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Seeking a part-time, challenging career which will enhance my work experience and abilities. As well provide an opportunity for career advancement.


Interested in:






-Movies and



A very determined and hardworking student currently in the 9th grade. Is enrolled in Grandview Heights school. Carries minimal work experience in a striving business. In this business has learned how to write orders, sort clothing according to appearance and style number, and has experience in packing products in boxes. Working here has given a life experience by gaining negotiating skills by working hard by pleasing customers who wish to invest in the products. Also is an ambitious boy having high expectations, carrying an outgoing and social personality. Loves a challenge and enjoys collaborating with others. 

Work experience


Street Performers

Selling goods at heritage days through communication with customers


Klondike Days

Selling goods at klondike days through communication with customers


Heritage Days

Selling goods at heritage days through communication with customers. As well as assisting others in the Indian pavilion with sales and malfunctions.

Jan 2005Present


I & K Imports

Completing customer sales by exporting materials. Specializing in managing inventory through computer spreadsheets. As well as, communicating with customers during trade shows. Also assisting in creating web pages. Lastly, assisting in writing orders for customers. 


Sep 2004Present

Grandview Heights Elementary/Junior High

Completing Science 10, Mathematics 10, Social Studies 9, Language Arts 9, and FSL 9


Brander Gardens


Contributed in concert band by playing the saxophone for one year.
Has been playing various percussion instruments since grade 8.
Advanced swimming skills from 7 years of practice.
Currently enrolled in music lessons to explore more opportunities.
Has been enrolled in community soccer since 2000.
I do not believe in quick movements, and to make quick decisions rather I believe in planning and to make a plan that will make me succeed. To me this is more efficient than "on-the-spot" decisions.
I am an independent person as I know how to tackle obstacles that come in my way and doing that efficiently. To me independence is very important because if you want to move somewhere for university then you will need to have this trait no matter what.
Hard Working
I am hard-working as I have experience in getting lots of work from my professors, i am taking many extra-curriculars which forces me to finish assignments in time with precision and excellence. Also I am very hard-working because i do not believe that sloppy work is actually work and that you need to put effort into something to actually achieve something.
I am a very determined person as i never leave a job undone. I always strive to do my best and to finish my task, if i start one task that task will be done no matter how long or how hard it takes. One example where I have used this was when I was required to build a weights machine from the parts without English instructions, and in the end the machine was built even though it took quite a bit of time.


Alicia Gruzcinski

Mrs.Gruzcinski is my language arts/social studies teacher and has a very well understanding of my work and the effort that I put in it.

John Chase

John Chase is my health/science teacher and I believe that he has understood me the best out of all the teachers in Grandview Heights.

Usman Ahmed

Usman is my friend who has a very well understanding of me and will answer any of the questions that you want to ask him.