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Work experience


Principle Architect

Open Design Strategies

Provide software design architectures for the company's open source directives. Mentor and provide guidance to the development team and ensure a cohesive vision with regard to the company's current objectives. Oversee the project management of the various software projects underway. Occasionally, I'm allowed to get gritty and write some code myself.

Interface with the other department leads to contribute the development plan, schedule, and any other technical items.

Jan 2006Jul 2009

Research Assistant

University of Colorado

Followed and created protocols for transposon mutagenesis of B. subtilis spp. and discovered novel genetic mechanism for biofilm production.  Used standard lab equipment, as well as running HPLC, spectrophotometer, polyacrylamide gels, DNA denaturing, RNA isolation.  Experienced in Microbiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Biochemistry.  Setup (and was working on publishing) a custom time-lapse video capture system of a relatively newly discovered motility of mutated species of B. subtilis.

Jan 2002May 2004

Teaching Assistant

Red Rocks Community College

Responsible for lab curriculum for Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II.  Taught cadaver dissecting and histology.  Created electronic computer-based inventory for course and course assets. 

Oct 1998Mar 2001

Sr Architect

Level3 Communications

Responsible for the Global Architecture and Optimization AAA group.  Created custom in-house security software, managed total software project lifecycle from requirements to design to development and testing.  Responsible for $5M recurring revenue per month.  Managed a team of software developers and network engineers.  Experience with C++, Perl, UNIX, software versioning, and team-based, results-oriented development.

Jun 1993Oct 1998

Sr Network Engineer

Mikrotec Internet Services

Developed in-house ISP software, managed colocated facility of network server farm with all the normal services, including SMTP, NNTP, SNMP, POP/IMAP, etc.  Rolled out the first cable-based Internet service in the tri-state region. 

Aug 1987Aug 1991

Special Security Forces

United States Marine Corps


Aug 2004May 2008

BA Molecular and Cellular Biology

University of Colorado

MS Computer Science

Kennedy-Western University


Great experience in extremely detail-oriented, empirical-based analysis of a problem domain.  Able to diligently keep meticulous records of past and current research pathways.  Handy in a scientific lab setting.
Teaching and Mentoring
Excellent skills in verbal and written communication behind a desk and in front of a class or group.  Enjoy the exchange of new ideas and the challenge of new obstacles.  I feel mentoring is an excellent way to enrich a team or department, deepening their understanding of their problem domain, as well as building a more closely knit and tighter working unit.  Weekly talks headed by alternating team members can be a great way to get team member buyoff.
Software Development
C++ on UNIX systems, as well as Windows in C++ and C#.  Experience with Eclipse, SunStudio, Netbeans.  Use Subversion, CVS, Perforce.  Jira and bugzilla issue management.  General java experience.  Developed software on UNIX (Solaris, Digital UNIX, FreeBSD, Linux), windows, AVR, and ARM platforms.  UML and Booch design and case system experience.


A highly analytical, detail-oriented software engineer and scientist with fifteen years of experience in network and software engineering, Internet services, research design and development, and project management.



I enjoy writing software, building electronic devices with linear logic, discrete components and microcontrollers.  I have great fun camping, four-wheeling, and hiking.  Experienced fencer and self-defense/marksmanship instructor.  I've also been caught playing guitar or spending a weekend playing pen-and-paper RPG's.  Reading is a long-time love.


:Primary Author:

James BL, Kret J, Patrick JE, Kearns DB, Fall R.  Growing Bacillus subtilis tendrils sense and avoid each other. Federation of European Microbiological Sciences. 2009 1-8.


Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Wilderness

National Registry of Emergency Technicians and Colorado State Board

Wilderness First Responder

National Registry of Emergency Technicians

National Register First Responder

National Registry of Emergency Technicians


Defense Investigative Service