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currently working on - preparing mammalian cell cultures for protein purification, membrane preparations, Supporting safety profiling with in vitro assays to identify potential toxic effects and liabilities of scaffolds and molecules which could jeopardize therapeutic application Preserving various mammalian cell lines to support reporter gene and ion channel based assays like patch-clamp and automated electrophysiology (Qpatch, Ion flux, Quattro ) Assisting with automated cell culture systems like SelecT and CompacT Experienced in working with early stage drug development compounds in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Profiling (CPP) group at Novartis. Currently working on formulations, analysing PK data, physical & chemical stability, salt & polymorph screening, solubility screening using HTS, etc. Have worked on nanoparticles (liposomes) and am currently working on indiviual thesis project: loading nanoliposome therapeutics into red blood cells (cancer-drug delivery).

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Scientific Associate II

cell culture, cell biology, automation, HTS, cloning, transfection, membrane preparation, etc
Aug 2008Jun 2009

Associate Scientist


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  • Regulated a constant supply of critical compounds, handled and prepared compound dosing solutions for early PK studies

  • Lead formulator for all early PK studies conducted for NCEs (average of 20-40 studies per week) in 3 day turn around time

  • Conducted chemical analysis on a regular basis, using LC-MS to confirm stability of formulations

  • Conducted salt and polymorph screening for early stage discovery compounds using HTS and simulated vehicles like SGF, SIF, Fassif, Fessif

Feb 2006Mar 2006


Astra Pharmaceuticals



Northeastern University