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To obtain a job in the social service industry utilizing my masters degree.


I am most interested in woking with victims of domestic violence, clients experiencing substance abuse problems, providing therapeutic services and continuing to make changes in the child welfare system as well as advocating for children in foster care.


I have 6 1/2 years experience working as a permanency specialist at Youthville. This job includes writing social histories, court reports, attending court hearings, interacting and facilitating meetings with therapists, lawyers, schools, families, children and other social workers. I am capable of facilitating meetings, reporting to the court and meeting with families and children.  Through the years I have been able to build rapport easily with clients as I am honest and forward with them while remaining empathetic and acknowledging their situation. Through practicum I have engaged clients in the mental health hospital setting working with adults experiencing menthal health issues. This allowed me to become more educated on services available for the homeless, uninsured, and in danger or returning home. This has also been an excellent opportunity to provide education to clients regarding mental illness and substance abuse. 

Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Permanency Specialist


As a permanency specialist at Youthville I have provided direct services to consumers. This position entails facilitating family group decision making meetings, writing court reports, attending court hearings, building rapport with consumers and providing resources that may be helpful to the consumer. I have learned and utilized knowledge regarding mental health diagnosis, treatment options for consumers with mental health needs as well as working with professionals from other professions that work with these consumers. This position has allowed and required a wide range of knowledge and skills to perform this job effectively and efficiently.

Jun 2011May 2012

Social Work Student

Via Christi Behavioral Health Hospital

This position required individual meetings with clients to complete a psychosocial assessment. This included building rapport with the consumer, starting at the place the consumer was ready to, demonstratiing empathy to the consumers through my actions, body language and facial expressions. This is an assessment that explores the consumers mental state, environment and person as a whole, rather than focusing on what brought them to the hospital. Co-leading or leading process group is another task I enjoyed. Process group is an opportunity for the consumers to discuss their situations, receive feedback from the social workers and other consumers in the group. This is an opportunity to provide the consumer with helpful information to apply to their situation to assist them in making the change they want to occur.

Aug 1998Jun 2005

Customer Service Manager


I began working at Walmart as a cashier in Atichison Kansas, then transferred to El Dorado Kansas while I went to Butler County Community College. Following that i transferred to a Wal-Mart in Wichita KS where I worked until I graduated with my bachelor degree in 2005.


Jun 2010Present


Wichita State University
Aug 2002May 2005

Bachelor of Arts

Wichita State University


Ability to facilitate meetings.
Through years of working with clients I have gained the skills to facilitate meetings and accomplish the needs of the meeting while keeping all members on track and not letting it stray from the topic and goals of the meeting.
Ability to build rapport with clients.
Through years of working with people, I have gained the ability to build rapport with clients under stressful situations. I can motivate clients and guide them through struggles they encounter. I am able to empower clients by pointing out things they have accomplished and keep them focused on the goals they are attempting to achieve.
Can type 70+ words a minute
I am a proficient typer, with few errors, averaging 70+ words a minute.