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Objective: To obtain a challenging, full-time position utilizing strengths in the areas of K-12 art education, after-school arts, art production, business marketing, arts management, and international cultures.

As your school searches for creative and enthusiastic educators to fill available positions, please allow me to share some of my unique qualities and background experiences which will benefit your K-12 visual arts students.

I have many life experiences which took place in multiple countries around the globe (mainly in Africa and Europe) and I have two university degrees. My first undergraduate degree is a B.S. in business marketing from Iowa State and the second is a B.F.A. from the University of Georgia in art education. At UGA, I had three art education courses with Dr. Richard Siegesmund, who obtained his doctorate at Stanford University while working under Elliot Eisner, a pioneer in the field of art education. Elliott Eisner's article, “10 Lessons the Arts Teach,” can be found on the front page of the National Art Education website. These ideas are developed in E. Eisner's book, “The Arts and Creation of Mind,” (2002) which I studied in one of Dr. Siegesmund's UGA Art Education courses. I believe many of Eisner's ideas are extremely relevant to educators and students who are challenged by our ever-changing culture and global society:

“The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solutionand that questions can have more than one answer.

The arts celebrate multiple perspectives.One of their large lessons is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world.

The arts make vivid the fact that neither words in their literal form nor numbers exhaust what we can know. The limits of our language do not define the limits of our cognition.

The arts help children learn to say what cannot be said.When children are invited to disclose what a work of art helps them feel, they must reach into their poetic capacities to find the words that will do the job.” *

*Retrieved from the National Art Education Association website: 1-28-2010.

My love of art and teaching has been life long. My first degree, had I followed my heart, would have been in art education, but at the time, I believed that a business degree would provide more security. After homeschooling our children and teaching art at various times and in various countries, it became further apparent that my passion lies in teaching art to youth. In order to be able to do this in a more structured environment, I decided to go back to university, earn a BFA in Art Education, and obtain a Georgia teaching license.

Another aspect of my background which benefits students are my visual art lessons and stories related to my cross-cultural experiences living in Africa and Europe. I enjoy sharing these lessons, opportunities, and challenges from my time spent in South Africa, Zimbabwe, France, and Italy. As our culture moves toward a global perspective, I appreciate the desire to provide students with relevant content to aid in multi-cultural understandings. My first hand experiences opened my eyes to the breadth and depth of students' needs and abilities within various cultures and in turn, provides students with knowledge and stories related to these first hand experiences. For instance, our family lived in South Africa for one year during the ten-year anniversary of their democracy. I had the unique opportunity of teaching teens in an afterschool arts program near the township, Masiphumelele. These students had few material possessions but were rich with artistic skills and talents that blossomed in the afterschool program. On the other hand, in Italy, I co-taught Italian speaking 2nd graders in a small elementary school in a small medieval hilltop town, Cortona. During the three months studying at UGA's art program in Italy, I co-taught art lessons that combined aspects of Italian & American art and social studies. These lessons concluded with the installation of a colorful mosaic mural permanently displayed on the walls of the school. With the language barrier between English, Italian, and in South Africa-Xhosa in place, I learned to use my smile, hand gestures, enthusiasm, chalkboard drawings, and visual aids to communicate information, excitement, and passion for art where oral language translation left off. These experiences provided a base of knowledge concerning student’s diverse needs and applications in the classroom that I trust you will find makes me uniquely qualified to bring a global perspective of art education to your students.

Work experience

Art Education Student Teaching

Fall Semester 2009

Collins Hill High School, Suwanee, GA Planned and implemented multicultural crafts lessons (African Batiks), 3-D Design lessons (Paper Travel Shoes), art history and art criticism lessons for 9 weeks, 9-12 grade students. Supervising Teacher-Susan Sparks, 2008, CHHS Star Teacher of the Year.

Pharr Elementary School, Snellville, GA Planned and implemented multicultural music, ceramics, and service learning lessons for 850+, K-5 students. Students engaged in lessons related to African music arts, culture, environment, and animals. Students created African clay animal rattles and participated in service learning by collecting over 250 pairs of gently worn shoes for global relief efforts.

Art Education Field Experiences


Fall 2008, Clarke Middle School, Athens, GA Teaching assistance in 6th through 8th grade art classrooms.

Spring 2008, Cortona Elementary School, Cortona, Italy Planned and executed integrated visual arts and social studies lessons in the Italian language to second grade students.

Fall 2007, Chase Street Elementary School, Athens, GA Planned and executed integrated visual art and literature lessons to first and fifth grade general classrooms.

Spring 2006, Pharr Elementary School, Snellville, GA Teaching assistance in kindergarten through 5th grade art classrooms.

Missionary and Teacher in South Africa

One year service term-2004

Cape Peninsula Area, South Africa Missionary, teacher, and co-owner/manager of a missions guest house (The Team House, serving Living Hope Community Centres (


After-school Arts Program Coordinator, Masiphumelele, South AfricaPlanned, directed, and taught HIV/AIDS awareness education, life/social skills, visual arts, games, music, and bible lessons to Living Hope Community Centres’ after-school youth/teen program.

The Team House Co-manager, Noordhoek, South AfricaCreated and co-managed The Team House, guest house and retreat center, for visiting mission teams serving Living Hope Ministries in Cape Town. Co-hosted an average of two mission teams per month with frequently 10-35 persons per team. Mission teams traveled from the UK, USA, Canada, and various countries throughout Africa. The Team House hosted numerous USA musicians including Jars of Clay, FFH, Casting Crowns, and South African musicians for concerts benefiting Living Hope Community Centres.

Community Service, Arts and Homeschool Teacher, and Arts Endeavors


Private Fine Arts Academy Teacher(2002-2003 school year)Calligraphy, illumination, and history of the bible teacher for 3rd-12th grade students attending Master’s Academy of Fine Arts, Snellville, GA.

Community and Church Volunteer Sunday school and VBS teacher for elementary grades (TX and GA), Awana lead teacher for third grade (GA), Awana bible-story time lead teacher for elementary grades (approx. 300 Awana attendees in GA). VBS coordinator and teacher for a middle school missions program ministering to inner-city youth (Orlando, FL), Coordinator and teacher for 100 children attending a special bible study and art day in 2003 sponsored by Living Hope Community Centre’s Children's Clubs, Masiphumelele, South Africa.

Homeschool Teacher in all core subjects for 2nd-5th grades. Homeschooled our three children, Ben, Mark, and Grace while living in Texas, Georgia, and South Africa. Ben graduated Grayson High School, Loganville, GA in 2006, fifth in his class of 550+ students. Mark was Grayson's valedictorian in 2007 and Grace is in the top 2% of the GHS class of 2012.

Artist (1966-present) Created first original oil painting (landscape of a South Dakota farm) on a framed canvas at age 7. Produced, exhibited, and sold calligraphic artwork in arts and crafts fairs and galleries in Salado and Addison, Texas. Sold 12 original calligraphic artworks for printing and resale through Joshua's Christian Bookstores, Fort Worth, Texas. Completed multiple university level studio art and art education courses in the USA, South Africa, and Italy including color and composition, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, wheel-thrown pottery, graphic design, calligraphy, printmaking, book arts, photography, painting in various mediums and styles including oil, acrylic, folk art, ceramic, majolica, and watercolor painting, art aesthetics, art criticism, art history, K-12 art education, special education, and multicultural art education. Exhibited book arts crafts in the 2008 UGA LDSOA student art exhibit in Cortona, Italy. In 2009, exhibited ceramics, oil paintings, and book arts creations in art shows at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, UGA, Athens, GA.

Positions in Business Arena

1985-1986, Austin, Texas, Marketing Research Consultant reporting to AT&T’s Consumer Marketing Division, Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Compiled and analyzed marketing data in a 100+ page report with recommendations for AT&T's Texas consumer marketing strategies.

1984-1985, Basking Ridge, NJ, Consumer Advertising Research ManagerCompiled research into reports, presentations and projects related to AT&T's national consumer advertising and pricing strategies.

1983-1984, Fort Worth, TX, Marketing and Advertising Manager Eastman Financial Company- Created the company's marketing plan and managed the implementation of advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing approaches to Texas business and consumer customers.

1982-1983, Kansas City, MO, Sales Manager AT&T Business-to-Business Marketing Center

1981-1982, Kansas City, MO, Assistant BuyerMacy's Department Stores, Midwest Division

Art Lessons Portfolio/PPTs


Aug 2006Dec 2009


University of Georgia


December 2009-Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Art Education, University of Georgia, Ceramics and Book Arts Emphasis, GPA-3.9/4.0, Certified State of Georgia K-12 Art Education, Level 4

February 1981-Bachelor of Science Degree, Industrial Administration, Business Marketing Emphasis, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa