard Trim Interior & Instrument Panel (IP)

General Motors, Detroit, MI

December 1998-July1999

Design Release Engineer, Injection Molded Air Inlet Panel

Chrysler Corporation, Detroit, MI

March 1997-November1998

Resident Engineer (Advance Manufacturing), Power Train


University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI

MS(E) in Mechanical Engineering, 1996

Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI

MBA in Business Management, 2007

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

Manufacturing Launch Engineer/Program Management

Emhart Teknologies- Stanley Black & Decker

Emhart Teknologies, Chesterfield, MI

April, 2010 - till dateManufacturing Launch Engineer, Injection Molded Plastic. Rubber and Two shot ComponentsProgram Management responsibility for 12 new programs including 60 molds of bumper spacer/bracket for Toyota, Honda and Chrysler as well as small plastic components for GM, Ford and Texas instrument. Hands on experience in modification and updates to plant layout, plant process, capacity calculation and planning, equipment specification & requirements for new program launch. Responsible for implementing Lean Manufacturing , Kaizen waste reduction, man assignment, value stream mapping, lead-time reduction, SMED, 5S,Gemba Walk and floor space savings, Production planning and logistic for lean process, modification of assembly fixtures for error and mistake proofing. Plant/site team leader to coach, train, implement and enforce Lean Principles. Site leader for generating and tarcking of  $0.5M in annual savings.Well rounded, diverse & extended role in Manufacturing and Program Management from development to launch. 

  • Leadership in driving consensus and set direction between cross functional teams of design, engineering, quality, program management, product planning and logistics for manufacturing readiness.
  • Program Manager /Team Leader to track major milestones and deliverables to ensure parts availability in timely fashion for 12 new programs.
  • Manufacturing Program Manager to track CSM forecasts for CPV/FPV and capacity calculation, plan and schedule mold arrival dates, tool tryout for process verification, pre-production process optimization and ramp up.
  • Oversaw mold design during design phase and sign off based on plant manufacturability and compatibility.
  • Updated current equipments to standardize process in the plant as part of 5S initiative.
  • Initiated business case for capital expense, used capacity analysis and calculation with justification and savings of $5M over life of the programs.
  • Wrote capital expense package with an investment of over $3M as part of cost saving business case.
  • Lead responsibility for budgeting, financing and expenses for expansion project; successfully executed the project within quoted scope.
  • Design and developed assembly fixture for error and mistake proofing to eliminate customer concerns.
  • Led and drive teams of bargaining unit and achieved aggressive timeline to commission 3 injection molding machine, robot, guarding and auxiliary equipments with in 13 weeks.
  • Developed Value stream map (VSM) to identify wait, waste and lead-time, reduced waste by re-allocation and balancing of manpower. Used Kanban for lead-time reduction and SMED activity for setup reduction.
Mar 2009Mar 2010

Manufacturing Project Engineer/Management

PAX Streamline Inc

Green/Lean  HVAC System - Extrusion & Injection Molded Components and System Level Assembly

Design and developed plant layout, tooling for fabrication process of core components and final assembly tooling & equipment with Lean manufacturing process for new assembly plant. Leading 5S implementation, tool facility layout, and commissioning of production equipments for full production by July 2010. Provide primary support in design, development , packaging and manufacturing of Injection Molded and Extruded parts of Conditioner & Regenerator.

  • Design and developed tooling for two shot Injection molded high temperature plastics distributor; PPSU/PSU.
  • Design and developed tooling for two shot Injection Molded clamp manifold for conditioner; PVC/ABS & EPDM.
  • Design tooling for automated secondary process of heating and welding of high temperature plastic; PPSU/PSU.
  • Design and developed tooling for thermoforming & heat activated welding process of Plastic Heat Exchanger unit
  • Manage master time line, evaluate cycle time & generated electronic tooling requirements.
  • Design & developed tooling for glue application using intrinsically safe robot per ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 standard
  • Design and developed pneumatic tooling for final assembly operation to install 200lb conditioner assy.
  • Coordinate with cross functional team to resolve issue regarding manufacturability of the design (DFM) & (DFA).
  • Responsible for product planning, budgeting, sourcing of material, budgetary RFQ for production equipments, cost negotiations, equipment reliability, equipment qualification and sourcing for new assembly plant.
  • Direct design activity in re-designing of components to reduce cycle time. Involve in (DV), reliability and testing,
  • Establish manufacturing scroll, completed test plan, process methods & process sheets (SOP).
Feb 2007Dec 2008

Project Engineer/ Program Management

Chrysler LLC

Injection Molded Exterior Systems (2010 WK Jeep Grand Cherokee)

In this role, I provided engineering & project management guidance on conceptual design. Performed benchmarking activities, identification of material and cost reduction opportunities for assign projects. I have conducted 3D modeling activities and assembly design in cross-functional team meetings, deliver PDR & CDR reviews on milestones Participated in APQP, PSO & PPAP meetings and reviewed CMM check & gauge R&R requirements for quality.

  • Design and development of extruded molding, two shot injection molded panels and wiper/Washer systems.
  • Expertise in composites, used experience in the design & development of roof molding & two shot cowl screen.
  • Develop design estimates of piece cost and tooling for assign commodities in project start-up.
  • Initiate preliminary test (DVP&R) and supporting analysis (DFMEA, PFMEA) to validate the design & process.
  • Develop program bill of materials (BOM). Identify risks areas and stabilize the BOM for new program.
  • Supervise documents & drawings. Provide engineering & project management guidance on conceptual design.
  • Maintain ETC, EAC report of actual expense compared to contract at completion.
Feb 2004Jan 2007

Product Engineer- Body & Structures

DaimlerChrysler Corporation

2007 Jeep Wrangler

I was responsible to review and analyze engineering drawing and documents and weekly discussion on manufacturing process, feasibility and equipment layouts.  Implement all corporate releasing requirements such as design analysis, BOM, stampings, fit & finish, tool & gage reviews, framing, functional objective, change management, compliance testing and process sign off (PSO).

  • Design and developed Steel & Aluminum components such as Hood assy, BSA, Qtr assy, rails, structures etc.
  • In-depth experience of forging, sheet metal stamping, forming, welding & tooling of frames and beams.
  • Oversee linear & non-linear FEA analysis, for material characteristics and to analyze component stiffness.
  • Excellent knowledge of CAE analysis including stress analysis, crash analysis & durability.
  • Provides manufacturing support in technical matters relating to drawing interpretation, engineering change notices, rework manufacturing difficulties and specifications.
Aug 1999Jan 2004

Product Development Engineer - Injection Molded Interior Trim & Instrument Panel

DaimlerChrysler Corporation

2002 Dodge Ram & 2004 Dodge Durango

I was responsible for design; development and packaging of Hard trim interior components. I was also responsible to for FMVSS 201 Head Impact (HIC) testing to comply with NHTSA guide lines. Evaluated FMH videos & Hypergraph to analyze and recommend design change. I also recommended alternative manufacturing methods and processes.

  • Responsible for manufacturing and design of injection-molded interior trim panels and IP components.
  • Responsible for design changes feasible with tooling condition (slides, die pull, water line & tool action etc).
  • Executed DOE to optimize injection-molding process to minimize warping of gas assist trim panel.
  • Analyzed Mold Flow for tool design & capability to update gate locations to resolve flow line, knit line etc.
  • Implemented FMVSS 201 requirements for head impact & for full frontal impact FMVSS 208 in IP design.
  • Implement just-in-time (JIT) Lean manufacturing technique to increase productivity & to reduce plant inventory
Dec 1998Jul 1999

Design Release Engineer- Injection Molded Exterior Systems

Genral Motors Corporation

Air Inlet Pane ( 2000 Cadillac Deville GMX-270)

As a design release engineer, I was responsible for design, packaging, development and release of two shot injection molded cowl screen based on design office theme and vehicle architecture.Coordinate with cross functional team on packaging and design for quality, participated in advance manufacturing process review.

  • Designed & developed wipers/washer cowl screen design for new program from project start-up.
  • Initiate preliminary test and supporting analysis (DFMEA, PFMEA, DVP, QBC) to validate the design & Process.
  • Incorporates FMVSS &EEC requirements in system and component designs.
  • Redesigned air inlet panel for 2001 to pass Universal Water Management test.
  • Engineered grommet to achieve commonality across Cadillac & Pontiac platform
Mar 1997Nov 1998

Resident Engineer - Power Train & Chassis

Chrysler Corporation

2002 MY Jeep & Dodge Assembly Plants

Primary contact engineer responsible for design of engine lifting device.Responsibility in design, development and installation of power train and chassis tooling. Initiated and completed manufacturing scroll build, test plan, procedure, process methods & process sheets (SOP). Manage master time line, determine prototype tooling; evaluate cycle time & generated electronic tooling requirements.Reviewed and evaluated quality and participated in advance manufacturing quality audits to assure process variation reduction and components quality. Duties included reviewing internal (Daily Quality Audits) and external (JD Power Index and Customer Feedback) quality indicators.Coordinate with allied sources, engineers and supporting groups to meet the customers & design intent with customer first attitude.

  • Responsible for coordinating design & development activities for power train lifting device to pickup engine from the rack this resulted in zero injuries to the operator, improved throughput and eliminate material damage.
  • Responsible to facilitate problems solving to determine root causes, verify corrective actions, using mistake proofing techniques and robust design solutions to drive process improvements with leveraged results.
  • Successfully implemented pulse tools on line for ergonomics assembly of fasteners to reduce HPV and overall tooling cost.




Lawrence Technological University


University of Detroit Mercy


NED University of Engineering and Technology


Project Management
Manufacturing & Process
BIW Sheet Metal & Structures
Injection Molding & Extrusion