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• Ask users and stakeholders the what, when, how and why they want their enterprise application or embedded software built, packaged and released into their environment. • Take users and stakeholder requirements into the design of the build environment; create the source control and change management, test and deployment plan for the release of software products. • Take the release design and plan to implement an ease of use, flexible and automated build and release tool suite and an environment from which to deploy the products to the users and stakeholders. • Provide source control and change management tools, which provide control, branching, monitoring of changes and metrics that users and stakeholders require during the product’s lifecycle. • Develop and maintain web client/server applications and scripts that provide the creation and maintenance of SCM/CM release branches, builds, release kits, installers and deployment by QA testers, Program Managers and their respective managers. • Develop and maintain multiple build servers to reduce build time for gcc/g++ and Microsoft C/C++/C# tool suites using Electric Cloud and Open Source build engines using Make. • Develop and maintain IT infrastructure (servers, storage, WAN/LAN networks, security and privacy protection, administration applications) for Hardware and Software development environments on Windows and Linux platforms with virtualization from EMC, Microsoft or Zen. • Document the IT infrastructure with setup, administration and user manuals, SCM/CM, build, release changes, content and processes with conveying the best practices.

Work experience

May 2002Present

Senior Software Engineer - R&D for Symmetrix/CLARiiON Storage Products

EMC Corporation
• I am a Self starter, solving complex problems while possessing the ability to conceptualize and identify the business impact of solutions. • 7 years experience in developing and/or in mentoring development of highly sophisticated and innovative systems. • Gathering system and user requirements from stakeholders; researching and evaluating options; and following up with functional specs that conform to the requirements for system applications, tools and environments. • Technically leading and mentoring teams of software engineers. • Developing GNU gcc/g++ applications, kernel drivers and the build environment in Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE Linux OS. • Analysizing massive amounts of data, identifying patterns, and finding ways to utilize the patterns for performance optimization. • Making presentations to management teams in order to inform them about business solutions and to get go-ahead decisions • Understanding formal software development methods, including knowledge of Rational Unified Process (RUP), UML, IDL and Simics modeling languages. • Ability to understand very abstract concepts on one hand, and the details of the implementation on the other hand. • Proven background designing algorithms and providing guidance to other team members to create collaborative, on-time Simics CPU simulations • Developing and implementing release management tool in Perl on a Windows platform. • Creating build and make scripts in many Linux environments with Bash shell scripts. • As build manager, consistently perform systems analysis to find the root cause of problems in a distributed environment of Linux operating system kernel, drivers, virtual memory, processes, synchronization, multi-threading, IPC communication schema.
2000May 2002

Release Manager

• Design/implemented Make Release Processes, where I developed Makefiles, scripts, tools and nightly build processes for releasing Clearmake built PPC and MIPS embedded components to a Smoke Test environment. • Created developer private and release build branches, branch file merge and labeling scripts for internal base revision release code versions and updating COTS development software. • Troubleshooted and identified root cause RTOS kernel, drivers, supervisory and user level application and installer issues with developer’s builds to get a working release build on-time. • Developed Perl scripts for an integrated release process on Solaris and Windows platforms. • Directed the performance tuning and configuration of ClearCase VOB and viewstore servers for improved developer productivity and reduced build time. • Developed Clearmake files where Windows NT command and C-shell scripts were previously used to build the PPC and MIPS embedded components. • Installed ClearCase NT Client software on PC’s mounting VOB’s exported with Syntax TAS NFS server software. • Developed Perl scripts for ClearCase VOB triggers, SNMP development suites build component header file creation, daily build reporting parsing, and SQA test scripts. • Built and installed licensed, shareware and public domain software tools for Java and C/C++ embedded code development, within ClearCase VOB’s to maintain version control. • Develop and write formal Release Notes and ReadMe text documents for the Clearmake built PPC and MIPS embedded components, which are product released to end-users. • Provided training to developers on the use of snapshot viewstores and private branch ClearCase viewstore configuration specifications. • Configured and developed build processes for Red Hat Linux and Windows NT OS, using their respective GNU tool suites.

Release and Configuration Manager

Nortel Networks, Inc.
• Installed Multi-site ClearCase Server and Client software on SUN UNIX systems. • Created a multiple ClearCase VOB development directory tree for scripts, 3rd-party tools, source, make, library, and header files. • Created branch labels for code development branch generation. • Converted the external build development directories and files, into ClearCase VOB objects. • Created ClearCase configuration specification files for all branches of the product development process. • System administrator for UNIX SUN servers, workstations, PC X-window clients, NT (v4.0) servers, NFS file systems, DNS/NIS server databases, CAD, development tool licenses and version updates.
Jun 1994Jul 1997

Senior Software Engineer

• Designed, developed and built an IP network gateway, using OpenVMS 7.0, C, MMS, CMS, and UCX 4.0. • Developed multiple C/C++ process enterprise applications, running on Windows and UNIX platforms, utilizing IPC messaging to provide IEEE 802.3 Ethernet network user interface as a timeout feature. • Developed an API for OpenVMS system and UCX function calls. • Developed an IP network gateway prototype using DCL script commands. • Maintained prototype code, assisted in field trials and evaluation, and provided help desk support. • Developed a functional and detail design specification for the WAN network product. • Installed and administrated several OpenVMS and MS Windows NT desktop and LAN server systems. • Installed and configured several client/server applications requiring Microsoft BackOffice 2.0, SQL 6.0, Email Exchange and Internet servers. • Performed performance tuning on clients and servers to increase application speed. • Created private-public shares between clients/servers and server to server. • Installed and configured TCP/IP on WFW, WIN95 clients and NT servers. • Developed a MMS and CMS software development environment for twelve network tool applications. • Maintained code and provided help desk support for DEC's international WAN network users.



Bachelor of Science

Rochester Institute of Technology