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I am consulting for Business & Decision in the United Kingdom and working on SAS 9.1.3 using SAS SPD Server.

In my previous roles I have worked at Bankwest in Perth, Australia on several RMS related projects using SAS. I am was responsible for setting up the SAS N-Tier architecture on AIX and building the DDS for SAS CRMS 4.2 using a combination of SAS Management Console and SAS DI Studio. Other work included implementing model changes to the Advanced RMS system and building and maintaining SAS OLAP Cubes. My last assignment here was to design the a SAS presentation server.

In my work in South Africa I worked in a contracting basis in designing and implementing SAS DIS and operational systems using Dataflux, DI Studio, SPD Engine and Base SAS, SAS Macro and SAS SCL coding. The systems I have used SAS to interact with include MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Universe. I have developed on SAS on a Windows platform as well using ODBC. I have enjoyed an administrative role throughout my SAS Development years. I am proficient in using SAS Information Map Studio, SAS Web Report Studio and working on IBM’s AIX.

I have my degree in BTech IT and I received distinctions for Object Databases and Expert Systems. I have also been certified in SAS Programming, SAS Advanced Programming and SAS Platform Administration for SAS9.

I am interested in contracting and/or full time employment.

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

SAS Developer


Bankwest is a leading Retail and Business bank in Western Australia owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia. SAS is utilized as their Risk Management system of choice which includes an implementation of Basel II.

lTeam Lead

lDesigning presentation server

lDeveloping and Implementing SAS projects on DI Studio.

lPromoting SAS work through peer review and AIX implementation.

lImplementing Risk Models in the SAS Risk Engine.

lBuilding MOLAP, ROLAP and HOLAP cubes in SAS DI Studio.

lBuilding DDS for SAS CRMS 4.2 (APRA approved).

lSetting up SAS N-Tier system for CRMS 4.2 and DDS 1.2

Sep 2003May 2008

SAS Consultant

PBT Group

PBT Group specialise in providing business intelligence as a consulting service to various institutions nationwide. These include insurance, credit risk and other financial sectors.

SAS Consultant

    • SAS Development in Base SAS, Dataflux functions, DI Studio and SAS Macro language
    • Supporting the current architecture.
    • Creating sign-off documents and project plans.
    • The work I have been involved include:

üData scrubbing of addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail. Includes using Dataflux with locales.

üIAB Scheduler support

üLSF Support (last used Nov. 2003)

üSQL and Universe support from SAS.

üExtract, Stage and Load of data into SAS EDW

üSupport of SQL tables from SAS

üFinancial development and design

üDimensional Marts

üOLAP Cubes (some very basic MDX coding)

üWeb Report Studio

    • Specific Project work includes:

üDesign and implementation of transaction utility to, trap bad transactions, report them (using SAS email and HTML over excel programming) and feed the bad transaction back into Universe

üImplementation of payment profile mart for performing and non-performing customers

üRedesign and implementation of ETL process using SAS pass-thru programming to transfer extract work over to SQL server.

üDesign and implementation of Best Contact campaign marts utilising Deeds and Dataflux match codes to match addresses to property owned by the customer or spouse thereof. Designed to capture letter RTS for Campaigns (Done in DI Studio) and update relevant marts and tables with statuses captured from various sources

üDesign and implementation of ETL process to import SQL log table for telephone system invalidation. (Also ETL Studio)

üExtract, stage and load of financials from Universe into SAS EDW

üImplementation of complex financial pecking system to calculate pecking of payments and induplim across columns per transaction. Columns being capital, interest, legal fees and bank charges. NCA Compliance.

üRedesign and implementation of financial statements for home loan customers.

üDesign and implementation of financial report for CCA requirements.

üDocumentation of entire EDW environment from administrative, financial, facts and mart point of view. Using flowcharts and entity relationship diagrams.

üDesign and implement Interest rate engine based on an account’s active status, pension and payment method as well as Repo and apply the rate retrospectively.

üDesign and implementation of Collection Commission utility to generate commission based on 10% of payments pecked off various pecking columns based on the current collector.

üDesigned OLAP Cube to show the business what accounts have been campaigned on, when they have been campaigned, if fee has been raised for a campaign and if the letter has been RTS’ed.

üDesign and implementation of dynamic extract, stage and load of transactions into EDW using control tables in DI Studio

üCreating Reports in Web Report Studio.


IT Specialist


IBM BCRS is the Business Continuity and Recovery Services division of IBM. The service provided is ready-for-use hardware and software in the event that a client experiences a disaster. Also to provide backup recovery and system mirroring on various IBM platforms, particularly AS/400 systems.

System Support

    • Backup and Recovery on various platforms: IBM AS/400, IBM pSeries and other Microsoft Windows based platforms.


Dennis Wessels

Michelle Baron-Williamson

Ron Wale

Kendal Jordi

Gavin McMaster

Drew Goodchild




University of the Witwatersrand


(* received overall 2 distinctions *)

Outline of modules:

Networks IV


Expert Systems

Databases IV



Research Methodology

Functional Management

Data Management


Operating Systems

Application Technology



Business Analysis & Applications

Jan 1998Dec 2000


University of the Witwatersrand


(* received overall 1 distinction *)

Information Systems I, II, III

·Microsoft Access

·Project Management

System Software I, II


·Operating Systems


Development Software I, II, III

·Korn Shell

·Oracle SQL


Management Principle & Practices

Commercial Programming

·Visual Basic 5

Mercantile Law I

Applied Programming


Communication Skills I


Marais Viljoen High School

Grade 12/ Matric

Hoërskool Marius Viljoen





vComputer Science,

vPhysical Science,

vTechnical Drawing





Base SAS Programming Certification


Advanced SAS Programming Certification

Apr 2010Present

Platform Administrator

SAS Institute