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Highly experienced Sybase Database and Replication Server Administrator, having worked (almost) exclusively with Sybase products for more than a decade. Through the variety of positions I have held in the past, I also have experience in application development in Perl, and web developement using Apache, Perl, CGI, DHTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Work experience

Dec 2007Present

Senior Sybase Consultant

Red Rock Consulting

Joined Red Rock as Senior Sybase Consultant, helping with the transistion of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) account from the previous outsourcer. I have also contributed to security and health-check audits of other customers.Techincal skills currently in use are Sybase ASE 12.5 - 15.5 on Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms. Replication Server 12.6 to 15.2 on Solaris and Linux. Also continuing development work for management and monitoring toolsets in Perl, SQL, Java, Shell Script and whatever else is needed ;)

Apr 2005Dec 2007

Senior Sybase DBA

Unisys New Zealand

Client lead on the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) account. 24/7 support for the corporation’s key systems, as well as the DBA representative to the corporation for technical issues. Skills involved include (among others) design, build and deployment of new db systems, analysis and design of disaster recovery plans, monitoring, performance tuning, and capcity planning. Responsible for both the ongoing continuous improvement of DBA services to the client, as well as participation in incident and problem management forums to resolve issues and prevent future problems.Technical environment was a system of large Solaris server platforms (E25k) and some smaller ones, hosting 20 Sybase servers (ASE 12.x & 12.5.x) with instances of Replication Server (12.6) using both warm standby and replication definitions. Front end applications in Visual Basic & Java, mostly through application server middle layers, and some interface to/from Oracle databases (no heterogeneous replication though).

Jun 2003Sep 2004

Perl, Sybase, Unix Support Engineer

Barclays Capital

24/7 support for the bank’s market and credit risk systems. Responsibility for maintaining all areas of the system, including incoming and outgoing data streams, monitoring and enhancing performance of database and non-database objects, checking and correcting data integrity. Also responsible for developing departmental intranet site using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Perl for CGI-enabled applications.Technical environment was a system of multi-gigabyte (250+) Sybase 11.9.2 databases on an HP-UX 11 platform with front end applications in Visual Basic and intranet Perl/CGI. Back end applications in a mixture of Perl, Intranet/CGI, C, C++ and Unix shell.

Jun 2002Mar 2003

Development DBA

Credit Suisse First Boston

Responsible for the management and enhancement of the data model for the Equity Sales IT department. Responsibilities included the enhancement of the data model to include new applications and feature. Also responsible for the redesign of the legacy data model to conform to current standards and best practice (the system was very old).Technical environment was several medium-sized Sybase 11.9.2 databases on a Solaris platform. Front end applications were in Visual Basic and also web-based (internet and intranet) with a middle tier transaction server for database connectivity.

Apr 2000Feb 2002

Sybase & Perl Developer/DBA

Support and development for the bank's credit risk system. Data feeds and extracts in Perl on HP-UX and database development on Sybase ASE 11.9.2. Database activities include database design, stored procedure development and performance tuning.
Apr 1997Apr 2000

Sybase Database Administrator

Mercury Asset Management

24/7 support of the main trading system running on Sybase 11.0 on Solaris. As well as the standard DBA duties, I also did considerable development on automating DBA activities to free up the DBAs for more productive tasks - something I have continued in all future engagements.

Nov 1995Apr 1997

Scientific Officer


Joined DRA from university as a 50/50 office assistant and scientific officer in the Land Systems (LS1) division. Having passed PV(S) security checks, was moved to full-time on techincal work, mostly in the database area using SuperBase, MS Access and Sybase (on VMS!)




University of Manchester - Institute of Science and Technology

The "Manangment Sciences" course, run by the Manchester School of Management (now part of Manchester Business School) covers many areas used in management that have a quasi-scientific background. Modules I took included: Financial Accounting, Organisational Psychology, Economic History, Sociology, Optimal Resource Allocation, Management Statistics & Management Information Systems. The course content was reviewed by HEFCE in 1994:"The assessors come to the overall conclusion, based on the assessment visit and analysis of the self- assessment, together with the statistical indicators, that the quality of education in business and management at the UMIST Manchester School of Management is excellent."


MS Office Apps
Competent with the full MS suite of applications - Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project & Visio.
MS SQL Server
Have some exposure as a user and administrator, but no formal training.
Oracle 9i DBA
Have completed both the DBA Fundamentals I & II courses, but have yet to use the skill in practice.
Web Development
Mostly used Apache web server with CGI/Perl scripting, some JaveScript (and VBScript) and CSS style sheets.
Perl Development
Mostly web application development and ETL processes for data loading/extract.
Sybase RepServer Administration
Have used versions 11.0 to 12.6 with Warm Standby and publish/subscribe replication. Have not used heterogeneous replication.
Sybase ASE Administration
Have used all versions from 10.0 to 15.0.2


Alan Bromwich

Alan is a fellow consultant at Red Rock. We have worked together since October 2008.

Mark Carline

Mark was the team leader at Unisys NZ, and is now a fellow consultant at Red Rock. We have worked together since April 2005.