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Work experience

Dec 2009Present



PlayCHIMP is dedicated to promoting the musician in all of us. It is a fun and innovative way of creating musical collaborations, auditioning for band members and so much more.

I am currently working as a volunteer to help get PlayCHIMP, currently in its pre-alpha phase, off the ground.

Dec 2007Present

Contract Web Developer


I have worked for Tamar as a web developer periodically for over 4 years, contributing to her growth from under 30 employees to over 60 employees on 3 continents in a development team which expanded from 3 to over 10 people. I have led the development of internal systems and libraries.

I collaborated with other Perl and .Net developers as well as with the design team on both small and large projects, producing and improving programming solutions for online insurance and loan quote engines (e.g. and e-commerce sites (e.g. for dozens of clients. I integrated and maintained server- and client-side solutions, usually scheduling multiple tasks simultaneously and responding to tight deadlines.

Having a lead role in the client-side development project for the re-design of, I was solely responsible for designing the templating structure and CSS code, as well as coordinating development.

Since December ‘07 I have been working part-time and remotely, balancing work for Tamar with my MSc.I had to manage my time well and negotiate my needs flexibly with Tamar's.

Aug 2007Aug 2009

Website and publicity officer

Latin, Ballroom and Salsa society

As the publicity and website officer on the committee for the Latin, Ballroom and Salsa society at the University of Nottingham, I designed, built and maintained their website from scratch ( as well as setting up shared email accounts and document and calendar services for the committee.

The website was awarded “highly commended” in the “best website” category of the 2009 student union’s society awards against over 100 competitors.

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Web developer


I completely wrote the JavaScript for a new student insurance quote engine for Endsleigh ( This was the largest and most complex JavaScript project, and the only one involving Ajax technology, that Tamar has ever undertaken. I created a whole JavaScript library base for Tamar to work with in future. Two years later I was rewrote the system to integrate with the jQuery JavaScript library.

Aug 2005Sep 2006

Junior web developer


I started working for Ltd. as a year in industry student. I quickly learned how to modify and improve on their existing object-oriented Perl code base, maintain and modify the Unix servers and offer Windows technical support for other employees.

I also improved my CSS, HTML and JavaScript skills, taking a lead role on many new time-critical jobs and projects for high-profile clients.


Sep 2007Dec 2010


University of Nottingham

I have studied principles of usability and accessibility as well as interface and new media design and theory of socio-technical systems and mobile technologies in my Interactive Systems Design MSc.

Key modules

New Media Design(72%)

Software Project Management (68%)User Interface Design(62%)


BSc Honours; Science bachelor's degree

University of Nottingham

I studiedprinciples of object oriented programming,cryptography and relational databases in my Computer Science bachelor’s degree.

Relevant modules

Individual dissertation(63%)

Theory of relational databases (76%)

Object oriented principles (62%)


Usability and Accessibility
I have worked on enterprise-grade websites at Ltd. to the highest accessibility standards. I have a thorough knowledge of how to make a website accessible to a broad spectrum of users, including disabled users, and understand the laws and implications behind website design decisions.   I also have a thorough knowledge of usability principles through my MSc, and have a thorough understanding of how to make websites intuitive and easy to use.
Web standards
I have an excellent knowledge of many W3C standards, including (x)HTML, HTML5, CSS3, WAI-AAA
Debian and Unix systems
I have maintained Debian servers for Ltd. for many years and have extensive knowledge of both the Unix command-line and Debian linux. 
Search-Engine Optimisation
I have a fair knowledge of SEO principles, having worked closely with SEO specialists on Ltd. websites, and designed two sites, and, from scratch with SEO principles in mind.
I have a good knowledge of the jQuery JavaScript library, having used it in the creation of enterprise website solutions.
I have a deep understanding of JavaScript language architecture and capabilities. I have created multiple enterprise-grade JavaScript and Ajax solutions for insurance quote engines and e-commerce sites and created whole JavaScript programming frameworks from scratch.
Apache server configuration
Experience with setting up and maintaining Apache server configurations, including for complex corporate websites like
Experience with object-oriented programming and CMS modification. Experience with Drupal CMS and Doctrine ORM manager.
Developed commercial quote engines and e-commerce websites for Ltd, as well as use in my own personal projects.   Experience with object-oriented programming and module creation, integration with mod-perl, and MVC frameworks including Catalyst.



I have 3 years experience developing elegant commercial search-engine optimised websites. I have excellent communication skills and have worked with external clients under pressure. I am looking for a new full time position building usable and accessible new web applications. I have experience working in a team on large and small server- and client-side development projects.

My current Masters degree is focusing on usability, accessibility and interface design. Throughout my education and career I have been drawn to elegant and simple solutions. I am interested in developing my design skills alongside the creation of efficient programming frameworks.


At the University of Nottingham I helped develop the Latin and Ballroom, and Salsa dancing teams. My partner and I were finalists in several inter-varsity competitions from ’07 to ‘09.

I have travelled widely including North America, Australia, South-East Asia and Europe, and have playing the piano since I was 5 years old.

I have a keen interest in open source ideology. I have used, tested and helped to improve the products of many open source projects. I follow current affairs closely, and occasionally campaign to raise awareness of issues such as climate change.