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  • Mould children to be future leaders of tomorrow
  • Impart good moral values to children
  • Develop the full potential of all children



  • Play piano
  • Listening and singing a variety of songs


  • Taking photographs of scenery
  • Appreciating artwork


  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

Volunteer work

  • Helping the less priviledged
  • Making a difference in people's lives


I am a year 2 student who is currently studying "Child Psychology and Early Education" in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I have a strong passion for young children and enjoy working with them. I am also a self motivated and patient individual who is ready to take on a class of children. I am especially interested in helping children with special needs and hope to make a difference to their lives.

I believe that all children are unique in their own ways and they should be given a nurturing environment to grow and develop to their fullest potential. Life is a journey of learning for me and I am one who makes use of every opportunity as a learning experience for me to improve my skills in order to have a true impact in young children's lives.

Work experience

Feb 2011Present

Play volunteer


I am volunteering at KKH Hospital in the play centre to befriend and interact with children.

Feb 2010May 2010

Assistant Teacher

TPBC Kindergarten
  • Help out in K2 class
  • Class size of 25 children from mainstream
  • Morning and afternoon sessions(1 child with hearing impairment from the morning session, 1 child with learning difficulty from the afternoon session)
  • Assist in socialising and developing independence in children
  • Supervise children in clearning after art, science activities
  • Prepare teaching aids and decorate the classroom
  • Work closely with teacher in small group teaching
Aug 2009Sep 2009

Assistant teacher

PCF sparkle Tots Child Care Centre(Braddell Heights)
  • Help out in K1 class
  • Class size of 15 children from mainstream
  • Help children establish good habits of toileting and personal hygiene
  • Assist in socialising and developing independence in children
  • Help children develop good eating habits
  • Supervise children in cleaning after art, science activities
  • Ensure the safety of all children
  • Work closely with teacher in small group teaching
Jan 2009Feb 2009

Assistant teacher

Catholic Kindergarten
  • Help out in Nursery class
  • Class size of 20 children from mainstream( 1 child with Autism)
  • Help children to settle down in school
  • Assist in routine care of children
  • Help to organise and prepare learning environment
  • Help children to complete their work
  • Build strong relationship with all members of the class
  • Encorage pro-social behaviour in children(role model)
  • Ensure safety of all children


Apr 2009Present

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Study on the developmental psychology of children
  • Understanding teaching teachniques
  • Designing a preschool curriculum
  • Working with children with special needs
  • Exposure to children's literaure
  • Accredited by the Pre-school Qualifications Accreditation Committee (PQAC).

Semester 1.1 modules

1) Developmental Psycholoogy and Learning (1)

  • Introduction to child's study and observation techniques
  • Intoduction to major theories on children's development

 2) Perspective of Early Education

  • Study of early edcation from different perspective
  • Introduction to tenets of early education
  • Introducation to developmentally appropriate practices
  • Developing an understanding for importance of play
  • Introduction to models of teaching approaches
  • Overview of education in Singapore

 3) The Professioner Practitioner

  • Introduction to stages of professional development
  • Understanding the importance of ethics and code of conduct
  • Maintaining a reflective practice

  4) Written Communication Competencies

  • Introduction to communication skills
  • Develop competence in writing for professional purposes
  • Introduction to APA style of documentation

  5) Children's Health and Socio-emotinal Well-being

  •  Introduction to physical growth and psychological well-being of children 
  •  Understanding of health practices to foster positive health and safety behaviours
  •  Equipment of the basic skills and knowledge in stress management
  •  Understanding child abuse and neglect

6) Internship 1

  • Extend  competence in relation to practical aspects of working with children of diverse abilities in school-based settings

Semester 1.2 modules

1) Developmental Psychology and Learning II

  • Emphasis of self and social understanding, emotional development, development of morality and self control for children
  • introduction to the development of gender differences and gender roles
  • Introduction to  the theories of intelligences and measurements of intelligences
  • Applications of theory and  understanding of how children learn

2) Language Development and Learning

  • Understanding of children’s language and literacy competencies
  • Introduction to factors that affect children's lanaguage aquisition
  • Exploration of brain research on language learning; the development of home language and bilingualism. 
  • Aquisition of knowledge of an environment that supports literacy in children

3) Speech and Presentation Skills

  • Develop  presentation skills that are integral for academic and professional success
  • Learn how to deliver presentations effectively using appropriate body language and content
  • Introduction to phonetics to help them read and speak clearly and confidently
  • Aquistion of story telling and drama skills

4) Introduction to Children's Literature

  • Introduction to a wide range of children's literature(children's fiction, picture books and poetry)
  • Identify  how Children’s Literature has reflected cultural, social and ideological change
  • Examine the ways in which the image of the child has been depicted in Literature
  • Appreciate and critique prose and poetry and select age-appropriate books for young children

5) Technology for Teaching and Learning

  • Provision of essential computing concepts and necessary skills to use computer
  • Aquire basic skills and knowledge needed for the use of technology to extend learning within the classroom, and to integrate and enrich the curriculum

6) Internship 2

  • Extend  competence in relation to practical aspects of working with children of diverse abilities in school-based settings

Semester 2.1 modules

1)Psychology of Exceptional Children

  • Introduction to exceptional competencises in children
  • Incluction to  children with physical, mental, learning, behaviour, and sensory characteristics and special gifts and talents that make them different
  • Introduction of educational considerations as a result of individual differences

2) The Learning Environment and Behaviour Management

  • Examine a range of factors in the learning environment and conditions that influence children’s behaviour
  • learn to conduct observations of children 
  • Understand the psychology of the child and reflect on the contributing factors
  • Use developmentally appropriate guidance strategies to modify behaviour and influence thinking

3) The Child and The Creative Curriculum

  • Introduction to expressive arts which includevisual arts, music and movement, drama and singing
  • Introduction to theories related to creative and aesthetic development 
  • Understand the rationale for  creative art-based integrated approaches to learning for children
  • Analysis of  children’s creative expressions  to gain insights to children’s thinking and understanding of their world
  • Analysis of the teacher’s role in enhancing creativity, planning, implementing child-centered and age appropriate activities for the expressive arts

4) The Chld and the Inquiry Curriculum

  • Aquisition of knowledge and skills required to plan, implement and evaluate learning experiences for inquiry in early childhood settings
  • Examine principles and concepts, which underpin children’s learning in mathematics and science from early to middle childhood
  • learn  to use appropriate materials, resources and space in designing developmentally appropriate activities for diverse learners
  • Engage in hands-on activities and field explorations
  • adopt teaching strategies that nurture children’s thinking, helping them to become problem solvers and abstract thinkers

5) Social Studies in Early Education

  • Introduction  of essential knowledge, skills and disposition in order to empower children from to become socially competent citizens of the global community
  • Explore children’s thinking, understanding and learning of history, geography, economics, environmental and social awareness
  • Planning and teaching of developmentally and culturally appropriate environment and social studies experiences

6) Internship 3

  • Extend  competence in relation to practical aspects of working with children of diverse abilities in school-based settings
  • Co-curriclar  activities

    1) Red Cross

    • Learn first aid skills
    • Involvement in blood donation drives

         Skills acquired:

    • Committment
    • Responsibility
    • Develop compassion and love for others

     2) Hearing Impaired Club(HI club)

    • Learn sign language

          Skills acquired:

    • Communication skills with people who are hearing impaired
    • Committment
    • Responsbility
    • Dedication
    • Develop compassion and love for others


    1) Scholarship holder of PCF community foundation

    2)Member of "The Christeria Programme"

    • Talent development programme
    • Residential trainings to develop students' full potential in academics and social aspects

    3) Top 5 placement in NUS First Aid Competition(2010)

    Jan 2005Dec 2008

    Paya Lebar Methodist Girs' School(secondary)

    Co-curricular activity

    1) Photography Club

    • helped to take photos in various important school events
    • learnt various photographic skills

        Skills acquired:

    • Creativity
    • Committment
    • Responsibility


    1) Student leader("peer lite")

    • Organized school functions
    • Helped to build a sense of commnity among students
    • Attended a leadership trainnng camp in Malaysia

          Skills acquired:

    • Mentoringand leadership skills
    • Dedication
    • Enthusiasm
    • Responsibility

     Major achievements

    1) Short listed for "Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award"(2006)

    • Coming up with a useful invention

        Skills acquired:

    • Creativity
    • Originality
    • Practicality

    2) Top in Chinese( 2005)

    3) Edusave Scholarship(2005)

    Jan 1999Dec 2004

    Xinghua Primary School

    Co-curricular Activities

    1) Girls’ Brigade(leader)

    • Helped to organize activities
    • Ensure the smooth running of the cca
    • Attended training camps for Girls' Brigade leaders all over Sinagpore

        Skills acquired:

    • Responsibility
    • Commitment
    • Leadership skills
    • Perseverance 

     Major achievements

    1) Edusave Scholarship holder in 2004 and 2005


    Adobe Dreamweaver
    Able to create websites by incorporating skills in Adobe Photoshop and Flash  
    Playing piano
    Able to play the piano effectively
    Able to communicate effectivey through reading, writing, speaking and listening
    Able to communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening and speaking
    Adobe Photoshop
    Able to create graphics, edit photos etc
    Adobe Flash
    Able to create animations effectively
    Window Movie Maker
    Able to create short video clips effectively
    Microsoft Office(advanced)
    Able to use microsoft word, powerpoint and excel effectively to come up with graphic representations, documents, spreadsheets etc