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Richard is a strategic thinker and influential communicator. He connects people. His business acumen and passion for social enterprise is matched with creative energy, always on tap. He has a flexible and adaptable leadership style suited to working in uncertain environments and with multiple accountabilities. Committed to continuous improvement and inspiring personal development in others. Richard's consultative approach enables him to understand different perspectives to assist and coach leaders to develop strategies based on creative thinking and innovation. Richard is an effective public speaker supporting a room of delegates to gain valuable insights as a facilitator and their host. Richard's interest in the "third sector" started with the Compact. He worked with the NCVO to create what became Local Compact Voice, part of Compact Voice chaired then by Sir Michael Bichard and latterly Sir Michael Kelly. Richard chaired Local Compact Voice throughout his time at SAVO and COVER and membership increased to 250 members and the profile and understanding of the sector's relationship with local government increased as well. Richard's network includes many inspiring social entrepreneurs and they have influenced his growing interest in the parts of the sector which can build social capital and influence public service by transforming lives. This has developed into a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing a public service provider or organisation aiming to trigger systemic change. It has informed how he coaches CEOs to develop effective strategy with appropriate scale and finance. Richard has become increasingly interested in the value generated by social enterprise, the discipline of the business model, fit for this century's social development and economic challenges.

Work experience


Specialist Leader - Senior Manager

Suffolk County Council
Working corporately during uncertain times to promote systemic approaches and collaborative, innovative behaviours and using communication to inspire with expertise and energy.

Trustee of the charity and Director of the Company

Out and About
We transform the lives of disabled children so we have made the strategic choice to grow across the East of England and share our perspective more widely.

Director Corporate Development

Action with Communities in Rural England
We looked at the whole business and how it allocated resources to achieve its outcomes. We made significant savings and improved the capacity of the organisation to improve. The organisation was able to increase its quality levels benchmarked with standards in the areas of governance, team dynamics, and stakeholder relationships.

Chief Executive Officer

Ipswich Council for Voluntary Service
Adapted the business model. Improved liquidity, investment and improved reputation. Increased capacity of the organisation to earn more income from trading activity to build reserves and provide working capital for the development of community services including two neighbourhood childcare nurseries and six after-school activity and extended learning centres. ICVS became the 6 fastest growing company in Ipswich between 2005 - 08 and better positioned to secure investment for growth and a more competitive market position. The business model was better able to deliver more than just top line growth.
May 2005Sep 2005

Interim Manager

Consultancy - Suffolk County Council
Having been involved in the award winning Best Value Review of voluntary sector contracting, provided interim consultancy management to develop how this could be implemented corporately.

Health and Social Care Partnership Manager

Community and Voluntary Form Eastern Region (COVER)
Consultancy with NHS and Department of Health

Partnership Manager

Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations




University of Wales, Cardiff School of Management


University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Hutton Grammar School