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Work experience

Nov 2009Dec 2010

Artistic Volunteer

Art Start

What is Art Start?

In the spring of 1991, a handful of artists got together to make art with homeless kids in NYC. Over the next decade and a half, Art Start became an award-winning, nationally recognized model for using the arts to save lives and transform communities. Art Start instills in our kids the confidence to ask important questions, make independent choices, and pursue meaningful opportunities to share their ideas and dreams.


Tuesday/Thursday nights from 6-7pm at the affiliated Nazareth Housing, carrying out the Art Start program.

  • Counselor: Encourage the child to vent frustration, concerns, and insecurities through art.
  • Activities Volunteer: Aid project leaders when they need help carrying out their projects.

Under References:

Dorit Margalit (Superior)

Jul 2008Aug 2008

Office Manager

Nazareth Housing

What is Nazareth Housing?

Founded in 1983, Nazareth Housing has since become a pioneer in the development of cluster site transitional housing for homeless families. Moreover, In June of 2008, Nazareth Housing was recognized as the best family shelter provider for a shelter under 100 beds and has been rated in the top 10 family shelter providers for NYC since 2006. Our commitment to assisting families in obtaining safe and stable housing goes beyond housing, to encompass an array of programs that help to prevent future episodes of homelessness.


Mondays to Thursdays from 12pm to 4pm working at the Nazareth Housing Office

  • Data Management and Organization [General]
  • Secretarials: Answered phone calls
  • Casual: Babysitting the children of clients

Under References:

Dorit Margalit (Superior)

Mar 2005Jun 2005

Lab Assistant

NASA Aerospace Education Laboratory


Mondays to Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm, working at the NASA Lab located on 220 Henry Street (NYC)

  • Equipment Organization
  • Data Input/Organization (Specialization in Microsoft Excel)

Under References:

Peter Giles (Superior)

Megan Roberts (Superior)

Apr 2004Jun 2004

Organizational Assistant

Henry Street School for Intl Studies

What is Henry Street School for Intl Studies?

The Henry Street School for International Studies community is committed to creating an inclusive environment where students are full partners in learning literacy and problem solving skills to succeed in higher education. We will engage in world issues, languages and cultures to participate as ethical, responsible, local and global citizens.


Mondays to Fridays from 3pm to 6pm at the Office of Henry Street School for Intl Studies

  • Organizational Responsibilities: Supply closet, classrooms, etc.

Under References:

Hoa Tu (Superior)

Jan 2002Apr 2002

Security Team/Tutor for Children

Grand Street Settlement

What is Grand Street Settlement?

Since its founding in 1916, Grand Street Settlement has offered a continuum of innovative programs ranging from early childhood and youth development to community support for adults and seniors. Grand Street Settlement provides residents of the Lower East Side community with the tools and support they need to overcome challenging circumstances and build productive lives and futures.


Mondays to Fridays from 3pm to 7pm at Grand Street Settlement

  • Security Guard: Provided security/protection for the assigned 3 building floors
  • Tutor for Children: Supervised and tutored elementary children

Under References:

Thanh Bui (Superior)


Sep 2006Jun 2010

High School

Henry Street School of International Studies

Delegation to Morocco


Jan 2010Present

United Nations Conference Participation

Columbia Campus
Apr 2009Present

Member of a Morocco Trip

Henry Street for International Studies
Oct 2009Mar 2010

Senior Trip Planner

Henry Street School for International Studies
Nov 2007Feb 2008

Youth Venture

Henry Street School for International Studies


Card Club

§Learned the psychology of poker

§Learned the statistics behind poker

Basket Ball team

§I was Point guard

Track team

§Trained two days a week for two hours each day

§I ran the In the New York Road Runner Cross Country, New York Road Runners Running with Champions, Norwegian festival and the Fifth Avenue Mile

Karate (five style shotokan)

§I was in karate from 6th Grade-11th Grade

§I obtained a green belt two stripes


1. Dean's List Third Honors

2. Certificate of Achievement (Card Club)

11th Grade - School Distinction

3. Academic Achievement in Spanish

9th Grade - School Distinction

4. Student of the Year

9th Grade - Regional Distinction

5. Certificate of Participation in Nazareth Housing

10th Grade - Regional Distinction


Thanh Bui

Hoa Tu

Megan Roberts

Peter Giles

Dorit Margalit