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Work experience

Team Member


-Students in Free Enterprise at St. Norbert College

-A Non-profit organization educating people on concepts like market economics, entrepreneurship, and business ethics through educational outreach projects.

Jun 2009Aug 2010

Marketing Intern

Manhattan Beer Distributers
  • Worked in the Point of Sales warehouse, organizing and locating tools sales representatives required before they went out into the field.
  • Assisted the Graphic Arts Department on site.
  • Worked with Sales Representatives who covered chain stores in Manhattan including Duane Reade, CVS, Whole Foods, and Gristedes.
  • Shadowed non-alcoholic beverages for independent venues in Manhattan.
  • Helped initiate a promotional campaign for supporting Corona, targeting neighborhoods across the Bronx.
  • Assisted a plumber who serviced bars across the city, ensuring that the taps were working correctly.
Dec 2008Jan 2009

Human Resources Intern

M Booth & Associates
  • Worked directly for Chief People Officer to update and organize essential employee information
  • Sifted through personel past and present employee files to retrieve missing data, and record it into a master spreadsheet
  • Scanned employee information into the system
  • Compiled "New Intern Packets"
Jun 2008Aug 2008

Assistant Counselor

Trinity School Day Camp
  • Co-Counselor a in four and five year-old class
  • Activities included swimming, indoor and outdoor play, literacy excersizes and games, small group and one-on-one activities
Jun 2006Aug 2007

Counselor In Training, Assistant Counselor

Camp Highlands for Boys
  • Duties on staff included camp maintenance, kitchen assistant, cabin counselor, basketball instructor, and basketball coach.



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Jody Johnson

In the short time that Luke assisted my department he was able to quickly understand, tackle and complete assigned tasks.  He made an immediate difference and was well liked by staff.

Wolfgang Grassl

"I know Luke Barr from classes on marketing and market research. He is a serious, dedicated, intelligent, and reliable student who can master even abstract issues well. His determination, intellectual gifts, knowledge, and mature personality should make Luke a desirable staff member for many businesses."

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