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My interest and goal in pursuing this three year diploma course is to HELP AND SHAPE YOUNG'S LIVES.

I am keen on studying children's behaviors and their thinkings, especially special needs children, which I am looking forward to study it in my following year.


My interest is running, playing sports and surfing the net.


My name is Cherrie Yong, currently a Year One student studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.I am pursuing a three year diploma course in Child Psychology and Early Education.I took up this course because I am fond of children and particularly interested in helping children with Special Needs.I hope to be able to change their lives and made them integrate into the mainstream schools ,just like other ordinary children. Studying and discovering the minds of children can be challenging but it will definitely enlighten and will be a pleasure.

Lastly, as quoted by Martin Luther King,Jr., Life's most urgent question is :What are you doing for others? With this inspirational quote, I am even motivated to help others and contribute to society.I am determined to dedicate my time to nurture young children and also to help special needs children.Every child is unique, and each of them brings joy and laughter that is priceless. 

Work experience

Healthy Start Child Development Centre

I have been there for my first internship programme for thirteen days to around mid September, in 2009.It was my first experience in a childcare centre setting. The centre catered to lower income families and the children got their clothes etc from donors.I still recalled how happy they were when they received the bags of clothes packed according to their names. The children were grouped according to their developmental age, according to their abilities.I was assigned to the kindergarten children which was a mixture of K1 and K2 children. The oldest child was up to eight years old! The children were all very friendly and they were easy to interact with. I have so much fun seeing them enjoy their outdoor activites, doing cooking lessons and even monitoring their nap times.

During the internship. i got to learn a lot from the person in charge, teachers and even the children. It was a valuable experience, and a memorable one.



Apr 2009Present

Ngee Ann Polytechnic


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Adobe Flash CS4
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Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word